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Mesed is lovely if she would only find a better photographer. Of all the sets she has done only one is acceptable photography wise. This one is terrible. If you can't figure out your setting for outdoor PLEASE take this lovely flower indoors where she can work in softer light. With her light redhead complexion she just doesn't do well outdoors. Redheads are not creatures of the sun, it is not kind to them. The contrast in this set is way over done. 60% or more of her lovely body is washed out in every shot and the objects with color are way to bright. The ASA on these shots is way too high.

One can see by simply scanning the thumbnails that the set is bad! Mased deserves so much more

Tiny, charming pussy Needs some dark pubic hairs as a visual asset.

I thought it was a decent set of Mesed, not her strongest set, but not disappointing. Sometimes props are overemphasized a little, might be the case here. It isn't Mesed, she is certainly lovely as usual.

I've always wondered how her name is pronounced, my initial thought is mes-SED.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Ever heard the phrase "damning with faint praise" :-?

I haven't looked at this set, so I don't have an opinion on it.

Seems to me that as a standing member of the Dancing with the Stars panel, as I refer to you steadfast commentators of near each and every set that comes down the pike, you might be running a little thin on what to say! :-))))

That's OK, tho -- we need constant comments! :-)))

No, it's perfectly fine to express a ho-hum opinion of a set, just as acceptable or legitimate as praising it or criticizing it. That's all that's going on here, no need to read anything into it.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well, then how 'bout Twittering it :-? :-))


Awesome! Matiss is as annoying as Leonardo! Bad photoset! Sorry, Mesed!

Well said!

I am now convinced that the ratings are rigged. What else would explain the very low 7.68 rating for this set?

Mesed A is a very beautiful, sexy, and attractive babe. Her angelic face and dazzling smile deserves a 10+. The photography is excellent. The entire set tastefully done.

All I can say Mesed A, is DON'T STOP.

I'm puzzled by the score myself.

why puzzled? I'm not, the photography sucks! The highlights are way to hot which washes on all detail on her deliciously pale shin. Just way to much front lighting. Nice setting awesome girl but the photographer failed to take advantage of it. All you need to do is scroll through the thumbnails and you will see what I mean.

I'm not, the photography sucks! The highlights are way to hot which washes on all detail on her deliciously pale shin. Just way to much front lighting. Nice set awesome girl but the photographer failed to take advantage of it.

What a shitty set, out of focus, uninteresting, boring, look at the scores, should be lower

What a shitty set, out of focus, uninteresting, boring, look at the scores, should be lower

...who wouldn't want to join the lovely Mesed on a tropical vacation, sharing the hammock and taking sips from one of the straws? Lovely set of a model I've been a big fan of from the start.
It would have been nice had there been more intimate shots, and had the light on her been somewhat less harsh and glaring, so that the pictures would have more contrast.

Hey. Where's the big blue hat?

...it was replaced in this set with the pink "grass skirt." Mesed apparently has been taking Hula lessons (see images # 37 & 38), a skill which I would like to encourage her to continue developing ~ and encourage her to take up bellydancing as well. ( :

Mesed is gorgeous and I love her smooth look! Would be nice to see some indoor sets with her!

How sad she is all shaved...! Pubic hair makes a woman so much more sensual and personal in her nudity...

Only to a select few...;o)

Did Doug pay you to say that? LOL

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

He and I have been making the case for pubic hair! But all I did was give him a thumb there :-)

All women look good with pubic hair, assuming they have it naturally.*

And btw, to most men in the world it is erotic. The select few who don't like it tend to gravitate to shaved sites like this.

That's a big reason it's there in an evolutionary sense -- it is sexy. It also facilitates reproduction in other ways.

Just so u dudes know what u's missin' :-)))

*and practically all do of course :-)

Some women look good with pussy hair, some not so much. Some look good either way.

For me it depends a lot on age, build, boob size, hair color, and type of pussy, among other factors.

