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Marta you need to listen to a lil more Lil Jon,

Bend ova make your knees touch your elbows

What a face and well everything else,she is very lovely looking young woman and those eyes!

Marta is gorgeous. i love her blue eyes, her large boobs, her wonderful ass and shaved pussy. she is great and wish to see her back soon.

She's right up there - I wish I was!

The voyeur in me would like to see more of her. She has her panties off, that's great, but the set is pretty tame as mentioned earlier.

I find it endlessly fascinating that of the four sets today (Wednesday), the set with the highest rating (Cathleen) has the fewest comments...by far! and the lowest rated set (this one) has roughly three times the comments that any of the other sets have. Can there be a logical explanation for this...? I doubt it!! lol

One explanation: Doug, and the conversation his comments inspires. ( :

Sry its Salma C new gallery I want

Hey met art I want to request Salma A new galleries can u make some

So much wasted space...so much talk...so much "global warming"...and sooooo totally useless.

I guess Neanderthals simply are not capable of more complicated forms of entertaining themselves.

Those amazing breasts....

Marta is one of Matiss's voluptuous women that I love. Another is Violla, who we get to see tomorrow.

It is nice to have an indoor set once in awhile. I enjoy Marta's sparkling blue eyes and great figure. She has a lot going for her, yet I think the teasing should end and Marta give us some open leg poses, even just once. I'm sure I'm not the only one so curious.

There are so many beautiful Ukrainian models with large breasts and Matiss seems to know where they all live.

I always felt that Sofi had the best breasts on this site, but I must say that if Marta hasn't stolen the crown she can certainly share it. Absolutely gorgeous, voluptuous beauty. More please

I agree, it's a toss-up between the two. I appreciate both of them.

May I suggest, check out the one and only gallery of the Ukrainian model named Salma C. published in 2012 by Matiss. She has an amazing 40 inch bustline and her breasts are huge.

A Neil:

Thank you Neil. When it comes to breasts, nothing beats natural breasts, and when the lady has huge natural breasts as does Salma; both she and we are blessed.

Ummm I think I'LL pass...;o) I'm with the old "...mouthful..." group. lol "Them things is dangerous..."

Oh, yes! Thank you Neil. I had almost forgot about Salma.

You are a wealth of information. I move that we elect you as the chapter historian!

Marta E is as perfect as they get. 10+. Excellent photography and set. Next time photographer, avoid the crooked shots like photo 0001.

Love the clean shave. Don't change anything. It's Marta E and girls like her that keep me renewing my subscription to METART.

Marta is phenomenal, an amazing beauty, she looks fantastic here once again, those awesome boobs are an absolute sensation. It's great to see her indoors and while I would love to see a lot more explicit poses where she exhibits her lovely shaven cunt, this set remains a delight.

One day, maybe, those creamy thighs might be opened just enough to reveal the feminine treasures hidden between. Until then I will still enjoy Marta. patiently.

I'll take two please, one Simone B and one Semmi A.

Nice dress, nice bra and nice titties!

Marta ls totally beautiful,from head to foot.The tips of her ears are totally beet red which is a good thing,it means she's getting off on this as this is involuntary in girls. Try shot 74 its the best view. I gave Marta a 10++++ and a 10++ to Matiss,he could have changed poses a little more,and there is not enough rear views

dog, I think it is probably Marta who is holding back. Matiss has no problem with Violla showing all, front and back (even a bit inside). We'll see tomorrow.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Heaven must be missing an angel •*¨*•.♪♫♫♪

Marta's face and breasts are awesome, and her body is perfect. Unfortunately this set does not highlight her breasts nearly enough - in too many shots they are not displayed at all - as if the model, or photographer, or both, are hesitant or embarrassed to do so.

Photo #110 might be the greatest picture I've ever seen in my life.

Yes photo number 110 is a magnificent photo of a beautiful young woman. If her breasts were concealed, this photo could be the image of an international advertising campaign for perfume or cosmetics. Matiss captured lightning in a crystal bottle.

It is an extremely nice picture!

Personally, I never touch tea. But I'd make a pot for Marta. ( :

I always delight in Marta's sets, her amazing curves are a feast for the senses. And those eyes! They're hypnotic! What is thy bidding, mistress?

Mmmmmmm curvy... just like a woman should be. ( :

when is this honey gonna do a video?!?!?!

Marta has been endowed with an amazingly perfect feminine body. What an awesome figure. And those beautiful blue eyes. Exquisite!

There are some models that seem so sweet and innocent. As the set ended, I felt like wrapping her is a robe, giving her a big hug and a kiss and showering her with encouragement and praise. Marta is shy and does not present her intimate parts, but she is so very special.

LOVE the shots of her laughing. ( :

Stunning Woman, tame set

Marta doesn't do daring... more's the pity.
Oh well, she's still amazing, very nice to look at.

Yo, "fer" --

Two phrases come to mind:

"If you've got it -- flaunt it !"

"Use it or lose it !"

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