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Exactly what I like . Beautiful young lady , sexy dress and heels and no underwear. Perfection. I have liked Mia for along time . She has great legs and a beautiful face.

Mia is always a joy to see. She is one of those "it girls" that doesn't even need to strip to make you know that you want her. That face and her oh so sexy and confident flirting make my pulse rise.

It is sad that she only works for Leo on MA but even he can do great sets with this lovely lady.

What an excellent use of a dress.
What a play of curves, color, light, and shadow (some of those close ups -whew!)
What a gloriously flattering presentation of silky skin.
What a cute face.
What energetic joy from our model.

What a fine comment.
What a fine gentleman you are.
What a way to spend Sunday night. (lmao)
What time is it? Cosmos in on... ;o)

Rock, U such an instigator. But... such an intellectual instigator!!! LOL

Mia is a perfect hottie as usual, photographed by a moron. That pink has got to be burned along with the shoes. The dress is beautiful. sets Mia off perfectly. Mia gets her 10++++ Leo a 0

I do hate the 'C' word .Please don't use it .

You realize that amounts to using it, right?

LOL You realize that amounts to an invitation to use it more....right?

Mia IS "Leonardo's Opus"! Stunningly beautiful and generous of heart! Fantastic set as are all of hers. BRAVO!!

Beautiful eyes
Beautiful smile
Wonderful figure

Thank you Mia D

Let's put her beautiful body in a bed instead that stool next time.

Mia is a pure delight!!!

Not just Leonardo's most imaginative photoset. Abnormal much repetitions.

Mia is another classic MA crazy cute sexy model, like Anita E and Melena A. Each of them always pose with so much personality they explode off the screen, while being simultaneously so sexy they cause other explosions elsewhere. ( :
I love that Leonardo let Mia give us so many delicious upskirt shots. This is the way pretty dresses should be fully utilized in erotic photography!

I agree 100% with the dress. Far too many start nude and miss the really seductive feel of a woman teasing and proudly showing, little by little, what you want so much to see. A girl is so much sexier if you first see her dressed for you then share the joy of revealing all that awesomeness!

Ten and praise for two.

Automatic download. Obviously the right choice. Mia is such a sweetie.

She is always beautiful! Ok set.

Really liked this set, Mia turns that stool into a pedestal as she displays herself beautifully and unreservedly, very nice.

Is it stool day?

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