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What a hideous tattoo!

Raw naked Mia + shower set = some extremely dirty thoughts

This was one of my favorite sets of Mia. It's rare to find a set of her with strong shadows, and her one of a kind figure looks great with everything emphasized.

Slippery when wet, Caution no electrical stuff allowed in shower. cable boots ok to keep footing. landline phones ok in shower, low volts into computer thru grid possible. pretty redhead, slippery when wet, cable boots may hold slippery one secret, landlines signals possible
pretty redhead sending signals, hold on tight, slippery when wet
imbedded program, low volt thru grid to run, pretty redhead sending signals, hold on tight, slippery when wet, I want to hold on tight to pretty redhead so she can't slip away from me. box lunch go bang with phone, maybe digital make go bang. pretty redhead not to slippery for me
program redhead to stay with me, showing me plug so she can't slip away from me. Looks like she wants to make some sparks with me. Electric redhead ok by me, just have to plug in so she can't slip away from me

Wonderful body, but, why can't we enjoy the tattoo on her back?

Mia's still beautiful in spite of you Slastyonoff.

You couldn't be bothered to learn how to properly retouch photographs could you? You could've googled or blinged or yandexed "How to blur in Photoshop" but I guess that was too much trouble. Some of your post-processing edits on this set are so bad its laughable. You and Iskhan should be banned from ever using photoshop or hazy filters or vaseline.

You missed Leonardo. He's another who uses these methods with insane regularity. I confess, however, you progressed a lot further than I did. I saw the "water torture" and the flat, one-dimensional images and left the rubbish alone. (I STILL haven't seen a tattoo yet).

If more people took notice of the crap that is currently being posted here by absolute dick-heads, Goncharov, Leonardo, Slastyonoff et al, might get humiliated enough to actually get their brain into gear before clicking the shutter. Someone did recently write on this site that he was not renewing his sub for this very reason!

All these guys here are saying how great Mia is, and that's fine, but all that has happened, Slastyonoff has humiliated her, by the mere fact he has published a less than mediocre set of images.

Then God made Mia

What an awful tattoo!


Delightful as ever, Mia is fantastic, naturally beautiful with an absolutely heavenly body, stunning.

Why oh why did you deface that beautiful body, that flawless complexion, with a huge tattoo?

I love everything about Mia as a model. I love her un-made-up look here. Great beauties do not need makeup. All her features are superb. She'd be even better unshaven.

She would only be more hairy unshaven, not better.

Love hairy Mia.

Hi Mia! Nice to see you again so soon—and nice to see your lovely bottom this time around. Delectable as always.

Mia is one of my favorite red heads. Her milky white body is very sexy. The way the light is used in this set helps to define her beautiful curves and adds depth and tone. Sometimes a model with milky white skin is washed out when too bright a light is used in a set. Some of the shadows hide some of the sweet details, but for one set I can be tolerant.

Very sexy girl and love the poses where her beautiful shaved pussy in hovering above the viewer, makes my mouth water!

this is what i call a good work by Slastyonoff and a gorgeous model. the model wasw completely naked from pic 1; this what i like.

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