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Today is November 25th, 2015. I wish you a Happy Birthday, Ms. Uhrinová!

Again I can't believe such a beautiful lady lives in the cosmos. This has to be the best set for her. Particulary I adore her outstanding rear end which I think must surely be the most gorgeous in the world, and her subtle smiling. I would give the point of 12 out of 10 to Ms. Uhrinová.

without the most beautiful girl on this site!

Needs more curves.

Beautiful Melisa is renowned for the beauty of her derriere! I would have really appreciated a ton of standing images from behind or the side showing off that bum.

What we did get is very nice because of her brilliant blue eyes, lovely smile, wrinkly areolae, glass cutters, and fine legs!. It must have been a colder day than it appears to be.

Couldn't agree with you more, Baggy36Pants.

That butt of her's is something to behold, isn't it ?

None better.

I met Melisa elsewhere, and have a lot of great stuff on her, but I've enjoyed some of her work here also. With the majority of her work here being outdoors, I've kept very few. This is an older one, but very nice.

Do I sense a 'Czech Offensive'? (revival/resurgence of Czech models? ;o)

I hope there is a resurgence of Czech models afoot. Maybe the most beautiful women in the world!

I agree, but have to add that we've been treated to some very beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls over the past few months.

I know that Deltagama just did an extended shoot in Prague so hopefully more Czech beauties on the way

i have been a big fan of hers for years. I recognize this set from her video on 11-28-09.

Melisa without doubt is the most beautiful model on MA. I would like to see new sets with her with more frequency. This new set as usual per Luca we have grainy, out of focus pictures. It would be nice if Melisa was photographed by another photographer, someone who could give us crisp, clear, and fully detailed photos of her.

With her beautiful blue eyes and absolutely incredible body, Melisa is one of my favorite models on Met-Art.

She has one of the most incredible butts I have ever seen.

Would love to see her on a much more frequent basis.

All I can say is...Melisa...marry me and I will spoil you forever! :)

Prettiest model of the day but it seems to me that the photos are never really in focus and they are grainy. She could be a member of the PP club but Luca never took a good closeup in the whole set!

Hip, I would have to look over some of her other sets before putting her in PP club. Kinda hard to tell from the closeups on this set.

If we are to believe what is posted today is strange day. Two 27 year old and a 28 year old. Melisa has been around since 2008. Last two years with Luca only. Still a great model but this is a typical Luca outdoor set, and to be honest IMO does not give anywhere near what she could deliver, but I am sure she Luca exactly what he asked for.

I had the same thought. However Melisa is lovely as ever - such stunning blue eyes and bold poses. Years ago either here or on FJ she did an interview video. Such a sweetheart.

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