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Wow, she is stunning, and the photographing does her justice and then some.

Sauve to a restless heart is this young woman. Needed medincine for old age is she. Only my take on her, but who else is important, other than myself? She is supreme.....

Even in an outdoors, comparatively non-erotic (compared to her recent indoors sets I mean) set like this, Melena still makes me a "Daydream Believer" as the Monkees sang way back when.
OMG her sweet personality animates that beautiful body so well...

Melena is totally beautiful, a perfect 10. And OMG and Boshe Moi Mark managed a background without F_____g it up. Of course, he cheated and called on a higher power, the one who made rocks and seas and beautiful girls, but at least he had the brainpower to see it for once (a fact that is in grave doubt quite often, given Mark's capacity for f_____g up.) I have to give Mark a 10 on this set, and Melena D gets a 10 + and my perfect adoration.

Melena is always playful and exciting. I have enjoyed her since she first appeared here. I have mixed feelings about this set, none of which is due to Melena herself.

Alex Sironi has always shot her before and has done a fine job. Now Mark gets the honors and comes up with a very interesting sea cave location. Unfortunately, that wonderful setting does not compensate for some focusing issues, also pointed out by a few others.

Her tattoo by her bikini line is edited out in this set. I have a strong dislike of airbrushing photos, so that one goes in the 'con' column.

Bottom line - If you are a Melena fan, you will probably like this set. If you are technically discriminating, you may like it less than her others.

Melena is a very bright little star° in the firmament of MetArt.
It is always a pleasure to watch her naked (and maybe she likes to be watched naked).

The outdoor setting is often unpleasant for the observer (lighting not governable, desaturation of color, overexposure, deep shadows ....)
and unpleasant for the model (cold water, sand, rocks, sharp rocks, thorny branches, mud between the grass ....).

Mark gives us a set very balanced and pleasant (obviously studied before and not improvised).
The amber skin of Melena, the pink pareo and the blue of the sea are colors perfectly consonant between them.

Lighting very well calibrated.
Festive colors and Melena naked.
Great set.

The rocks and rough edges are not pleasant for Melena.

° little star because very young girl.

I must admit I did not know what to expect with Malena's change from Alex to Mark; but this shoot is rather impressive. The background is very archaic and contrasting of Malena's youthful presence. Mark did not suppress Marlena's most reputable feature, her unconstrained willingness to show the viewer has fantastic goodies. Maybe a little bit, if we reflect on the ongoing competition between Met Art and its nemesis, (the other M site); where Malena, or should I say 'Tara', can also get very revealing; but again, Met Art exceeds in this rivalry. And Mark's photography is the reason,- in this instance. Great JOB!!!

What's the other M site?!?

Why was her tat airbrushed?

Good question. You can see it in #92 and in other sets of hers.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather see the real Melena. She has a tattoo, we all know it, so editing it out is rather pointless.

I may download this set twice. Melena is just ridiculously beautiful, off-the-charts adorable. She is especially so here, because I was by the rest of today's offerings. Then along comes Miss Brighteyes and her delicious body in one of the two best exterior sets I can remember. (The other: Sofi A's the other day.) Someone please tell that vision under the stone arch that I'm hers forever. Unbelievable.

Absolutely agree. She is a magnificent young lady !!! Five stars.

Amazing location! Gorgeous Melena! Great set.

BTW, Valeria A is on Playboy today under the name Aleksa Slusarchi. Quality of shots are great, but really none of the intimate variety.

Melena always looks like she is having a fun time doing the photo shoot. Definitely has beautiful lady bits as Billyboy said above. Did anyone else get the impression that someone came out with a paint brush and hit her up with lube like they do on ALS? One second she is dry as can be and the next she is wet. IMHO there is no need to force the wet look. It either happens or it doesn't.

Really good sat in one of the most beautiful locations I have seen on MetArt. Melena is a consistently great performer with a wonderfully fit body,beautiful anus and perfect labia, topped off by a ravishing smile.

I thought this was a fantastic set -- wonderful poses by the main attraction, but also very interesting limestone cliffs and caves, used very imaginatively as a setting. I wonder where this place is? Great job Melena and Mark.

I also loved the location of this shoot.

Melena is simply gorgeous. She long and lean and spectacular. The rear shots here are awesome and Melena has the sweetest little pink labia and awesome anus I could possibly envision. But sadly this artist has the same focus problem on the frontal shots. Like yesterdays set Synthea there is not one full frontal shot that focuses on that awesome vulva. This is a conscious choice made by this photographer because the focus on the rear shots is fantastic. Sad to see that fabulous little pussy completely ignored.

Melena you are fabulous and so is the setting and your outfits. It's a shame Mark dropped the ball.

At Christmas Melena joined the comments over on SexArt about here movie with Alis. Please accept this invitation to comment her on your first home MetArt. I am very glad that you are doing both. If you were here in America you would be a poster girl for what we called in my day, "the California Surfer Girl". Tanned, Long, Lean, a smile that could melt iron, a body to back it up. Great set....Of course that is just my opinion.

I concur on the Melena comments but Mark failed her or at least me in this set.

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