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This girl is beyond adorable!!

Matiss missed with Mesed.
Too bad it wasn't Monday.

Okay I sort of got use to the bright red lip stick. Other than that, Messes you are one sexy gal and if I were driving down that road I would have stopped and asked if your wanted a ride. Nice work with the panties!!!

IMHO A most excellent day here on MA, with 4 - count em 4! - fantastic sets!

This one is my favorite. From the start I like the outfit, the red lips and the red sunglasses. A bit Lolita-ish, which I like very much!

Some have criticized Matiss's technique, esp. the lighting. I see their point a bit, but it's ok with me. A bit bright, but not over-exposed, & I think it serves the purpose of helping Messed stand out from bkgrnd. I like his use of color too.

As for Messed, I am totally smitten! I have had my top-4 favorite list for several months now, the ones I look forward to seeing most. Time to add a fifth!

Messed's legs are outstanding, maybe The Best on MA! She might just have the Best Tits too! If she isn't already a member of the PP Club, she should be. And I would gladly nominate her!

Others have commented how she looks like Danica McKellar (Winnie from the Wonder Years & just on DWTS). I see that too! Plus a little bit of Emma Stone. That is a very very pretty face! All in all, a little late to M-train, but totally on board! Better late than never! And will be having fun catching up on her previous sets while looking forward to her next! Well done Matiss & TY Messed!

PP Club nomination, seconded! Any other old farts wanna chime in?

Fer, I must have been asleep at the computer. That is the only explanation of why I didn't previously nominate Mesed for the PP Club. as you can see, Hip kinda nominated her about 2 monthst ago, but was never seconded.
hipshot1312 months ago:
Your Opinion: +1
Tall willowy Mesed, Another pick for the PP club. I like the way it is moist and dewy throughout. Nice hair color, pretty face, awesome hazel eyes and a pretty smile to top off a great body. What more could you ask? The lighting does seem a bit strange for and outdoor set. Had me wondering if it was a studio set but if it, is it's very well done.

To get into the old farts club, do you have to show your AARP card? Lol. I don't have one of those yet. I second the nomination.

JB....If you were born on January 7th, 1918 (1718), you certainly do NOT need an AARP card!!! ;o) You may however need help getting up off the floor (as I did!) after looking at this set!! LOL ;o)

This location is a bit unfortunate when you work for the county picking up roadkill!! To come around a curve and see THIS in the road could result in a serious coronary episode! Even WITH the "red beacon"!

Why discard the sunglasses? They would have added humour and personality to the shoot.

If you can't see the face, why bother?

I like seeing Mesed's personality coming out in her pictures. In this set it looks like she is having fun showing off for us. In her bio it says she is sometimes the starter for street races and she hopes to buy a convertible one day so she can enjoy speed with the top down. I can see her starting races in an outfit like the one she started the set in. ( :

Legs all the way up to her ass!

Very nice. Only complaint is the hyper-red lipstick. Overwhelms everything else in the picture.

"Looks a bit like...": Danica McKellar?

I normally LOVE red lipstick, but in this set it was a poor fit. The Danica comparison is spot on.

IMO, hyper-red lipstick is an enormous turn-on, occasionally.
Of all the women I've ever fallen head over heels in love with, only one wore makeup every day ~ the rest of them wear makeup occasionally for a date or a job interview or a party, but everyday just use some concealer. I'm perfectly fine with that.
It just makes it all that much nicer when they DO get "dolled up."

I would be very happy if more of the women in my town would wear those same kind of shorts.

Very cute knickers, with the frills and all... and the nice translucent parts underneath the ruffles... ( ;

This is probably my favorite set of Mesed to date (I know a few of you are thinking....well is it, or isn't it, your favorite set!).
Yes, this is my favorite set of Mesed. Her hair coloring, the lighting, her eyes, just everything looks really good in this set.

Very nice Matiss. You appear to be on quite a roll. Many of your recent models are very popular. I hope other MA members like this set as much as I do, and starting today, I hope Mesed's overall rating begins a steady climb toward the top.

Many thanks to both Matiss and Mesed!

This would be a great set if it wasn't THE SECOND >>DUPLICATE FROM MAY



  • 1 year ago:


My apologies for the duplicate set today. This was purely by accident and we have now put up a replacement gallery. Thanks and enjoy!

Thank you "K"....we've all made mistakes :))

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