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Leonardo discovers the sunlight.

extremely bad work by Leonardo for a gorgeous model. we request un retouched high resolution sharp images

Mia D should cut,trim or tie back her fringe as it covers her beautiful eyes & gorgeous face. With features as gorgeous as yours why cover them up as you do, Mia D?

Mia D should trim her or cut her fringe or alternatively tie it up. I covers half of her beautiful eyes & gorgeous face.
With such beautiful features why cover them up, Mai A?

Gorgeous girl, the natural light blends perfectly with her flawless skin. Love the way it hilites the fuzz on her arms and even her tummy

Can you blur and retouch your shot some more? In some shots Mia doesn't even have one visible pore on some areas of her skin. Are you presenting anime to us or shooting mannequins?

Terrible, terrible, terrible treatment of a beautiful woman.

i fully agree and support.

i fully agree and support.

the link dont work.
I can not download de pics

Mia, Lily, Candice, Liza, Anna, Olga and Adelia (Leonardo's girls) were the reason i started to explore the Met-Network (originally only a member of EA). I'm so glad i did. It makes everything so worth while, especially when a gorgeous set like this comes along. Thank you Leonardo.

Wonderful set!

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