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Picture 132 (pussy close up) IS A BONER !

I had to wipe my portable's screen afterwards.......

I wouldn't certainly complain,incidentally :-))


Sweet girl. I guess too sweet. She is getting eaten alive. So many mosquitos. Great set though.

good set for a gorgeous model

Great work Alex. I wish Melena didn't shave so closely. Otherwise, she's awesome.

Page 6 , 2nd row, mosquito on pussy.

good resolution

Another beautiful set from Melena.

Melena is one hot number, and I always look forward to those wonderful brown eyes and fantastic figure. Not like it is the only thing that counts, but her very clean and tight-lipped vulva is one of the things I most adore. This is an all-around good set, even though it is outdoors.

Delightful little woman! Lovely photos, perfect background. Another masterstroke by Alex.

This set is just plain awesome. Melena is perfect for this type of set. Her skin tones say nature girl and her poses are delightful and imaginative. Such a cute sprightly face, expressive and sweet. Such a great smile. Her body is great and that is a very pretty pussy.

Another perfect 10

Gorgeous in every way. Only thing missing is body hair.

she never had it, at least not here on MA

I luv this beautiful girl, and her delicious body!!! Great set!!!

Why do you not show her tattoo? It makes me wonder how much these pictures are "touched"

They're "touched" plenty...

Much to my dismay. I had more to say on the matter, but it was quickly deleted by the establishment.

or not...

Much to my dismay. I emailed MA about this a while back and they said they had many members complain about airbrushing and "were going to try to do better." What is there to "try"? Yoda might say "Do or do not."

If anyone could make me like an outdoor shoot, it's Melena... so cheerful and generous inher display, yet still seeming very innocent and carefree.

Melena is an attractive, real woman. I like her wrinkled areolae and bubble butt. The wedgies in 13, and 14 are different. Sironi stages some interesting shots in 107 and 115, and didn't go overboard with photoshop. Melena and Alex team together very nicely, kudos to both. Good eye by Moon Doggie.

That's one lucky mosquito in Photo 110.

This little insect is a lucky :D

You have to appreciate what all the models go through just to give us pleasure in their outdoor photo sets. Melena is one beautiful woman. Note to all photographers of Met Art; Bring insect repellent to any outdoor sets.

Yep, no photoshop on that shot. I can hear the conversation during this photo session now; Now hold, Hold that pose, honey, just a minute. "Ouch, bugs are biting me, hurry, hurry!" Ok, Good, now turn over on your belly annnd spread your pretty legs, honey. And Melena says "Are you crazy, bugs are biting me all over!" ;)

I would be biting her there too :)

Me hago encanta la forma en que ella está empezando a húmedo sobre su bonita rosa labios, sin embargo! Niza, miel!(;

Your spanish sucks.

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