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Yes, Yes!! Mesed I'll marry you. No need to go on a honeymoon, we'll just spend the next few weeks in the woods. The first thing I'd do in take off that pearl necklace, you don't need it. You have two lovely pearls on your breasts!

Way too much photographic decapitation.

No.78 is ridiculous!

As a female member i have to give my congratulations to MetArt 4 months away and this site still comes up with lovely models Mesed A is a stunning young beauttiful model/woman all i can sum this glorious set is by Billy Idols's song "Nice Day for A White Wedding" hope to see more of her in the future :)


TWO models wearing heels in the same day !!!

I must have died and gone to heaven !

Lovely dimples.

ok, lovely face, nice butt, legs. Wedding dress and outdoors? Good!

Only minor point: her feet could see some improvement. Hope to see more sets of her.

Helen of troy? does anyone even know what she looked like? Who knows what passed for beauty back then?

So for my take. She is lovely but not spectacular imho but her body is quite fine indeed. I love the pale skin set off by the auburn hair and hazel eyes. she is indeed well groomed and that is one very awesome pussy. For me the nipples and the aureola are to large for the breast size. By most standards she is quite beautiful indeed but among the best at Metart? I think that is maybe stretching it a bit? But then personal tastes are just that "personal" and we all have reasons why we like what we like even if we don't know what they are. :)

Thanks Matiss for new one beautiful girl.
Matiss always in new style, we will support his vote 10 +
Please give us more cute girls :)

No one is ever "wrong" for having a personal favorite.
Ukrainian women "rock" at a shockingly high percentage. Go Team Ukraine!
More beauty is never a bad thing.

Amen, brother (or sister, as the case may be).

Mesed is a radiant cutie. Lovely face and just look at those hazel eyes!

I approve. More wedding photos should omit the groom and the bride should get naked.

As someone who has occasionally done some wedding photography, I also approve - although it's usually a bridesmaid I'd choose for the naked part.

Very nice debut. I like Mesed's areolae and glass cutters, camel toe, and beautiful big butt for starters. She obviously has modelled before, or Matiss and support staff did a good job of preparing her for this shoot. She is so well groomed and finished! More sets please and kudos to all involved.

Cute enough girl, slow strip, well just kind slow, I doubt that this set really shows her at her best. Studio or other interior with better lighting will probably help her status. Overall just kind blah in my humble opinion.

Hi swplf2, It seems we really part company on this set. I think she's the second coming of Helen of Troy, you think she's Rosie the Riveter. Chaq'un a son goût.

What about Margaret Rutherford?

You just had to bring that up, didn't you...

Margaret Ruitherford was in a class by herself.

And, of course, you gave here bonus points for be Ukrainian!

I didn't know Margaret Rutherford was Ukrainian!

Her classic beauty gave away her nationality.

I didn't know Margaret Rutherford was Ukrainian!

I agree we disagree but I didn't think I "dished" her. She definitely could be Helen's hand maiden. And as taste goes your dinner...

Thank you.

Here's a first: a 150-photo set that's too short. Mesed, you are a goddess, everything about you is beautiful. I could look at you by the hour. I would love to have a framed copy of image 3 next to my bed—hell, I'd love to have you next to me in that bed. You are among the most beautiful women at MetArt. And like the very best models, you create your own standard of feminine beauty. Welcome, my angel. Come back soon. xoxo

Ah frame 3 and those wonderful eyes. Agree 100%

Me thinks you wax a little to elegantly here. But you are just so polite. While I think she is average here, being average here still puts you in the top echelon of beauty in the world.

We're clearly playing comment tag (see below). I really think this woman WAAAAAY above average for MetArt. Her features are flawless. Her smile is beautiful, her eyes hypnotic, her body damn near perfect. And this is her first set. Much more to come from this one.

I'm siding with you Sailor... this young lady has a special appeal all her own.

A man of taste and high intelligence. (The check is in the mail.)

There he goes again, assuming gender...

You're right, but I hate PC, so I can't say "person."

Once again we agree. Just messing with you. Let's see what Sunday brings us. If it is another Ukrainian, I'll scream...

P.S. She is, of course, Ukrainian.

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