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perfect the best I have ever seen !!! by the great slastyonoff very exciting photshoots of mia sollis

gave the young woman a 9. I had to take one point off for the tats, silly girl.

Do you think Mia would mind if I tried to lick off all her freckles?

I love Mia Sollis. To bad she worked with this loser!

Mia Sollis is a magnificent model. To bad she worked with this loser!

I can't agree with all the negativity surrounding this set. If you want perfectly even lighting, Mia has done many sets like that. This is... different. More dramatic. More natural.

I really love this, and love seeing different takes on presenting Mia's magnificent body. MOAR please.

Good use of lighting to accentuate her features

Bad set, bad lighting, bad photography, and bad eye-sore tattoo.

Yeah, it's unfortunate when someone has a tattoo that is so bad that it seems to indicate a lack of mental capacity. Bad ink is everywhere, but bad ink of this size and subject matter? . It's relevant because it says so much about her as a person, about her decision making. She goes from "really pretty" to move along nothing to see here in seconds.

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Love Mia and this is definitely one hell of a hot set.

In these pictures too big a difference contrasts!
Flash is used to compensate for the.
The burned areas of the body are horrible :/
I mean, face and chest...too bright light.
4/10 only.

This is just plain awful! A bit TOO "artistic" for my taste.

not a fan of her. But her sets are always solid. So no disappointment.

Beautiful woman marred by a tattoo

Don't look! Don't whine! Move along...

Defaced by a Tattoo is more like it! Why would an attractive redhead with such lovely skin ruin it by putting an eyesore like that on her? Especially in a place like that where it will rear it's ugly head anytime she wears a nice dress?

They have always worked around it in the past which is one more thing the photographer did wrong. It is a violation of Metart's policy.

A sad day for this Mia fan. :(

"Marred"? "Defaced"!? I'm quite sure Mia doesn't consider her tat an "eyesore"! And "a violation of MetArt policy"!? If that were the case, quite a few other sets here would be rejected. I'm pretty sure Mia is not overly concerned with what a bunch of old fuddy duddies think of her "body art"... Get real! This is a bad set, but her tat has NOTHING to do with that!

Her tattoo has everything to do with it, it's so uglllleeeeeee!!!

Does she have a tattoo of two girls tribbing on her back?

I think the idea is good,and

I think that the idea is good, and the model is great, but Slastynoff needs more work on directional natural light. Looking at stuff by Caravaggio would help since he only had natural light in the 1500's


I luv gorgeous, sexy redheads and Mia is a fav!!! I know the shadow and light stuff is supposed to be artistic, but I just don't like it. Thankfully Mia has given us a lot of great sets and vids.

The set is really different but I like it. I am sure that Slastyonoff is expecting paradoxical comments.

Very intimate and arousing set of pictures, I like the low lighting and shadows, Mia always looks amazing, love her red hair and freckles and those last few pictures of her sweet bottom

Do love MIa and her fab red hair. I'm available to kiss her bum better if she needs it?

Disagree, I like how the light and shadows play over the shape of the model. Matter of personal taste I think.

Especially the shots where there is nothing but black? Oh well personal taste I guess.

Black? dont see any shots like that. Could be differences between monitor settings in that case. For me, I like this set. Seriously, I get kinda bored with flatly lit pussy shots all the time. This is different. Breaks the monotony. I concede other tastes may differ from mine.

Here is the rating for Slastyonoff's work: 0/10 (crap)

I totally agree. It's probably the flattest, one-dimensional, boring crap sets I've seen on Met-Art. It's not alone, however.

Is this site for the subscribers who pay to view this shit getting what they expect, or do we have to submit to some dick-wit photographers' idea of art??

What a crappy job by the shooter! This sort of BS belongs in Photography 101 classes. Come on lovely sexy model and lousy shooter equal crap! Honey get yourself to a professional shooter and watch your carrer soar!

I do believe that there is excessive contrast in the pictures. But it is not crap nor 101 failure. I would call it a matter of taste, and my guess is a large majority will say the contrast is too high. Still not too bad. I do kind of like it but also think just some slight reductions in contrast could have made this much much better.

As to the tattoo ... ugly … go figure. Why put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?

The model was clearly up to the job in this shoot and this could have been the best set on this site she would have ever done to date. Unfortunately the lighting was beyond appalling and was simply horrendous. Moreover of the few good poses there were, they were either badly positioned in the frame or in shadow. I therefore agree that most other photographers would have produced something far better than this load of old tat. What I also do not understand is why such junk as this photo-set scores a mark higher than the average mark of 5.

Mia I love but this set? Dozens of crotch shots and only a couple that aren't in shadows. A shoot like this is a total waste. Whats in shadow is to dark to and grainy and whats in the light is overexposed and washed out. This set isn't anything. It's not sexy, it's not sensual or arousing, It's not even interesting. The only thing it is is irritating.

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