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One of the most ADORABLE, or possibly THE most adorable of young women appearing here !!

She looks perfect from ALL points of view, whether it comes from her
Body OR HER MIND, TOO .....

Someone already said her smile looks so tender that even just walking in the country holding her hand would double your heart rate.....

She makes us happy : May she be happy for a LONG time too....

Congratulations to Alex Sironi, too : thank you !

Melena is beautiful from every angle and head to toe.

This lady is new to me and I am smitten. What a charming doll. Such a sweetheart. Melena A, it is very nice to meet you. Warm regards and best wishes for much happiness. You are wonderfull.

Always playful as she is cute, the beautiful Melena never fail to raise my pulse. I have been waiting to see her again (missed her last month), and when I saw that she was to appear today, I knew my prayers to "K" were answered. I'm not disappointed at all - this is an excellent set worthy of MA.

Those "dreamy dark brown eyes" as hipshot puts it are intoxicating. Equally intoxicating is her clean and petite vulva, which she is not afraid to show. I love how Alex S. has brought her to us, a simple yet very effective showcase of this energetic young lady. Always a favorite, always a download, always Melena.

I love those dark, rough nipples, and that sweet, matching browneye and EVERYTHING in between. What an angel!

Such an angel!

Every time I see this sweetheart's infectious, open smile, she convinces me that unicorns and Care Bears really do frolic together on rainbows, and everywhere the rainbow touches ground, there we will find a perfect beauty like Melena, who is only waiting for her prince charming....
Wonderful set, couldn't be sweeter. ( :

Now there's a unique comment I like "Unicorns and Care Bears really do frolic together on rainbows" :)

Melena is an extremely winsome muse... ( :

It's a beautiful sentence, fer_realz, but I'm really worried about you.

Ha ha! OK then Sailor, you must be concerned about every poet who was ever born. ( :

No, just the grown-up ones who still look for Care Bears on rainbows. ;)

"Grown-up" ??
You insult me, sir!

Wow, Milena A is a charmer and I think this is her best set yet! She obviously was in a great mood when this set was done. Totally radiant! She is always a great model but this set fun and energetic with such amazing smiles and so seductive. I always say personality is the most important thing for creating interest and Milena really poured it on in this set. Great poses, Totally cute and a body that is a perfect as can be. I wish I could vote 20+ on this one.

Awesome set sweetheart. You and Arkisi really really scored this time!

I totally agree with all you said, she knocks the socks off on this one… but I think the photography credit goes to Alex Sironi, not Arkisi, right?

Melena is just Melena.
Unique and extraordinary.
Crafty, relies to a great master to show off.
And they are silent fireworks.

Silent, perhaps... but no less powerful. ( :

Melena seems so demure in this set. Playful, gorgeous, sexy and sensual, but demure at the same time. It is a testament to her skill as a model.

It is always a joy to see her, whatever mood she is in, whatever setting the photographer selects, and whatever character she is portraying. She never disappoints.

No woman has a right to be this adorable. I've know and loved Melena for a while, but I didn't remember a woman this beautiful, this perfect from head to toe—this devastating. Beautiful hair; beautiful eyes; long, glorious legs; a beautiful, lickable, all-over tan; a delectable little pussy that will be staring at me for the rest of the night. Wow. Check out the tall, gorgeous goddess in photo 81; the deliciously rimmable anus in 87; the dream girl in 102. OK, I'll stop gushing, but this woman has me floored, and this is easily the best set she has ever done.

Gush all you want. I am in 100% agreement this is the best ever. I have always liked her but this set takes it to a whole new level. How can any girl be so devastatingly powerful????? Pick a superlative and she hits it in this set! #102 is mind blowing! looking into those dreamy dark brown eyes pure heaven. I don't think there is a single shot in this set that isn't great. From that cute pink nighty to the graphic close ups they are all stunning.

Melena and Candy Rose are living proof of the righteousness of bangs. (The list isn't exhaustive; they're just my two favorites.)

I have to add Shereen. She's right up there with them.

I set myself up... I reviewed her bio prior to opening this set. ( :

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