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Okay set, not really into "teen" sets. Great endorsements for Mickey Mouse & I Phone.

Far too few undistorted shots of those pretty panties, and none from the rear. With 120 shots to play with, there is more than enough room to include 5 - 10 such shots, IM(H)O.

What's the number on that phone?

Really good work.

It reminds me of my first encounters with the girls from 'Teeners From Holland' and other (now vintage) magazines from Seventeen.

It's nice to see a 'Teen-shoot' on Met-art. Though Mia is 25 by now, she plays the teen-act very well. It may be fake, but it makes it all very playfull and indicates that posing nude can be a lot of fun.

Lovely Mia looks as beautiful as ever, thank heavens she dismounted that ball though, I feared she had severe "farmer giles".

Gorgeous girl.

Gorgeous Mia!! Absolutely, deliciously gorgeous!!

(Did Leonardo buy this site!? Or has he owned it from the start!??) ;o)

Mmm, Mi-ahh..............

Lovely Mia in a marvellous gallery.

I really appreciate Mia's hair both long and downy, glass cutters, ribs as in #s19 and 56, eyebrows and eyes, beautiful smile and dimples, great inner labia, and long and slender legs with well defined and muscular calves.

This gallery proves how effective a simple background and few props can be. The blue is perfectly complimented by the hot pink or fuschia ball, and the green tee (no wonder that Mickey is goggle-eyed!).

Thanks very much to Mia for posing and kudos to Leonardo for your choices of colors and retaining all (most?) of Mia's downy hair.

Happy in The Great White North.

My first thought when I saw this was "hmmmm ~ two Leonardo sets in one day"; then I saw who the model is and I changed to THANK YOU K!

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