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Melena is a stunningly beautiful girl but it is a bit annoying to keep jumping from clothed to nude and back again. Much better to start the gallery with a girl in her lingerie and imagine what delights lie under it. Then as she peels off her bra and panties you get to relish her naked breast, bottom and pussy as she slowly reveals them.

Can't decide which is more erotically beautiful about this gorgeous young lady; her long, beautiful legs, with their soft, smooth, creamy thighs, or her perfect, beautifully formed pussy in which they culminate. Her pussy really is a remarkable work of art--a masterpiece, an ideal pussy. Would love to see her open up a bit more, spreading those smooth, pink inner labia, revealing more of what's inside. Enchanting.

Dude....few things ever disturb me online...but if you think what you wrote was poetic or artistic in any way...you are wrong. It creeped me out big time.

Some beautiful spread leg poses here. I love #28. Melena looks gorgeous with her feet above her head. #115 is also incredible. Legs spread wide revealing her pussy and anus

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