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Lessons in Basic Photography for Absolute Beginners

Part 1 Focus

1 The subject of the photo (the subject is the main point of interest) should be in focus.

2 If there are two points of interest at different distances from the camera, use a smaller aperture to increase the depth of field. Then both will be in focus.

3 Out-of-focus pictures do NOT indicate "art". They indicate fart.

4 If you don't like to focus on a beautiful girl's pussy, find another job.

5 There IS a place on the Internet for pictures of pretty girls with their legs tightly together. It is called DOMAI. Not Met-Art.

6 Follow these simple rules, Sironi, and we will all love you.

She is cute, but her complexion seem patchy? Is it bad make up?

I always admired Martha's cute little butt, but she could stand a few extra good meals....

Skinny enuff?

Tiny, but o so delicious !

Still too thin for my taste but damn, what a beautiful little pussy she has!

I used to think Martha was a bit too thin, but she appears to have put on a little weight and there's no denying that pretty face...top AND bottom! ;o) But this set does little for her OR us! Try again.

Martha 10+ Sironi 4

Nice, except for the pierced belly button.

Technically superior pic quality --- simple but nice settings; "9.65"!

I luv totally delicious little Martha!!! Sironi, a few close-ups of her beautiful pussy would have been nice!!!

Yes! With "two" pretty faces, you'd think we could focus on "both of them" once in a while!!

gorgeous all over. baby face. i love this girl.

Pussy gets 10

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