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A house
you say?

59 -framed fanny fantastic. with a small treat, for those liking feet, (and love washing them).

70 -this photo, like this set, exceeds any expectation given by the thumbnails. Start with the red fabric following the line of the hip, then around the waist, behind the front leg, then draped over the back leg. Combine this with the color scheme that is simple, subdued, still dramatic. And here we have this gem. Even a little more light underneath would have turned this from tease to peek which would have distracted and detracted from the scene. The rose is just right. Without it, the upper left would have been an attention sucking void.

As for peeking, see 64. Just barely enough light, just so. The only way to miss that was to pass by the thumb without looking at the image. I suspect that many did just that.

I prefer 65...

Extra primo goood!! Tantalizing!!

  • 2 years ago:

Just Beautiful. I adore this girl and really appreciate this set.
Colors popped with the black background.
Headshots were exquisite, what a perfect profile on this girl Mia...

Look at the ratings, very lame set

I do not think this set is brilliant. I just said "ratings never made me love or hate something", cause I have my own head to judge.

Very good rule! But be the first to follow it.

IF True:
- Look at the Miss Universe's 2013 winner, ask your wife for devorce...
Repeat it yearly.
- Your country's President vote score? I bet less than 60%
North Korea's President's rating? 99,9%. Buy ticket to your Paradise. And BTW, "bye" to your Internet. And ... do you know what punishment in N.K. for watching porn?
- etc...


Come on Rylsky my man, admit it...you put this one out on purpose!! You bleedin' rotter, her skirt thing is around her waist the whole time! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! I must say though, 51 and 52 are amazing shots, I do like the use of flowers in a set, particularly roses.

1. this is not Instagram
2. this is not twitter
3. this is not CNN
4. "c'mon, make some changes, put her hand to head, change background"
send comment to

you write your comments YEARS after sets awas made. I 'm tired to make you understand it. order of updates IS NOT order of shoots was made.

Rylsky – don't bother about these nitpicky comments by people who have obviously got too much time on their hands. I love this latest set for the very lovely Mia, it appeals to me both artistically and aesthetically and I particularly appreciate the head shots. She has an unusual and intriguing face with a very broad forehead. With her hair pulled back on the right-hand side at least, it reveals more of the beautiful shape of her head, her delicious lips, charming nose, exquisite ears and graceful neck. (Why do so many of your models detract from and mask their facial beauty by masses of superfluous tresses?) My only slight criticism would be that the lighting doesn't do justice to her beautiful Topaz blue eyes. I for one will not complain if you can give us more of this hugely underrated model of any vintage.

I appreciate new sources for knowledge, thank you!

The following sentence, "The painting is generous enough in its dimensions to include the arms and hands without them touching the frame.", is part of the section titled A new artistic formula.

thank you and welcome!

I understand.

Rylsky, even though you have mentioned this many times, it seems very few want to accept it.
Thank you for trying though :))

  • 2 years ago:

Hi All,

Met has 1000's of sets in our database and we also buy new ones every single day. Rylsky has been a top photographer for over 8 years on Met. Of course we will have sets that will be a bit older mixed in with brand new publications. I hope this helps clear up any confusion! As always if anyone has any questions you are welcome to email me at k@met-art.com or comments@metart.com :)

Hi All,
BTW, K, it's always the very special feeling for anybody (who love photography) to write to you: "hi(gh), K(ey)"

I love the site and I love Rylsky's sets. Who cares when they were shot, the galleries are beautiful photos of really lovely girls.

Thank you for understanding

Mia gorgeous blonde, dreamed in a summer night, has become real.
Ryldky enhances her beauty in a perfect set.
Environment, lights, colors - perfect.

Oh, no, nothing is perfect in this World. But I will send your regards to Mia.

The clips with which Mia firm the exuberance of his golden curls, they are not certainly of boutiques, if they were, they would be less suitable than those used.
Because the beauty wants beside the simplicity. Perfect

In some difficult to define way, Mia shows a truly vulnerable side in this set. Which makes it all the more endearing.

Yes, I agree with you. There is a certain delicate or fragile trait.

I believe Mia deserves every polite / tasteful comment she will receive for these images.

Well said.

Mia is as beautiful as ever, with her golden hair, her exquisite blue eyes and her alabaster complexion. I really like this set, but I can not put my finger on precisely why. The set is missing the Rylsky signature up close intimate photos. But there are many beautiful portraits and a wide range of expressions. I like the bold contrast in colors, black, white, red and blue. Mia retains the red wrap, but I think it really highlights her beautiful pale skin and it is not a lingerie wrapped around her waist. A very nice set from Mia and Rylsky. Great job.

I agree in principle but Mia badly needs a hairdresser!

I think the long locks of hair is just the current fashion among young European woman. That was the style in America back in the 70s. Things like that may change.

Look at former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko. She is 53 years old and has thick long blonde hair which is long and straight down to her backside. I have been watching her interviews on CNN. She wears her hair in thick braided ropes on the top of her head. At first I thought she just got out of prison, maybe she has not had time to see her hairdresser. But I found her biography on Wikipedia. There are many photos of her wearing her hair in that manner. Those long thick braids are her style. Attractive lady and very persuasive too.

If there is anything a woman likes to change, it is her hair.

If there is anything a woman likes to change, it is her hair.

Stunning Girl, too tame a set...

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