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Her cameltoe and butt are hot, where are her pictures from behind. Use your brain

i wish to see this gorgeous model full nude, not dressed.
lousy photographer.

i wish matiss concentrated his attention on showing us the flower on Marta's body rather than insisting on showing us the bouquet of flowers

Matiss may do better as a horticulturist than a photographer.

fully agree. he is one of the worst photographers on Met art

Amazing girl with a one of a kind body. I'm so glad that women like this exist, and are willing to show themselves. I hope this will encourage more female nudity in daily life. That is what the world needs.

it just needs lot of courage and girl's confidence in the beauty of her body. it is not a shame to that. girls should be proud to show their beauty

Flowers and necklace kept hiding Marta's very beautiful breasts. So sad.

Stunning girl. Sadly overexposed shots and underexposing her feminine delights! More to see hopefully in future.

I gave Marta a "10" because that's where the scale stops.

In many of her smiling pics, she is charming, a word I seldom use to describe a nude model! Now if she can only lose her modesty......

Beautiful girl, boring set, boring poses. She needed to ditch the flowers, and show "Her" flower.

nice comment

This breathe taking beauty was born to breed, looking ing to those blue eyes while drilling her till her hearts content, she will drain every last drop of her lover, cuddle & caress until is is time to make made passionate love again & again.

Marta E is a true angel of beauty. Very pretty face, one I could stare into, and always find peace. Looking into her face, hypnotized by her piercing blue eyes. No doubt that I love women with long brown hair, full breasts, and curvy bodies.
For her sets, I do like the smiling or expressive photos better. When she just stares blank at the camera, it makes her seem almost as a mannequin. Mor4 noticeable in her previous sets. It kind of reminds me of another supermodel of the archives Jade A who a lot of times just had a blank stare, even though she is superbly beautiful. I like to see life, personality. and even motion expressed through photos.

The set has beautiful bright colors, but the lighting is a bit much, it kind of flattens the environment. Could have used more natural contrasts.

Ok actually as far as exposure, image 83 and 84 are a lot better. Also, because they show more depth in the image, and there is a lot more added from the environment, like the tall grass, and shady trees in the background. In nature, it is good to have randomness of foliage etc surrounding the model.

Still I personally don't like the appearance of what looks like a spotlight shining straight on at a model. In nature, it should be mostly natural lighting.

P.S. Movie? Please, please, please...

Agreed, a movie of this wonderfully beautiful woman would be very welcome!

Marta is so pretty and has an amazing smile. Not being a fan of outdoor sets I will say that the set is ok, but Marta is so beautiful I can look beyond that and Bask in the loveliness of Marta.

What a way to start the day, with the glorious Marta making those flowers she's carrying seem like hay. She is a phenomenally beautiful woman, with a perfect body on a 5' 9" frame. She should be one of the reigning queens of MetArt. The so-so photography of sets like this (Matiss still camped out in the Ukrainian woods) hasn't helped her. Nor has her reluctance to show her pussy and anus. Judging from the little we can see, I'm betting they're as beautiful as the rest of her. So Marta, sweetheart, come inside, relax and become the the peerless model you were born to be. We'll all love you for it.

It's an "outdoor" set. But she could have ditched the flowers when she got naked IMO. Her "flower" is enough for me....

Gorgeous Marta E,dull overexposed set . Matiss having a bad day ??

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