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Tall willowy Mesed, Another pick for the PP club. I like the way it is moist and dewy throughout. Nice hair color, pretty face, awesome hazel eyes and a pretty smile to top off a great body. What more could you ask? The lighting does seem a bit strange for and outdoor set. Had me wondering if it was a studio set but if it, is it's very well done.

Studio lighting outdoors.... I guess I like it. I must, since I like this set. But maybe it's just the great rear shots that won me over... Any set that has more than the token ONE "spread rear shot", gets a 10 from me. I loves me some beautiful anus! Only when they're emaculately clean however....which has been an issue here in the past. In fact, I've stopped looking very closely at some models, but the vast majority are above reproach..thankfully...including the lovely Mesed...XXX ;o)

P.S. I much prefer Mesed without the bawdy red lipstick... "Her cover" photo is gorgeous!

I feel the same way about visible makeup as I do about shaving pubic hair. I think most women do just fine without it day to day, but when they put on makeup for a special occasion, I think it's a treat.

Photo's 'hazy' and the lighting seems very off....set doesn't do het justice....

I can never get enough of the pretty and perfectly proportioned Mesed.

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