This one has a "cute little shaved pussy" and she likes to show it to us. I am happy.

I agree, it depends. Some look good with, some without, and some in between.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

See above :-)

For example, my fave (not Sapphira! :-) looks good to me shaven too. But not as good. To me shaven is a temporary, highly artificial state OK on occasion as an interesting alternative. Trouble is here it's the default state, usually the only state in which a pussy is seen.

So y'all's goin' nature, the Tao -- good luck.
I'm goin' against a style, a preference only.

In the end nature wins :-)

I must have missed where you disclosed your fave. Is it a secret now?

Shaving can be an erotic act, for an occasional interesting alternative as you say. Then it grows back so you are faced with two choices. Let it grow out again for another special occasion, or keep it that way.

It is true, like you say for the younger crowd, it is the default state. I'm told that these days, often it is shaved as soon as it starts growing in, that many have never experienced having a bush. Something causes them to do this, and from what I can tell it is both a perception of cleanliness and the popular trend. Peer pressure can be a powerful force.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I have heard that too -- middle school kids thinking they have to shave it. I think a lot of "guidance" has come from porn.
Consider the source :-)
This is why I feel I'm on something of an education campaign :-)
I'm not the only one either. Experts and grownups are speaking out against the practice, defending pubic hair :-)
Of course somewhat counterproductively :-)

But not all youngsters/young people feel that way of course. Some of them like nature! And the thought of doing that to their bods repels them.
Just sorta like some people would not get piercings and tats, while others would think they're the best thing since sliced bread :-)

So we can't overgeneralize. Too much :-)

Kilroy, you have not been paying attention if you don't know who my fave is! :-))
Just think tho -- there are perhaps 2 girls here more or less currently who truly mix it up, showing themselves both smooth and all or nearly all grown-out, including under their arms.
This babe of mine is the reason I'm here. She ain't Milena :-) And she is a bona fide beauty. A beauty you have remarked on.
If you scrolled through my comments time and again she would come up, often at length.
I bet you just know who it is :-)

So you are not going to tell me and make me strain my brain to try and figure it out? I have way too many things to keep track of and there are so many comments I have seen and made. I don't take notes like you do!

Oh, well, if that's they way you are going to be.... ;-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I bet she'll come to ya :-)

If you went to Rylsky's Valentine's Day blog you'd find my confession there. Might have to do a little scrolling :-)

She's why I'm here. That's why I'm forever amazed when she doesn't pop into other people's heads.

She's got a beautiful face pictures of which are suitable for framing.

That's a hint you should get, sooner or later :-))))

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Dropped a word there, dammit!

You all is goin' *against* nature, the Tao, etc.

And may your luck be as good as mine! :-)))

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

One more thing to illustrate my point: imagine the awkward gyrations they have to go through to get rid of it and keep it off.

They can pay a spa or a doc to yank it out, kill it off, so that they can look like little kids down there.

Ever ask yourself why?

What is behind this nonsense?

Please inform me so that maybe I won't think it is :-)

Aesthetics? Cleanliness?

All depends on how you look at it.

I'd like to see Met recognize this not just with words but actions :-)

Just think of the gyrations (most of us) men go through in order to get rid of our facial hair. Most of us begin just as it begins growing in, such that the vast majority of us never have the experience of growing a beard.

To me depilation of pubic hair, depilation of leg hair by women, and depilation of facial hair by men (and hirsute women) amounts to the same thing, Doug.

If you want, you can see any of these things as baneful "peer pressure," evil propagandization by society, whatever you want. But they happen because people have certain expectations, both internal and external.

Good points, fer.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Since you're a fan of pubic depilation and trimming, it figures you think those are good points, kilroy.

The male equivalent of a woman getting rid of her pubic hair is a man getting rid of his.

The key is that the pubic area is private -- the face, the legs are public.

