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I've just returned from holiday to find this latest photo shoot for Mia. Although not the most conventionally beautiful of the models, she is truly enchanting and adorable. My only complaint is the length of her otherwise beautiful hair. It detracts from the piquant beauty of her face and in the few pictures in which her exquisite ears are revealed, she is even more stunning. Can we please have a photo shoot with her hair pulled back in a ponytail please?

Promise at least 1 set on RylskyArt.com will be "ponytail" hair. In September or October, 2013

I will try to do this, thanks for idea.

What is sexy about a model perched on furniture or mantle; or hiding under furniture? Extremely amateur.

It's not the furniture upon which she is perched, but how she displays what she has. If it's arousing, I could care less if she's on a table, under it, or on a bed. It's the model, not the set.

Rylsky seem to like women with pussy hair. I do too.

I like women. Hair is just a cherry on a cake.


Mia has a beautiful face like that of a fine porcelain doll.

I think this is best set ever. The portrait shots are absolutely perfect. The focus, depth of field, contrast and colors are the best Rylsky work ever. Of course Mia is the perfect subject for this type of work. The pussy lovers will be somewhat disgruntled with the lack of intimate closeups but it is obvious to me that this set is dedicated to highlighting Mia's true beauty. I would normally be one of those complaining but the exquisite camera work here is just too good. This is clearly a work of love. The close in portraits are magnificent! #69 is the most awesome Mia shot ever. There are so many awesome closeups in this set simply because Rylsky and his camera are clearly in love with this beautiful woman. I have always liked Mia but this set elevates my respect for her perfection to a whole new level. Almost as if I am seeing her for the first time.

This is truly art more so than erotic but for me it is perfection. I don't think this would have worked with any other model but for Mia it is perfect.

Mia is one of those models I didn't notice at first, but have now grown to appreciate. Her face is exquisite and her body is so compact and well-formed.

Yet another sweet-faced young goddess! What a fantastic haul today. This is the first time I've seen the delectable Mia. My loss. She is truly sexy. I'll be downloading lots of her.

This set might as well be ALL faces, because that's all that's in focus for the vast majority of shots that happen to show anything else. This must be an older set.

Why is she under the table?

Hiding from you?

Mia is the girl in dreams

This is the set I've been waiting for!
IMHO, her best set since her introduction and "Aralis."
And I love the hair -- ALL of it.

Though she has done many sets this is one of the best!

So much hair! Everywhere!!!

and all of it beautiful

I prefer the clean shaven look. On the other hand, the hair she has and the way it's trimmed looks better than an airstrip style shave in my opinion.

Hi sweet lips! I love how you drink the wine then climb the walls :) You are so gorgeous. Come back soon with more lovely sets like this.

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