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Mia is stunning.

Mia is stunning.

This girl has a gorgeous pussy. Would love to nibble on it

What a hideous tattoo!

And if he doesn't go I for one am willing to cancel my membership.

One good way to deal with a bully is to kick him in the balls, but then again if the bully is as an big asshole as the one we have here, it doesn't last very long. He doesn't see the error of his ways. So you have to find a way to turn his world upside down. When a govt.'s a bully they call it a revolution, and look at what happens to the head of many of a deposed govt.
In this case if there's others out there that agree with me on this let's send a message to Metart that this puke needs to go.

Yes you. The guy that thinks his perogative to tell people not to comment. "Just look." Go fuck yourself with a very big stick. In fact impale yourself on it and do like one of Vlad the impaler's victims. Next if I did go to another site I'd put on my CC form on reason for disatisfaction you Rockhard and would urge others to do the same. Then maybe Metart would see what a cancer you are and finally get rid of piece of shit self.


That´s not a whiner´s rant!Ok,don´t be so hard on Rock.He surely has an excessively high self concept and lacks a little education,but he´s not that
bad.Be careful."Too"sensitive.

The seller

I lack a LOT of education, but it doesn't take a genius to recognize when he's been bested... You sure got me there seller. You and the other homo make a great couple...he got me too...;o)
Sorry I have to go....this was getting to be fun.

Oh how I'd love to have those panties. Great set of the most beautiful red head on Met.

In the land of opportubities and democracy,there's an erotic webpage that censors some of it's members' comments.
So Rockhard can show himself sensitive about the tattoo stuff,even critizicing Sailor,but The seller cannot say that he
hates your bloody tattos because his post suddenly dissapears?

Yes,you can

The seller

Seller - Comments are delayed in posting, appear and disappear here without any pattern or reason. I posted one this morning, and it did not appear until almost an hour later. I was looking at the Alana set, and ALL of Catherine's replies disappeared and came back later. It looks like your comments were in fact posted under rockhard's - twice. The only advice I can give is to be patient.


The seller

And I'd like to add to that advice..."take the other whiner (mysecret) and move along to a site that fits YOUR criteria"...
We'll all be grateful for it.

Don´t complain about whiners,"Mr.sensitive".Does this website really fit your criteria?Sure I´m an idiot,but not a badmouth.
Better try a homo website.Many will be grateful for it.

The seller

Normally I'm not the type that notices these things but... come on. A top model on the site, sets all over the MetArt network and you guys can't give her a baby wipe between shots to clean the dirt off her knees?

That would be the photographer's support staff you want to direct that to...
Unless the photographer thought that dirty knees were an important element in the 'work'... In that case, you can always go with photoshop...lol

May be she wasn't totally comfortable on an open roof?

I can't help but wonder how many photographers are gonna follow Catherine to the rooftops!!?? LOL She may have opened a can of worms here....;o)

Mia seems somewhat detached in this set. I can't tell if she is really into this set. She is an excellent model both here and w/ Sexart. Somehow this set seems slightly different. The picture near the end of her smiling at least makes me believe she was ok with it. Well not ever set can be a 10. Have at it boo birds...

I think with the low sunlight and ample reflective surfaces in this set she seems blinded in some shots and simply unable to compose herself properly - hence her apparent discomfort.

BOO BOO BOOOOOO! (jk....;o)

I adore this lovely young woman and have since she first appeared. I also appreciate the art on her back and wish you would have allowed her to express herself the way she wants to and had let her body art be visible. Thanks for a wonderful set of photographs on this waning summer's Friday.

Too many wasted shots with the sweater. I don't like it.

"Sweater"!?? What sweater?? All I see here is a flimsy shirt!

Fuck You !

No thanks asswipe...;o)

I don't mean it literally so don't flatter yourself motherfucking asshole.

Well now you're just breaking my heart....:o(


"Granny" socks ??

"Socks"!? LOL I don't think those are socks!! "Granny" maybe...but not socks...lol Look like high-heeled, open-bottomed booties... Whatever they are, I thought they were kinda sexy...;o) Maybe not on a roof though...lol

They are part of the open-toed heels, not socks. I always wear mine when I go up on the roof, don't you? ;o)

Nice choice of panties! #35 is an example of the sort of pose I appreciate, in moderation.

Total agreement here. Mia totally rocks the white cotton panties. But... she's Mia. She totally rocks any look she tries.

Hear Hear!

Sorry Revlis335, this applies to your comment.

So that would be "There There!" lol ;o)

good one

Thanks...lol Not everyone gets it.

rockhard, you are being so contrary with everyone today!

Not 'contrary'...just having a bit of fun...sorry it's not coming off that way... Except maybe the 'tattoo' issue... I'll always stick up for "body art"! If you see an "lol" or a wink " ;o) ", you know I'm not serious.

I got it. Laughing with you.

lol I guess 'I' don't get it sometimes...thanks ;o)

Thank you so much for the wonderful set, and especially thank you for showing some restraint in the post processing. It's so nice to see a set shot without the standard amateur wanna be Playboy "portrait" softening, and "airbrushing" till everything is an even shade of tan. Very nice, bold images, left sharp and fresh.

Mia Sollis. The absolute epitome of cute and sensual red haired beauty.

Mia, mon trésor, you're so utterly beautiful, that I can forgive those silly shoes that obscure your scrumptious feet. And I can only admire the artfulness that hides that monstrous tattoo on your back, because this is one of the best sets you've produced in a long time. I celebrate your beauty and look forward to seeing you again. xoxo

"Monstrous tattoo"!? I bet she just LOVES this comment! Pretty much cancels out anything GOOD you had to say... " I celebrate your beauty and look forward to seeing you again."....shouldn't you add "as long as I don't have to see your horrible looking back!"..???

(Sorry....I'm a bit sensitive about this subject!)

That's exactly what I was saying. I love Mia and hate that damn tattoo. It covers her entire upper back, and it's about as close to the Idea of the Beautiful as a graffito on the Parthenon. "Body art" is a euphemism.

Does she have every right to express herself? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean that the self-expression will be tasteful or intelligent or even interesting. IMO, tattoos are silly. Full stop. They're reflections of a (usually drunken) moment that you're stuck with forever. I hope and believe that they are a passing fad and will soon go the way of mullets and bell-bottoms.

You're obviously a good egg, Rockhard (unlike some of the goons who have surfaced in these comments). Let's just agree to disagree.

As difficult as it is not to address your false impressions on the subject...(passing fad??) I will agree... And thanks for your faith in my character...;o) Armpit guy obviously disagrees with that...lol

Well,youre right,man.I wouldn't say " monstruous". Maybe "nasty",plain crappy disgusting stains?Sure you
like grafitti too.Wouldn't sound strange.And,sorry,I'm very sensitive about this scourge.

The seller

seller...You continually reinforce my opinion that you're an idiot.

the still ain't buyin' it!

Plain crappy,disgusting tattoo,I'd say.

The seller

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