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Beautiful girl, but when do we get to see her Anus

the expression generally meant very well built, as it wasn't necessary to .....ah never mind. Beautiful young woman. Lucky photographer to have such a model.

Good set, Marta and Matiss.

A few hundred FDAU shots would make it a great set, though.

Matiss can you photoshop her any more?

Marta is such a great beauty, with a wonderful, joyful attitude. Her breasts are wonders of the world. Her skin is fair and flawless. And her face beyond gorgeous. Shot 98 is a beauty, one of the best face shots ever, a career high point. But . . . Matiss has been photographing Marta for almost a year, and he consistently overexposes almost all the body shots. Her fair skin is too washed out. Get it right please!

I don't think this is the "best or greatest" photo shoot. Deffinately one of the most beautiful women on here according to my taste. I wish we could have seen more of her gorgeous body, but some lovely close ups of that smile :) thanks Marta!

Isn't it frustrating when you can't find your pants first thing in the morning? Lucky for Marta she looks fabulous without them. She seems to be a favorite with Matiss, and I have to agree. I gave both a 10++++

Isn't it frustrating when you can't find your pants first thing in the morning? Lucky for Marta she looks fabulous without them. She seems to be a favorite with Matiss, and I have to agree. I gave both a 10++++

Great...now I gotta case of "blue balls"!


Agree 100%

Beautiful girl, horrible photography!

The photography is excellent.

This is a very beautiful girl with obviously spectacular breasts. It would be wonderful to have a nice movie featuring her.

Oh yes please, Marvelous Marta in Motion.

My name is Checkers, and I'm a Martaholic.

Always a fan of the button-down-and-nothing-else look.

Really, I think that some of you people only need to see a photo of any part of a naked woman and you would write, "OH, WOW the best photo in the world!" The model is beautiful, however, the poses in this set give it a four at best. Disappointing! Let's get on board with each other and agree that there should be more full body shots at high resolution and you people can zoom in on your partial shots.

I'm always in for full body shots, esp. showing the female hourglass form in its entirety.


Absolutely agree!!!!

Agreed --

It's OK to admire Da Vinci's brush strokes, but the Mona Lisa is only a masterpiece when taken as a whole.

MORE full length shots -- !

Maria is truly an eye opener.Her body especially those huge breast is marvelous.

Marta has been gifted with perhaps the most beautiful breasts in the MAverse. Coupled (so to speak) with a very pretty face and an absolutely adorable smile, she is darn near irresistible... though it would certainly be nice to see more detail of her vulva/labia.
What she has shared with us thus far is certainly gorgeous, and only leaves me wishing for more... ( :

Absolutely, what she has shown us thus far has been a little peek at heaven, I'll add that she doesn't hide it as some of the more shy girls do, she simply doesn't display it with the glorious abandon that most of the incredible beauties featured here do so.

I do hope she fully unleashes her magnificent sexual beauty on here in the future, she's simply stunning.

Wow. The last image of this set is one of the all time great met images IMO.

It's is the standard doodle on the school notebook of every teenage girl that ever lived.

It's a great shot, especially as it's a headshot, just a pity there wasn't a corresponding landscape shot as it would make a gorgeous, if truly distracting desktop background.

Built like a brick house ?? Bit harsh Neil . Marta is statuesque IMO. xx

Wow, Marta is superb, we're treated to a lot of personality in this shoot, as well as a lot of nice close ups.

I don't think I'd be alone in hoping for a video of this beauty, to see more of her personally, as well as those magnificent breasts in motion!.

Beautiful girl. A real sight for sore eyes.

My God, those eyes......................just look at 12, 44, 71, 96!, and 119. Marta could melt me with one glance.

Another visit with Marta. Incredibly gorgeous, stunningly breathtaking womanly figure. Marta is a genuine young woman and is built like a brick house. And you got to love those absolutely exquisite blue eyes. Perfectly perfect. Slava Ukraine.

I LOVE the mix of those awesome white stockings with the blue male shirt. Love to these her breasts poke out of the shirt.

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