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Melena is a sweet little rascal and she has a got a strong " personality "
Apart from her beautiful photo sets here, she is getting one of the most popular model on web and she can be very bold especially when he is photographed in public places and she never get into any vulgarity.
As for her stilettos, yes, many guys do not like them, but, Melena can wear every kind of high heeled shoes cos she has got the right style, nothing else matters.

Melena is gorgeous and the cute pink outfit is perfect for her young and playful personality. I even like the shoes which doesn't happen often. My only criticism is Alex didn't get any close in shots of that delightful pussy like he usually does. A bit of a disappointment since it is such a delicate little flower when spread so you can see those lovely little lips.

I can tell that I am a minority, but I really hate seeing a naked woman wearing shoes. It looks absolutely ridiculous. I also think it looks studid for the model to stand on the ball of her feet. I understand why it is done, but I don't like it.
As for high heeled shoes - I hate them! They ruin a woman's feet, and make her calf muscles ugly.

I agree.... Never have liked that about this site. There's nothing unattractive about a woman's legs with her achilles relaxed. 'Someone' has a narrow view of how men like women's legs to look. Hollywood inspired, no doubt. I don't mind a nice pair of heels to start out with, but they should go as soon as the last article of clothing does. And they should FIT! I can't recall at the moment but there's a set here with a petite model wearing a pair of shoes that are obviously 3-4 sizes too large for her and look ridiculous. A naked woman with shoes on gives the impression of "no trust...ready to run at any moment", and looks really silly when they're wearing high heels! And standing on their toes with NO shoes on is sillier still! LOL But as you say, we're in a minority here.

This playful beauty gets further under my skin(and into my heart!) with each new set. This set appears to be an extention of the previous set since it was obviously shot at the same time in a different room.
Today's updates are four-for-four! Days like this almost make up for the "home page" boast of "four to SIX updates per day" when we only get "six" updates about twice per year! But that's another discussion. This set, like the previous, is very well shot and brings out the best of Melena's attributes. Very nice! Very..'artistic' presentation.

I noticed the same thing about the number of updates -- so far it looks like we get an extra one or two per month.

For me it's a good day because they were all shot indoors. I find the variety of poses somewhat limited in the outdoor shoots.

Totally agree about the "indoors". As far as the updates, it really doesn't bother me that much that we get so few "extras", especially when days like this come along. I just thougtht I'd mention it in case "someone" is listening...(?) ;o)

Melena is irresistible. She has a sleepy, just-woke-up-and-wasn't-last-night-great look in those bedroom eyes. Makes you want to put your arms around her and do it again.

Love the rear views—and image 85 is a adorable. She definitely looks better in a mustache than I do.

Great set Alex. She oozes sexuality. I wish you would teach the other Met-Art photographers how to properly focus, what DOF means, and why dependence on Photoshop is indicative of awful technique.

Awesome breasts with erotic wrinkled nipples, and wonderful skin tone, perfect body and pretty face. A great model.

Yes, those lovely rough nipples do it for me, too.

Melena is like the woman across the street, or the one that sits near you in class or the office, and gets overlooked, except by those right around her, who realize just what a hottie she is.

Another great set of the delicious little Melena!!!

Uninhibited angel.


Repeatedly repetitive! Some imaginations are drying up!

And most porn addicts are jaded... Sorry you don't see what the rest of us see in this.

Hmn...bizarre and underwhelming at the same time.

Don't you mean beautiful and well done?

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