Plus the notion that shaving your face demands the gyrations of shaving your pubic area sounds to say the least unlikely to me.*

Again anybody with actual experience, please step up to the plate :-)

*Oh, and let's not forget bearded ladies! :-)))

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

BTW, I think the real gyrations in this case involve the attempts to normalize the freakish practice of removing one's pubic hair :-)

No, the gyrations I speak of are figurative.
Consider what an enormous hassle just shaving your face is, day in, day out, just to look acceptable in the work world.
Even in those isolated times in my life when I decide I'd rather grow facial hair, like now, I STILL have to go through hassles at least every other day just keeping it trimmed (around the edges and under the chin) so it feels comfortable and doesn't look unkempt.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well, now you know why I have a beard!

I guess it could be seen as quantity v quality...

At least you can do it in the mirror standing up! :-)

You're not having to pay somebody to depilate you (tho you may dream :-))

But it's worth all the pain for that shining, professional public face! :-)))*

Women btw complain the same about having to keep shaven their "public" parts :-)
And yet some even wanna go further than that!
Anything for luv I suppose! :-)
Honey, you don't have to shave for me :-)))

*I'm sure MA gals feel similarly :-))))

It was fun to shave when my beard was ~ FINALLY ~ first growing in (in fact, it took so long to appear that in the spring of my 17th year I asked my Mom to buy me a razor and shaving cream just so I could shave so I could see how it felt) and even now it's a tremendous relief to shave if I've neglected it all weekend, for example, just because it starts itching after about two days.
But, now that I've been going through the hassle and nuisance of almost daily shaving for a quarter of a century, I'd still rather be free of the hassle and nuisance. That's what I was talking about in terms of "gyrations."

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Beg to disagree, fer_realz. Just try depilating your nether regions and I suspect you'll see what I mean.
We can shave our faces because they are right in front of us in the mirror.
Yet how many of us then go on to shave our balls and butt, etc?

It's far from the same thing.
At least that's what I think. My impression is that a lot of these women can't or don't even do it by themselves.
It's not just their mons, after all, that is being denuded.

Bottom line: big difference between facial hair and pubic hair :-)*

BTW, doubt your assertion "the vast majority of us never have the experience of growing a beard." :-)

I can see removal of women's leg and underarm hair sort of equating to the shaving of a man's beard, since these will be on public display.
They're also probably more or less equal in terms of dexterity required.
Once you get into the tender depths of genitalia it's another story.

Please let me know where I'm getting this wrong, having never shaved my nether regions, or discussed this subject with a woman who does :-)

PS: no doubt there's plenty of inspiration for the task, whatever its degree of difficulty. It's a ritual, a rite of passage for many.
Poor suckers! :-))))

*also: a beard will grow and grow a la Osama bin Laden's, but not a lady's bush :-)

Where I think you're getting this wrong, Doug, is that shaving is shaving.
I just plain don't see the distinction you do between areas that are "on display" and those that aren't.
Shaving each are equally socially pressured, although those social pressures change from time to time. For example, as you say many times, back when you and I were kids and just into our maturity, most people kept all their pubic hair, the fad of shaving it is relatively recent, within the last 15 years or so.
However, it IS a social fad so to speak. Just like men shaving their beards, just like women shaving their armpits and their legs. And just like women having always been encouraged to grow their head hair long, and men having been encouraged to cut theirs short. (Which has been changing radically in the last 40 - 50 years, of course) And nowadays, there is a subset of men who have begun shaving their bodies as well.
These fads come and go, but they are equivalent in my mind.
You always talk about "going against nature" but we've been going against nature in shaving our beards for hundreds if not thousands of years.
Shaving one's pubic area is no less or more "unnatural" than a man shaving his face or a woman shaving her legs or armpits, in my opinion.
I understand that you don't like it, and I'm not devaluing your dislike. I'm just saying there is nothing magical about pubic hair that makes it any more sacrosanct "naturally" than any other hair.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well yeah it's a fad. That's one reason I criticize it. And hope it will fade sooner rather than later.
Contrast that fad with what nature does and you'll see why I'm against it being the default style.
Plus there are reasons to believe it's neither healthy nor conducive to fertility.
And again, if it were just a faddish style, why can't people step out of line and do something different?
To me the answer goes deeper than it merely being a fad, trend, or style.
Consider the hoops women have had to jump through in order to be acceptable to men over the eons.
Been forced by men (and women) to do in the name of femininity.
I catch a whiff of that in the rigid depilated style I find here, and throughout porn.
Namely, oppression.

