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As Lanbof wrote it one year ago,Melena, among other things, is

"just a pretty girl with a smile to die for.";


One of the most beautiful girls on this site!

Smooth Peach, deep Anal, Nice Full Breasts, cute face, Big Eyes, big Lips

I really like pictures such as # 50.

No crazy angles; no gymnastics; just a pretty girl with a smile to die for. what more could I ask for?

jolie modèle avec un visage lumineux et un corps superbe.Les poses sont interessantes et classiques

Alex did a superb job capturing Melena's awesome skin tone. Malena has a great attitude and wonderful breasts, especially her nipples! I love their wrinkles and dark tone.

Love the FDAU poses, a la pic#s 124-126.


Thank you for the close up of her armpit.

Be nice everybody! Who cares if somebody likes armpits? Let this guy enjoy himself. Kindness doesn't cost a cent.

Neither does ridicule cost a cent. It's ALL free!! LOL He's 'free' to express his deviant taste, and we're 'free' to express our distaste with him! I do appreciate your attitude however..."live and let live" is what I usually live by, but this guy...makes me think of a dog with his nose in yer crotch!

Thanks Ouchstopit, You are so right!

If armpits do nothing for you, I suggest to everybody try it once!
All you have to do is smell and taste a hot girls pits (deodorant free of course) just once and you will be hooked for life.

Also thanks to Alex Sironi for not retuching, leaveing them natural!

Yeah...I once had a dog that did the same thing...he just loved arm pits! I'll take 'leg pits' any day!

This girl is extremely hot, seems like a no holes barred do anything kind of girl and I like that

"...seems like a no holes barred...."


Er... you mean, "No HOLDS barred," but in context I could see where you would make that mistake. ;-)

I'm pretty sure he knew what he was saying... ;o)

Uhhh...yeah...I think so too...lol A bit of 'emphasis' would have made that clear.

Melena has quickly made it onto my all-time favorites list!!! She is gorgeous, has a great fun-loving attitude, and a beautifully perfect pussy!!!

Great ass and smooth pussy. yummy

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