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Blurry pics.:(

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei,
mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Of course she is beautiful. That smile would light up any room like the sun!

#50 is my favorite; what a beautiful face!

Grow some pubic hair and be a perfect 10, why does ever woman shave now, the ones I date don't all shave?

I agree 100%.

My two cents here. I've said it before, but when a woman is spreading her legs apart, it's no mystery what she's showing off, and no mystery what viewers would like to see (most, anyway...) So yes, her face is beautiful, and OMG those pale blue eyes are stunning. But it's a valid criticism to say one shot, go ahead and focus on the eyes, but include a shot where the focus is on the obvious area of interest for those of us who DO think of sex when viewing such shots. Very nice that there are "civilized" men who only look at the face, but there's great variety in the world. While I'm on my soap box ranting, I'll also mention that it's very common for the focus on close-ups to be on the clitoris, ignoring the rest of her beauty, including the part some, like me, would like to get into. I'm just sayin'...

I'm with you, and I've said the same thing myself. Take two shots of that pose, change the focus in between, and make everyone happy. I call that variety and the sets I rate highest have it. I do also like to see the model's vulva, and I don't feel guilty about it. It's not the only thing I want to see, but it is a part of a woman and should not be left out (in focus or otherwise) of any "complete" photoshoot.

Her best set yet; more woman than girl in this pictorial.


I have seldom seen a model look this happy from her clothed shots to her playfulness naked, the smiles look real.

That is one of the things that makes Mia so special. She always bright and happy and full of life.

Mia so often is shot outdoors (not complaining), it is nice to see her indoors this time. This is a great set of her, and the closeups are much appreciated.

Mia is always quite stunning with a beautiful face, lovely hair, and a tight girlish body.

Despite some dodgy frames, the close ups of Mia's gorgeous pussy & anus are awesome - more of her soon please..

Mia is pure heaven. This girl has it all in spades! An awesomely beautiful face and a magnificently conditioned body. And a personality that simply glows. Mia is so hot Leonardo actually does a few closeups which he almost never does with other models.

I wonder where this set was taken. Obviously not in Russia.

Looks like the Mediterranean... Cyprus maybe... Or Sicily. That large offshore island should be a clue, but I'm clueless....;o)

Noticed the same thing, glad he did. But what was he going for in the behind the glass part.

Oh...that's "obstructionist art"...you don't recognize it?? ;o) LOL Many artists here employ this technique of obscurring the subject of the work... It's "artistic" don't ya know...;o) (Actually a 'few' of them work for me...;o) But then I AM a peeping tom...lol)

"Behind the clear door?" Oh well...

Sounds like a more appropriate title...lol

A woman of genuine quality. "Aksia" must be one helluva place.

Judging from the way Mia poses, I'd say she knows she has a beautiful pussy, and loves to show it off! So what does Leonardo do? He focuses on her face instead for most of the shots! Even many of the close-ups had shallow depth of field issues.

Mia is absolutely gorgeous and hot, and always gets a 10 from me!!!

This set is more of the same from Leonardo, and its why he never gets a 10 from me.

I'd like to see Mia shot by another photog here, not because Leonardo doesn't do a good job, but because I'm just flat curious how someone else would go about it. Mia is such a great model, why limit her to one photographer unless it is by her choice?

Hipshot is right, Leonardo hardly ever does closeups, and so I am thankful we have some with this set. That said, I'm not going to be too critical, but I would like to see another perspective behind the lens with Mia.

Yeah, let's complain about a photographer who actually gives us sharp images of a model's face. Several of the other photographers here aren't willing to do that. Too lazy or they've decided sharp images aren't sufficiently artistic. So, kudos to Leonardo.

Wouldn't mind if there were a few more images with both face and pussy in full focus, but there's still plenty of clear pussy shots here.

Well bibblefuss, on frontal shots showing both the model's face and pussy, I'd be happy with a 50/50 balance with regards to what's in focus, and overall higher quality. I certainly don't dislike in-focus face shots, especially when the model is as beautiful as Mia.

Mia is totally uninhibited in her posing, and shots like 34 and 39, etc are extremely hot! There were quite a few shots like that in this set (I counted 36, including the variations on that pose). I viewed each of them in high resolution, original size (the only way to accurately judge focus), and rated the focus on her face and pussy in each shot. I counted 18/36 well-focused face shots, and only 8/36 well-focused pussy shots. So both the balance and overall quality could be better.

Of the 6 pussy close-ups (photos 37, 52, 57, 82, 98, 103), I rated only two of them very good (98 and 103), and neither of those were perfect. The others had shallow depth of field and the lower part of her labia were not in focus. A good photographer would have nailed the focus on all of them.

If you look closely at Leonardo's work, you will find these poor focus and shallow depth of field problems in nearly every set. I haven't seen any improvement over time. One thing that he does do exceptionally well is to get his models to pose with no inhibitions. That makes it even more disappointing when he can't get a decent number of well focused pussy shots. And when a model has a pussy as beautiful as Mia's, I'd like to see as much of it as I can!

A competent photographer like Sironi would've stopped down his lens; this would've brought the model's face and pussy into focus--assuming he knew what is the minimum focusing distance of his len.

Mia D delightful and sexy as ever . Perfect start to day.

What a wonderful girl.
A day with a photoset from Mia D ist a perfect day.
Thank you MetArt.

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