This is one reason I adored u-know-who when I first encountered her. She looked to me like someone who was flipping all that off -- with compelling spunk and beauty.
That probably isn't actually why she was unshaven, but still I love the symbol she represents for me.

As I've said, I tend to see the other girls as rather sheep-like. The same old same old knuckling-under to male demands.
I'm looking for a daring soul.
Who will be a champion for truth :-)))

In fact, the entirety of human "culture" throughout our entire existence as a species ~ both pre-historic and historic cultures ~ has consisted of ways that we "go against nature."
Speaking strictly of the human body and modifications thereof, there is no single part or area of the body that humans have not at one time or another changed, either temporarily or permanently, in response to social and cultural pressures.
Take the tribespeople of Africa and South America who do amazing ~ and to us, Americans, hideous ~ things to their necks and lips ~ the tribe that puts hoop after hoop around women's necks until their necks are stretched out like giraffes, or the South American tribe that puts enormous plates into lips, until people look like they've got humongous duck bills instead of lips/mouths. Or how about that tribe that saws and files everyone's teeth down into points?
There simply is no single area or part of the body that people can reach (or others can reach for them) that are sacrosanct or "natural." Your discomfort is simply that ~ your discomfort. Saying that people are going "against nature" is simply stating that they are BEING HUMAN.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well, it's also human to respect nature, appreciate it, understand it, venerate it.
See that it knows best :-)

I mean it wasn't very long ago that almost all female pubic hair was let be. And that is still the case among many, many women.

So yeah your choice is whether to go ahead and muck with nature trying to improve it aesthetically or whatever -- but if you don't have a basic respect for it, you're likely to fail.

And that is what I see here, with all these hideously bare pussies :-)))

Doug, I partially answered that above. I think it is a little of both.

Met is probably not going to go against the trend, the desire of the membership at large, or the personal preferences of their models. It is a business, and you don't make money doing the opposite of what your clients want. Their "actions" are not going to be suicidal. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.

The best you can hope for right now is that K throws you and other muff lovers a bone once in a while. A few sets a week might be all that is available. Or, since the Met family of sites increases all the time through acquisitions, petition them to buy ATK hairy. If the market is there, someone will do it.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

The thing is as I've been saying, trends change.
Some people think there's a changing trend in pubic hair.
I haven't wanted Met to abandon its many shaved-lovers; what I've wanted them to do is think about the diversity beyond the preference they mainly cater to.
I've wanted them to increase their membership by offering more diversity.
My view of what the models choose to do is: whatever works :-) In a minority of cases would I say they are actually following a deep personal preference. If the trend was hairy, many if not most would be hairy.
See my comment above. Some are gonna be into aesthetics, others are going to be more influenced by porn. But since they all are somewhat connected to porn, that is why so many of them depilate. Even those I think who'd rather not -- who wouldn't if they weren't models.
All you gotta do is go back 2 or 3 decades to see what I'm talking about. By and large they follow fashion.
Trends like winds change :-)

Sorry, but I'm on the other side of this question. The main reason I subscribe to the site is that most of the girls are both very attractive and "bare down there." I don't rate any model with pubic hair as a "10"

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

See above :-)

BTW, they all have pubic hair. Ever asked yourself why? :-)

Might as well add to the sadness by imagining an unseen tattoo...........

I'll cheer things up considerably by imagining MANY large and colorful tattoos, from her calves to her neck! ;o)

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