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A great set!!!! shots from 101 to 112 are simply amazing, a great view of MARTA'S butt and pussy-slit. A great chick to drool over.Please more of her!!!

Let me pose a simple question to the male members- do you shave your male member?

I'm not a fan of the red-tip nail polish. Always looks like the girl has just scratched someone bloody. *shiver* Not appealing at all. But, I do give Marta props for getting a mani-pedi before her photoshoot.

One other thing I've noticed... Does Marta sunbathe while wearing pasties over her nipples? I always seem to detect a slightly lighter circle in her tan surrounding her areolae. I've never seen a tan like that before.

Many of the European models tan with pasties over the nipples. (Several of the photographers have confirmed this when other members have asked the same question) It is supposed to be a skin cancer preventative (which is obviously silly, in order to do that, they'd have cover all of their skin or not tan in the first place).

Definitely silly considering she covered probably less than 0.5% of her skin.

Then again, accidentally sunburning your nipples can be excruciatingly painful. More so than most of the rest of your body. Although, you see no such tan lines around her pussy or ass.

Personally, I'd rather see the tan lines from a bikini, but that's just me, a guy who grew up in the 60's & 70's. The white skin left by a bikini draws the eye on an otherwise tanned body and says, "Here's something that's normally clothed, but you are getting special permission to see what most other people do not."

(I'm also a fan of the full bush look. Many bald beavers look like plucked chickens or, in this world of hi-res, close-up photography, many other supposedly shaved mounds show razor stubble, which is least appealing of all.)

Marta is a very beautiful model, perfectly presented by Egon Schneider.I gave both a 10+++

Nice model, but she would look much better unshaven. I know, it's a waste of time suggesting models show some originality and stop being ashamed of natural body hair.

Nice and beautiful set for Marta.I just felt in love.

Marta's a natural. She seems to be completely uninhibited about posing and really knows how to turn the cute factor up to "11."

Quite nice. Nice face, great body, nice landing strip and an awesome little pussy. The hair is clean and silky, Her grooming is spot on, Great smile and good variety of poses. Needs a little coaching on the makeup but all and all a great start to what I hope are many more sets.

Nice directing and camera work from Egon.

Works for me!

Lovely new girl. A very welcome addition to the site. :)

Awesome start for this incredibly cute and gorgeous girl, delightfully uninhibited with some absolutely majestic spreads, wonderful stuff!.

Lots more, I think, will be said more than once today for yet another gorgeous Marta!.

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