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You're neck is ... perfect

I know Mia has beautiful red hair but why must photographers go a step further and use orange filters or lighting to try to accentuate that fact. A lovely sexy girl with an orange tint? Not one of her better sets.

My only complaint with this set is the number of oblique (tilted camera) frames. Why is that necessary?

Nice bush!

I was a bit let down by this set, not by Mia. Luca's normally one of my favorite photographers. Don't know whether it was the lack of rear shots or if the choice of red background with a redhead kept her beautiful red hair from popping like it does against the black and white.

Miss Popsicle Toes is back—and just in time. I've needed a new Mia fix for some time (probably since about five minutes after her last set). She's such an erotic force in her understated, almost ladylike way. Nothing trashy about our Mia—just a slim, lovely body, adorable breasts and a perfect pussy. She reinforces the wisdom of my lifelong weakness for redheads. Still hope that one day she'll let me try to lick off all her freckles. Meanwhile, I can only give this set a 9. It didn't feature that beautiful bottom nearly enough.

I wish she would grow all her pubic hair and underarm hair. That would be more erotic and artistic.

I agree, Gary. Usually I prefer shaved, but every once in awhile it's nice to see a truly gorgeous model try hairy for awhile.
I find it very very erotic...
Variety is the spice of life.

Hairless is better!

Yuk! Go back to your cave!

"Best of the Day"....but that's not saying much... Mia - 10, set - 7.

I like Mia and have enjoyed her past sets here. She is growing her pubic hair out on top, proving to us that she is really a natural redhead. I like less hair down there, but her new doo is fine by me. I would have liked to see more variety in poses in this set. There is not one shot from behind, not even one! I'd be curious to see what kind of a set Deltagamma could produce with Mia.

The black and white checked wall gives new meaning to "nearing the finish line".

kilroy, thanks for relying on me for an interesting set with Mia, I am honored. There should be a couple of sets with her shot outdoor to come out in the next weeks, and I am wuite satisfied about them. I will be curious to read your comments!

Mia is one smoking hot red head and loves to pose for the camera! I just wish the photographer would rethink his depth of field on the full body shots. Mia's lovely face is in focus but the pussy is soft focus or worse, out of focus. Take the time to look at what your viewfinder is showing you and adjust your settings! What a waste.

Having Mia's lovely pussy out of focus is as bad as air brushing it out completely like they did in my dad's day! :(

Come on Metart ... this isn't the first time you 've deleted an innocent message from me ... please let me know what you took offence to and I'll reword accordingly

Ahhhh thank Metart for reinstating the message ...see above 'Not a big fan of ...

"Patience Grasshopper" Compose your comment,save it, click post comment once only, give it time - it will show up. If it doesn't, repost your saved copy.

Not a big fan of red-heads, but Mia is the definite exception. Stunning!!!! and those freckles ... I'd love to play join-the-dots with my tongue

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