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  • Mr R
  • 6 months ago:

The thing I like about Melena (besides her physical beauty) is her delectable sweetness of character. Every photo shoot she does reveals a woman who has an especially sweet character. If she is able to maintain this spirit over the years she will certainly always be an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

Melena is so damn sexy! Her pussy is one of the most beautiful on MET. Clean waxed skin - that's what I love!

She goes by many different names,
she has posted many pics,
but Met-Art coverage is indeed superior...

Just about what Sailor stated yesterday. Melena has one of the most luscious butts and pussy on Met-Art. Beautiful from head to toe, killer body over all. Absolutely love her ass!

Besides Melena, Mark has photographed all the greats – Iveta, Monika, Melisa, Jenni, Veronique, APF, etc. And (if he is Martin Krake / Victor Linderborn) Marketa, Nella, etc. But never Lorena? It would be nice to see him do some outdoor/nature sets with her too.

Mountain Warning! Watch for Curves at post 7.

8, 74, 76. Why horizontal is better.

61,62. Be Careful. Never nick the nipple.

12. If this model falls, this photographer will not hide.

In addition to No Nipple Nicking: No Breast Breaking, No Chest Chipping, No Teat Tearing, and No Mammary Malformation.

Come on. No boob bashing or melon mocking here.

OMG! Mark has figured out color and background. This is Very good, and I want to congratulate Mark on remembering his art school lessons, Melene is perfectly beautiful and I give s 10++

  • Gary
  • 7 months ago:

Melena has incredible tits and perfect body, gorgeous face and wonderful attitude. Fabulous model and well done by Mark.

Wow! Thank you Melena!

The best sets tell a story - I like to think this one tells the tale of taking a very frisky new girlfriend up for a picnic in the mountains. You get to a look-out point, she gets out of the car and, naturally, starts teasing you by taking her clothes off. Genius!

In terms of the girl, Malena is very pretty and sexy, but the most incredible thing about her is that pussy...best one on Met? Let me know what you think, guys.

Snake, Melena's pussy is definitely top 5 on the site. I would have to do a lot of research to try and rank the models in the PP club, but like everything else it is very subjective. Hipshot falls in love with a model a day. LOL. Hipshot the PP club has only been existence for about 2 weeks and you want to present the trophy already?

PS, The PP club has been alive on my computer for a very long time. There are quite a number of girls on it and probably a thousand or more photos! Like you said though it's all very subjective and we all have our own image of perfection.

Do you honestly think you could ever find a better photo? I have been on this site forever and I have seen thousands of pussy shots but that one and the others that followed really rocked my day!

And no, not every day. There are a lot of days where I don't comment at all and others where my comments are quite subdued but you must admit that there are a lot of spectacular women on Metart. That is why I stay here. Also many of the models read these posts and nice comments make them feel good. I love making girls feel good.

Hipshot, you know I am just busting your chops. I know there are times when we all take a day or two off from making comments. Melena's pussy is one of the best I have ever seen.

Quite aware, just sendin the vibes back your way. It's all in fun.

Woah...glad I could start such an interesting discussion!

OMG! the winner of the PP class trophy goes to Melena! #33 the most succulent pussy's closeup ever. Absolute perfection and so mouth wateringly moist and ready. I was loving this set up to that point and everything came to a screeching halt and I couldn't take my eyes off of it as I sat there drooling and mesmerized! This is an amazing set with excellent photography and one of mets best models but that shot. I am shell shocked it is so great. For me that is the absolute image of perfection, Not to mention the rest of her is pretty damn great also!

