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Well, I also wonder about the tattoo, since I recently have seen videos of Melena on the internet where she has her tattoo and penetrates her pussy with a vibrator. Reading the thread I understand that MetArt takes away the tattoos.
There are some sets here where I think that you guys did much too much photoshopping, they sort of become unreal. The policy against tattoos is explainable though, because we buy the illusion of girls being quite innocent about and with their sexuality, not really knowing which desires they uncover.
However, Melena is really beautiful and I like her much more here than being real nasty.

How could not one want to rap arms and legs around this lovely one? Home girl is she. Everyone's wish?
Hourglass figure, supping good is she.
Only time will tell if one may par take of such a delightful fest. She is supreme one.

Please be especially careful with this one...you mean "wrap arms and legs" around this beauty, NOT "rap"...this is very annoying 'music'. Otherwise you are doing fine...;o)

This woman is a marvolus splay, one which excites the heart and extends desire, more of her please.........

She is pure delight!

There are my favorites, and then there is the winner's circle. Melena is definitely in the latter. Aside from those playful brown eyes and wonderful tan, Melena has a body to die for! The cover photo is the perfect example. I don't like to make a big deal about a model's pubic area (that is not all that matters to me) but I agree with hipshot, hers is delicious. So petite and always perfectly clean, I have to notice.

I know I have already said some things about the tattoo, or lack thereof, because I feel that editing it out was unnecessary. Personally, I don't care much for them, but it's not a real concern to me as I realize that this is a popular trend right now. In this case it is small and since we already know it is there, what is the point of wiping it out? If she had a full sleeve or half her back done, that might be different. Okay, I'm getting off the pulpit now.

Bottom line - Excellent set, Excellent Melena and excellent photography from Alex S. as usual.

Melena is so beautiful,she doesn't need all those clothes to look good. Her lovely birthday suit and a good photog make this set a 10/10 for me.

Sailor, you're gonna have to start worrying about me again, because I still believe in unicorns frolicing with care bears on a rainbow when I see this darling's photos. ( : ( : ( :
I was a little disappointed when what looked like a very pretty pair of panties turned out to be yet another thong... albeit, a pretty one. And Melena mollified my disappointment somewhat when she brought them back in the set for a little play. I gotta admit that was a turn on.
Image 10.
I mean... if she were really looking at YOU that way, wouldn't your heart melt?
And for once, the cover shot selected was the perfect choice.
A wonderful set... Melena and Alex Sironi are truly a team to be reckoned with.
10 + for each.

"I still believe in unicorns frolicing with care bears on a rainbow when I see this darling's photos. ( : ( : ( :"

That is not NOT what I dream of when I look at her sets! (: (:

Not to worry, lad, we all get mush on the brain when Melena's in the vicinity. : )

Good to hear, Sailor... I didn't want you losing any sleep worrying about me. ( :

I always worry about you fer_realz. You're capable of anything. : )

Flawless!....with a gorgeous 'cheeky' smile!...

Melena is another word for adorable. She captivates me every time I see her. That wonderful body is all soft curves and flawless surfaces. It screams "KISS ME!" in every shot without ever raising its voice . I could happily lose myself between those delicious thighs. I miss her bangs, but who could fault that glorious head of hair? 10s by the carload.

Another nice visit from Melena. I appreciate her more every time I see her. Thank you Melena and Alex.

Alis, I was worried about Agatha after her spectacular debut. As Jonathan added last time she is the reigning queen of solo. But today you and her have outdone yourselves. This is as close to a perfect SexArt entry as has ever been done. First to Agatha, my dear if you were acting then you should get a Golden Globe if not an Oscar... I would get your hands insured as perfect sex toys. To you and your staff Alis, every one did a fantastic job. The make-up's subtlety was perfect. Especially when you see the ending where it is obviously from the night before while she is out dancing. The costume designer picked a perfect dress and shoes to set up the rest. Even her panties were perfect. Agatha manicure and lack of colored polish make her beautiful fingers the perfect sex toys. Your camera work/lighting, etc. was once again stunning. The setting was great... I have always appreciated your attention to detail and today was no exception. On the one hand this was a very simple story, but it all came together as a wonderful follow up to her debut. Even the sound was perfect. What a production!!!

I can not believe what I just did? I was here when today's film on SexArt finished downloading. I watched it and jump back to comment and did not realize where I was at, until it posted. Thus the above comment has absolutely nothing to do with this set. However if any member is also a SexArt member then I would highly recommend going over and watching "Hungover" by Alis. As you can read I was impressed. Sorry for my screw up in post it here. Mea Copla, Mea Copla, Mea Maximus Copla...

"copola" ~ you crack me up, and then your explanations make my crackups crack up.
You made my day, swplf. ( :

Been there ~ done that, so I know how it feels; its one of the wonderful things about life on the net.

Darn, I don't have an SA membership any more. :((

Wish you did I miss your input over there...

Thanks swplf2, I miss the site allot but living on a limited income I can only afford so much and I just can't bear to give up Metart.

Call me whatever makes you feel good but this little sweetheart has possibly the prettiest, most delicious looking pubic area's here or anywhere else! Even super closeup. On top of that she is cute as can be, has a great smile and dancing eyes. Lovely body and superb breasts. The photography is great, well focused, superbly lighted, and nice color balance.

And yes she has a tattoo and yes it is photo shopped out. It's not an obtrusive tat and it's in a place where it would be impossible to work around. This one really doesn't bother me because it is small and placed where no one is going to see it unless she is naked or wearing something revealing. Even if she were naked I would never be able to see it because of where it is. My eyes would definitely be elsewhere looking at a decidedly more natural wonder.

Another nice set of Melena done by Alex Sironi.

Definite 10/10 for me!

Agree on all counts!

'k, Hipshot, I'll call you "perfectly normal" because "red-blooded male" is so cliche.... ( ;

Ok hipshot, so much for the tease, where in the hell is the tat?

It is an outline of a ferret and it's just below the panty line on her right side. No I did not glean that from this set. It's from a previous set.

You can see the tattoo through her panties in pictures 1,2 and 3.

Ummmm... nihil, that would be, "thong." Panties cover the butt. ( :

Semantics! :)

Oh, but important semantics... panties are sexy, thongs are not. ( :

Panties, thong, granny panties? Who care what you call them? I call them a turn on!

I wish every set started out with panties, hiphuggers, thongs, hi rise or whatever. I love that initial tease to allow your mind to fantasize a bit and this style or high rise do a fantastic job of showing off a girls butt and camel toe.

Another good thing about sheer panties that don't really hide what's inside.

My god you guys are just so observant!! I wish I had had witnesses like you two when I was a prosecutor... It would have made it easier to ferret out the truth...

It does pay prosecutor to be observant, be on the end of nose. Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. Time, the teller of all truth will catch you where you are.

lmao pimp

Ok I found it, It was visible in her one movie. And damn she is even cuter when we can see her move. What a doll.

Videos can be the ultimate with the right girl and the right theme. They really bring out the cute factor. (personality) but they can be real spoilers with some of the girls because you can't photoshop vid's

I think nihil said it all in short form, she plays to the camera wonderfully...

and that is what makes the special ones special. All of my favorites have what I call the IT factor, the ability to engage the viewers and make it seem 100% natural.

As always, Melena displays an exuberance that is utterly charming and devastatingly sexy.

Yes... "devastating."
What man's heart wouldn't be melted by her winsome expressions?

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