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A true superstar wow.

beautiful young woman! :-)

Well, this is my 10 for the day. Some really nice shots of the really nice Mia. 118 - mound of heaven.

It's Mia day today, brought to us by K, both are stunning favorites, but this one had me saying Momma MIA!

(No Magwich, I'm not attempting prose)

What the hell, I can't resist finishing the damn thing...

Its Mia Day today
Brought to us by K
Both are real hot ladies
my lust sends me to Hades
for which one would I choose
to dream of whilst I snooze

Nay, heaven... ( ; 'course, that doesn't rhyme. Oh well...

  • 1 year ago:

LOVE it Kilroy! Very succinct ;)

I criticized this photographer in the past, but I must admit that this set is beautiful (but alos thanks to Mia...)

Bactrian Mons.

Definitely Bactrian.

If that means it is very nice, I agree.

"Bactrian" as vs. "Dromedary" ( ;

So sweet.

She reminds me a bit of Lisa Edelstein. Dark hair with luminous blue eyes, always a fave of mine.

Cute, cute, cute, oh and may I add CUTE!

Stunning. More please.

Stunning. More please.

In my eyes Mia is a lady who can do no wrong as a model.

Some of her galleries are better than others and this is a really nice one.

Thank you to both Mia and Leonardo.

Image 101 is pure sweetness.................

To me, Mia is among the most beautiful girls on site! It was love at first sight for us...;o)

The focusing in shots 80 (for example) are what keep me mumbling bad things under my breath about Leonardo's judgement...and giving his work low scores. Overall this is a good set and I like it (of course...it's MIA!) because there are plenty of excellent shots as well. At least he brought her inside this time!! ;o)

Mia always looks like she's absolutely delighted to be getting naked for us. I bet she's a lot of fun to spend time with. :)

Yes Checkers, that's true. She loves to play with her audience too. For example in 76 she's pretending to be a bit shy about her nudity, while in 77 she has so much fun in doing the exact opposite.

@ Checkers:

Well said!

Some of the Models never appear happy, some look happy now and then; Mia seems always to be happy.

Super cute, sweet inviting smile, smoking hot ass

Mia in an indoor shoot. How delightful and with lots of great closeups too. 10+++++ for Mia always and a solid 10 for Leonardo too.

Finally: on photo #71 the slip has gone! Too late!

It's absolutely not exciting nor sexy to see this unnecessary convolved cord over the knees on innumerable photos!

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