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great . one recommendation is to have a few more shots from farther away angle ...

Mission accomplished, kudos to Mia and Leonardo. The set makes me want to fly half way around the world just for the chance of seeing her. I'd say that's the sign of a hot set.

Mia has a radiant, vivacious smile. I'd ❤ to pack her suitcase!

Mia's extraordinary beauty was not captured in this set where nearly every shot was overexposed and barely in focus. Not a good day for Mia fans.

For me....
When Mia shows up, It's a Wonderful Day!

Agreed that sharpness was not always optimal, many technical reasons for this. But have to question "overexposed and barely in focus". Simply not true.

Mia is very beautiful, but I think she could really use about 10 more pounds. Leonardo has done a perfect job here, and remembered that the sunlight belongs on the models body, not in her eyes. I'll give Mia a 10 on this

Some of us (me included) are thin genetically. I've have people fuss and say I should gain 10 pounds, but it's not gonna happen. I would hope it doesn't happen to Mia either, I think she looks fantastic!

I don't think 5 pounds would hurt her ....

I am concerned, Mia has lost so much weight she is looking anorexic. That can't be healthy.

hipshot, remember especially with Leonardo that the sequence of sets published has no relationship to when shot. Overall I think this one of his better sets of her. But once again the set is rated lower that the models "average" with 2700+ voted. While we did get some good isolation explicit shots most shots after the intro are all in a static location. The intro shows he had more "area" to work with so why not let her...

Because it's Leo that's why. He has a tendency to put the camera on a tripod and never move, or so it seems. most of his work lately seems to be done in a doorway and never leaves it. I am sure it was the natural lighting in this case so at least there appears to be a reason and at least he did do a few closeups which is promising.

Room service anyone?

Mia is looking wonderful in this set. Great!


I'll take a vacation with Mia!

Did they do the entire photo shoot with the door to the hotel room open?

Mia, Please stop losing so much weight. You are a beautiful woman and there is no reason for you to lose weight.

Great set.

I really appreciate visits from beautiful Mia.


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