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Excellent set. Very well done.

Matiss, please ignore the negative comments. You are doing a mighty fine photographic job. Keep up the good work.

Mesed A, you are a doll and a sweetheart. 10+. You are very sexy and attractive. Your legs are sexy. You have dynamite buns. Your face is angelic. Your smile is dazzling.

Tight, tight, tight!!!!

indescribably nice model !!!! Unfortunately photographer's work is same indescribably low. The lighting is terrible, the body color is monsterly bad. The model's skin is pale and looks dead.
Dear Mr. Matiss in your photos models look like corpses from the morgue, not like alive girls. You really should stop retouching. Add more naturality in your photos. Thank you an advance.

  • Sten
  • 6 months ago:

I think, that it's not that bad - maybe just a bit overexposed.

Alex, you need glasses and a new monitor. The photography is excellent and first class. On my monitor, the skin tone is vibrant and life like.

a gorgeous girl and a lousy photographer. can i give him less than 1

I truly wish there were - negative ratings!

After reviewing this, and several other sets posted by Matiss, I can only council: Get a real job! Stop trying to be a photographer. You don't have the talent!

Could NOT disagree more. The photography is professional and excellent. You need to have your eyes checked.

After going back over this set, I still believe the model. Mesed, is amazingly beautiful. It's just a shame she got paired with this loser of a picture taker! (Notice: I didn't call him a photograper! He doesn't deserve that title!)

Damn! All the ingredients are here, Great setting, Beautiful model, lovely day but it never really got off the ground. The photography is overexposed poorly focused and unimaginative. It could have been so much more.

I think Mesed deserved better than she got in this lame set!

Mesed is gorgeous, more of her please. I just have to ask- on #96 I think, the ONLY full frontal shot of her pussy, why is the focus where it is? Somewhere on her thigh I think, makes no sense.

Sadly you are right. Like this whole set #96 could have been spectacular but the one behind the lens failed miserably.

Mesed! Damn, girl! Your first set was fantastic... this one's spectacular!
I'm not a fan of bathing suit shots, but that is one hot combo... any of the openig sequence shots could have been an old-style pinup shot. I am impressed.
...and I couldn't help wanting to play with that sexy chain around your sexier waist.
Please come back soon, Mesed! More of you could never be enough...

little too bright and exposed .Matiss does have this problem from time to time .With right lighting and exposure this would have been a stunning set butt ( :-)!) I am not complaining .Could eat that ass and pussy all day.

A very nice second set from Mesed A have to agree with the guys she certainly has a very sexy air about her i think she will personally loosen up abit in time must be abit daunting to start off a nude modeling career at least Matiss shows her both as a woman and model as well too.

Great looking girl and a nice set of pics of her.

Another very nice photoset of a beautiful young lady. Matiss has a way of finding very pretty models and photographing them with style and class. Excellent.


Matiss is a hack!

Another alabaster skinned beauty. She seems to happy, and that makes me happy too.

Mesed is another ravishing beauty to the Ukrainian manor born. She sets my taste buds quivering in anticipation, She's beautiful from top to toe and has the prettiest tush and pussy in the neighborhood. She's my favorite of the day (or just about any other). Thank you, honey.

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