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With her beautiful body, her smile and outdoorphotos, this is so good!

The beauty of a goddess, the sensuality of a woman, the innocence of girl ... WOW. Melena pushes all my buttons!

Feet of stone!

_fer_realz_, I was one of those 50,000 voices! Though I agree that in Melena's case it's not a deal killer. Melena is such a wonderful young woman. I bet she would be a great person to know She always seems to be happy and there is a glint in those eyes that says she can be a little haughty when the occasion calls for it. She has an awesomely conditioned body and oh so flexible. She has had a bit to much sun this summer but that sweet little clam keeps those lovely inner labia pink and moist. The spread shots show that this is one of the most perfectly made sets of labia on the planet! Shots like 61 and 95 when viewed at medium to hi res make me want to drop to my knees and worship it! Somehow even at 5'7" she looks very tall and has such long and perfect legs. She has a presence that seems bigger than life.

It doesn't seem to matter who shoots her. The sets are always delightful. She has several sets on SA that really blow your mind. I have never been disappointed with one of her sets.

....when you're 5'4" (not sayin' who, here, LOL) 5'7" IS tall! ( ;

oops! Naughty not haughty. Fumble fingers!

big difference there, I knew what you meant.

This is a great shoot except for the clothes.Mark has a bad habit of using colors so bright they overwhelm the model.(check what he did to Iveta B on EA)He was broken of this habit by Bijou (He took the relavent sets down but I remember,having been a member since 2000)but Í have noticed it coming back. Its a good thing she can get naked fast(great habit too)

Recently I have been noticing many a lower lip that seems perfect to gently nibble, and lovely Melena certainly has one of them.

She also has incredible wrinkled areolae and glorious glass cutters. There are few, if any, nicer camel toes as in 79.

Thank you Melena, K, and Mark.

Beautiful set and lady. It does seem that she forces herself to smile in some of the pics. Would you marry me? lol

I love the way her beautiful boob hangs down in pics 36 - 39.

Beautiful Melena, wonderfully revealed once again, she's so very cute and I can't get enough of that sweet shaven cunt, amazing.

She probably waxes, too clean to be shaved. Any part of a woman so sweet and perfect deserves a more refined name, IMO.

Please don't use the C word. It's just not applicable to this lovely young woman.

I agree, I could live quite happily if that word were eradicated from the English language.
Of course it is nice when you really, really want to cuss someone out... ( ;

The hot pink dress that she's wearing is too distracting for me. Given Melena's youthful and carefree charms, I don't think she needs such distracting clothing to capture our attention.

On another note, I really admire her body's flexibility. I don't mind the sand either. I think she looks exquisite like an enchanting nymph sprawled amongst those rocks.

Mmmm well, it's on her body for 25 of a total of 127 shots.
You still get 102 shots where she's not wearing it in any way...

For me the dress is the perfect choice! That bright color against her almost too tanned body is just the touch of color that this drab location needed.

Melena is one of the hottest models on MetArt. This is what I call a perfect pose set. The location of the set is not for me. I enjoy seeing her without sand all over her. It is fun once to experience the beach!

I haven't yet read the other comments, but I don't need to ~ I already heard 50,000 voices cry out as one in dismay ~ Mark let his model roll in *gasp* SAND!!!!!
Well, boys, deal with it. ( : This is Melena. If ANYONE's seductive cuteness could shine through that sand and make it ~ almost ~ like it wasn't even there to begin with, it's Melena.
And honestly, that opening sequence in the dayglo pink long tank/short skirt just about stopped my heart, esp. when Melena bent over to allow us a peek of the deliciousness just under the hem... not quite sure if my heart's started again yet, or if I'm typing this from the other side. ( :
What a fantastically shaped round bottom that is. Epic!

There is little about Melena that isn't epic!

If Mark should need an assistant to deal with sand 'issues' next time he photographs Melena at the beach, I would GLADLY volunteer! and he wouldn't even have to pay me! for free! Email me!

what fabulous nipples. hot,Hot, Hot.

Love this set. Melena is one of my favourite models of all time and here you can see way. A beautiful, sexy, playful mind - with lovely, mischievous eyes and a scrumptious ass! :)

Love this set. Melena is one of my favourite models of all time and here you can see way. A beautiful, sexy, playful mind - with lovely, mischievous eyes and a scrumptious ass! :)

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