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It is with in our testimony, as witness of this young woman that she has caused libidinous behaviour. How say ye ? True, or false?
My believe is most would say, Yes, she has the powers of destruction, able to crush every male harmone known to man, woman and etc.
Delight to view one whom presents self so admirable as Mesed A.
Time is the teller of all tails, we will see her again? Hope so, lovely woman is she.......

Mesed A, rectitude, again I say rectitude, in honesty; uprightness of character (woman supreme) her display invisions delight behond measure. The way of a true woman, who can know it? Except the woman. Us poor folk (men) are granted the view we see of this delicacy, which promises much by inviting smile... and so we go, hoping to connect with one as lovely as she.

Beautiful face, sexy long legs, fantastic butt. Excellent photography.

All I can say about Mtsed is that she is perfect outdoor model,with a petfect figure, a lovely smile, and a perfect butt. matiss couldn't miss if ht tried, andht has don't a perfect job. I give both Mtstd ad

Mesed is a perfect model with a perfect figure. She is definitely an outdoors model, and I quite like the background Matiss has chosen.I gave them both a 10++


Legs all the way up to her ass!

And that's one beautiful ass! (damn lucky pair of shorts too)

Extremely poor choice of shirts! Truly a "mickeymouse" set!! Bummer!!

....a set like this... you complain about the t-shirt?

Terrible set

I woke up this morning to a cold winter day. A few more inches of snow fell over night. And I am pleased to see a nice set of photos of Mesed in a bright sunny summer day. Very nice. Moreover, the winter Olympic Games begin in less than 24 hours and I a pleased to see Mesed sporting a t-shirt with the Stars and Stripes. Nice, very nice indeed.

It seems Matiss has a problem with lighting and this girl. Her previous sets were the same.

She is HOT stuff though. I love the outfit, She is so pretty and what a dreamy body. In that outfit it would only seconds to get a ride if she needed it. That must be a road that has little or no traffic.

This is one sweet little lady and sexy as hell! Those hazel eyes, red hair and that sweet smile are tops in my book and the body is so awesome. Matiss has a winner here if he could just master the lighting

A true tour de force ~ between Violla and Mesed, Matiss has been firing on all 8 cylinders of late.
Bravissimo to Matiss for this wonderful set!

Out-of-control lighting. Overexposed. Annoying. Why, with a woman this beautiful, would you not take care to present her properly? Matiss! Come back inside!

Looks like a set for a well known rag that begins with an H-----r and ends in r..........


There seems to be a problem with the Miela gallery uploaded today. I can't access it.

Me too.

Me neither...

Nor I.

  • 2 years ago:

All should be working fine with the Miela set. Please feel free to let me know if there are any issues. Thanks!

A little too bright but a delicious set. Perfect combination of Matiss and delectable Messed A .

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