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

You do realize that you're going bonkers for an image that has been heavily clone-stamped with Photoshop, or something equivalent, right?
Thus you are encouraging "photoshopping."
Just FYI :-)
I will also say that from what I've seen Mark still hasn't figured out how to get high resolution images from his high resolution camera.
Unless all the out-of-focus stuff is intentional. If that's the case, these pics are sorely lacking in sharpness intentionally.
Are you praising that? Or am I "looking too close"?
Please let me know what I'm missing; I've only looked closely at a few images :-)

You are looking too close! I am rating the visceral impact of the photo. I could care less if it's been Photoshopped as long as it doesn't effect the feel of the photo when viewed at NORMAL resolution on MY monitor. If I have to view it in an editing program to see the editing it is inconsequential to me. I am not here to micro analyze the photographers methods. As long as the work is visually pleasing to me in normal res it is fine with me. That's what this site is about. Pleasing the members visually.

I totally agree, Hipshot. I don't know the first thing about taking pictures... but if enjoy looking at a photograph in normal resolution, I'm perfectly happy.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Well, to each his own. There are sets here that please me visually. So I should be thankful :-)
BTW, photographers can improve in my eyes -- at least on one set. Alex Iskan's new one of Eddison has a lot of hi-rez, sharply-focused stuff with good depth of field -- and he's using a lot of megapixels, which often degrades IQ. And no, uncharacteristically for him, "photoshopping." You get an intimate look, for better or worse, at Eddison. This is what I'm seeing so far in the set, anyway. Maybe a new standard for detail...
But you see, I like to look close at intimate details :-) Everything I want to really look at is saved and gone over at 100% in Preview, Apple's image viewer -- if not Photoshop.

Everyone to there own thing, That's what makes the world go round. I knew that set would thrill you. It is a complete turn off for me. I won't go into details but lets just say I hate it for the same reason you love it. :

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Guess so. Hard to imagine hating a good-looking young woman's unshaven body hair....on the other hand, I do dislike the slicked bald look you often favor. I just don't get the appeal of it, at least in photos. It's like, why would they want to revert to prepubescence?
Now there's a searching question for you, hipshot :-)

By the same vain, Why would you want a pussy covered with hair? I can't understand that?? Different strokes for different folks. We just have to agree to disagree.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

That's not a hard one for me to answer. It's part of the fertile pussy. It's the equivalent of hair on the head. Better than a bald scalp (at least if you're a woman!) It's part of a female's erotic endowment. It's a feature. It keeps things warm, clean, protected. It's sensually interesting. And it doesn't block anything you can't see with a little manipulation at most. It's sensual -- women like to have it pulled and fingered and stroked. There are a lot of nerves in that hairy skin. It holds erotic odors. It signals fertility. It's interesting -- different colors, textures, patterns... it's distinctive to each woman.
You want me to go on? I could!
I always thought it was the absolutely sexiest thing about a girl :-)
So you can see why I have a problem with it always being removed, as if it were a monstrosity to get rid of.
Besides, we guys aren't expected to get rid of ours. I'm a sexual egalitarian at heart :-)
How would you like to be told that a significant part of your body is disgusting and has to be lopped off?
Women have been being told this kind of thing for millennia, and a lot of 'em still meekly buy it.
That's another reason why I like the hair. It shows me a woman with gumption and integrity and self-respect.
I could go on and on.... :-)

WTF??? It's just hair! With or without - each to his own. BTW - Comparing sculp hair with pubic hair is a little ... strange.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

A little mind-blowing, huh :-?
But quite apt.
That's right, it's just hair -- what's the problem?
Ask those guys, not me :-)

That one's got my vote!

Finely someone who knows how to do an outdoor set and get great photos! This one I'm going to watch. Congrats on those close in shot Mark. They are top drawer stuff. Great colors, nice backdrop, good sharp photos and Melena looks like she enjoyed the shoot. You get my 10

Always a delight....indoors OR out.

This is a very nice visit from lovely Melena. I was happy to note that at least one treasure trail escaped unscathed.

Thanks to both Melena and Mark.

great job! natural and not too musch photoshop! thank you ^^

Melena absolutely has my number. She's irresistible. She shines as usual in this excellent set—luscious tush, perfect pussy, long delicious legs, sparkling eyes—I can't get enough of her. Kisses all over, honey.

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