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Today, 2015-11-25. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Ms. Uhrinová!

Test (文字化け有無確認)

The sand is there to give you an emotional reaction - which it did! :D

However WHAT reaction that is may have been a bit "unintended" by the photographer...

How about imaging rinsing that sand off of her :P

Melisa is totally beautiful, and a great outdoor model. I for one love beach pictures, nor do I mind sand, if the model is a cood outdoor model and is athletic.Melissa is a perfect and very beautiful example.

True Grit.

sand and more sand,
but the sand what adds to the beautiful Melisa?

sand and more sand, but the sand what adds to the beautiful Melisa?

Still an amazing lady, the reason I joined Met-Art. The best "assets" on Met Art, breasts that should be on Wikipedia under "perfect breasts" and of course her stellar backside. Arms, legs, face, hair, on and on with what is NOT wrong with Melissa.


Sand? Really? This is where your attention went?

Her smile is unmatched. And her ass can compete with Lily C's any day.

I completely agree with the comments about the sand. Then to add insult to injury, many of the shots are crooked. In order to enjoy the pictures, I have to rotate them to the correct perspective and then crop. Please shoot from a straight angle.

Melisa has one of the best looking ass on the web. Extremely curvy and sexy.

Solo deseo que no pase tanto tiempo para que salga otro set de Melissa...es una delas modelos mas bellas del sitio, y una de las razones para seguir con la suscripción.

girls as quality as most met girls should never see a grain of sand again. enough!!

With as many comments about the sand,
there must be a grain of truth about it.

As with many others such a pity to have sand on Melissa's beautiful body and no rear shots of the best bum on the web.

A sand caked pussy is enough to make me cry. This goddess has a magnificent body why cover it with harsh abrasive sand?

Melisa is the "Yardstick by which all other women are measured"
She loves her work clearly evident by that gorgeous smile of hers.
She is an example of Sheer Exquisite Beauty.

This girl's arse is one of the best in the universe, so why no pictures of it?????????????

Photos 20, 21, 22, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 85, 86, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 104, 105, 106, 107, 115, and 116 would like a word with you...

I agree 1,000%, shame shame Luca.

I agree 1,000%, shame shame Luca.

Why are photographers besotted with sand ? ruins a perfectly gorgeous set . Melisa ,you sexy thing. Love ya . xx

You got to again appreciate what the models have to go through, just to give us pleasure. Sometimes these girls get sand in their pussies. Other time the freeze outside butt naked. Beautiful set anyway.

5 years of amazing sets. So fresh and lovely.

Ugh, sand in all the wrong places. My compliments to lovley Melisa. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Melisa is beautiful and sexy as usual in this set, but enough with the sand already!

One of the top three models all categories. Beautiful!

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