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A step in the wrong direction from where I'm standing... Set two was an improvement over set one, but this is going backwards. I see this as the only 'glitch' in an otherwise perfect day...even better than Monday!!
Please take this beauty inside!!

❤ her lips...all 4 of 'em!

Each has it's fascinations but it's the lower set that I think is utter perfection.

An indoor set might do the trick for me.

Hmmmm, I was all ready to rave about how much this set improved over the last two till I hit photo #70 Look closely and you will see 2 nipples on her right breast along with ghost photo artifacts (double exposure)along her sides. Whats up with this?

Anyway the site, lighting and color are all much improved over the first 2 sets as well. Add to that Mesed's posing and presentation has improved vastly.

I really like this set

hipshot, I think I will nickname you Sherlock, examining the details like that. Was it a criminal photoshopping or what? I am sure you will get to the bottom of it... I am impressed!

Not unusual my eyes have been trained through many years of underwater photography to notice anomalies that the average person doesn't see. If I didn't I would miss a lot of the tiny creatures that I photograph.

To be quite honest I can't come up with a logical explanation. If it were old time film I would say double exposure but that can't happen in digital photography so it has to be a glitch in the post processing. Photoshop or whatever program he uses. Not a cardinal sin but sure is strange. Not only that it happened but that it made it that far without being noticed.

hipshot this just shows that when I ranted about the "new" digital world of erotic photography this type of thing is what I was referring to. 1st the artist is to blame. It NEVER should have been submitted. 2nd. It should have been caught, by someone, before posting. and 3rd. Would this set been anything "less" with one photo missing. I said it then and will say it again. Times have changed. Apparently most members WANT more. So Met gives it. Missing something like this a result of the need for product. Four girls a day, hundreds of photos, on the web by 2:00 AM. It is actually surprising that this does not happen more often... I became a news photographer in my college days because I had a big hole in the front page of the layout I was doing ( I was the layout, night editor, that day.) when I found the assigned photog passed out drunk and unable to get the pic. I grabbed a SpeedGraphic with a Polariad Back and got the shot of the speaker and put it in. I gave myself a Photo Credit. When I got in the next day I was given a Nikon and an assignment, I was officially on both the Photo staff and the Production Staff.

Sherlock? It's a pretty obvious Photoshop blunder, but I guess the point is that most guys would be looking elsewhere and would miss it. Sort of like a typo in a major publication, you gotta wonder how did that get by the editors? I guess there ARE no editors...

This one I have to give a 10. The improvement over the first 2 is unbelievable!

Not a big fan of outdoor shoots, but this was a nice setting, with good lighting (for the most part) and I loved the leg shots. Mesed is a very sexy woman, with a fantastic body and I look forward to the day Matiss realizes it would be better letting her show it off indoors.

I agree with you, Alyssa, generally I'm not gaga about outdoor shoots but this one is good. I don't think Matiss does a lot of indoors shoots, but he does well with the outside ones on the whole. As for the lighting in this set, there were some shots that seemed harsh as bibblefuss says.

Yes, once again Matiss has struggled to find balanced lighting, but I didn't think it was so bad given the background to these shots. I had issue with the first two sets for the same reason, particularly towards the end of her debut set, with the bright sun creating a wonderfully artistic washed out effect.

Well, okay, if by "for the most part" you mean "not including her face". Cuz the lighting is way way way way way too harsh on her face.

Sailor and I had a real back and forth on her debut set, with the wedding gown. She is Ukrainian so for Sailor she can do no wrong. I am not as impressed as I am with many in his sorority. She is ok but I would still love to see a good studio set. The phallic image of the tree is obvious and she does climb on it. Hope the bark didn't abraid her lips. She does have a cute smile and I like the head shots even more than the pussy shots. We'll see how it plays out today.

Hi swplf2, I had to weigh in late today, but I didn't want to remain silent about my lovely Mesed. IMO, she is absolutely scrumptious in this set. There is nothing about her I don't like. she's perfect right down to the ground, and it was nice to see all that loving attention given to her beautiful pussy and ass. I'm with you in wanting to see a good studio set. Matiss's outdoor sets are fine (they should be, he's rarely anywhere else). They are well-photographed, and he clearly has a rapport with our mouth-watering Miss. As for the idea that Ukrainian women can do no wrong, I take umbrage, sir. I remember one who didn't move me at all (at least I think I do).

BTW, re image 70, it looked to me as though the tree was having a nibble of her breast, which would have been shocking but understandable.

I like all the closeups top and bottom. That IMO is the perfect vulva and Matiss bid A great job of well focused perfectly lit shots. I have a hunch that all these sets were shot concurrently. With any luck the next session will be indoors.

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