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Stunning! Mia is so beautiful, a cute redhead with a great body and lovely tits. One of my fave girls, and this is a very good photo set.

I hate tattoos and piercings!

Anyone notice the scratch marks on her ass?

Even if the Mia's tattoo is a beautiful tattoo, I think that the tattoo is smearing the skin like the walls of a suburban alley.
The set is a routine job

Late to the party here (camping up in the mountains this weekend) but I agree it's a shame Mia chose to disfigure her body with what looks to be a massive tattoo. But she probably thinks it's something that's very cool, and the men her age who she's seeing probably think so too. I don't get it, but that's because I'm an old fart (relatively speaking). Actually it's amazing we don't see more of it, hence the range of poses. But Mia has so much to make up for that awful tattoo, like the face of an angel but with a naughty look at times, and what are to me the perfect tits and nipples. Like I mentioned earlier, the combination just melts my heart. Kind of frustrating in a way, but ultimately I'm grateful we live in an age where her unclothed beauty is at least something I can drool over.

I don't get it why people are bitching about the colors.

They suite her fine.

But I am not happy about the grain. Maybe using a lower ISO setting would have been better.....

People are bitching about the colors because there is a heavy yellow-green hue to all the shots. Not the most flattering color cast for a woman's skin tones. If it was for an artistic intent, we'd all say yeah either it worked or not, but in this case it shows poor technical skills, old equipment, or something we'd all like to be addressed. The reason we care is that Mia is SO CUTE and unbelievably sexy. Wow, just that face melts my heart. So, it's a shame to have the photography lacking in something as basic as white balance.

I want to thank everyone today. Most of you came forward with very good comments on both sides of the tattoo issue. What impressed me was the civility of the dialogue. Since I started commenting I have tried and hoped that we would make the comment section here different than most, by having respectful intelligent worthwhile comments that were actually useful to the staff, models and artist. Today I think we got there. A "controversal" subject discussed showing each of our own opinions or likes/dislike with no trash talk or attacks. Thank again to all of you.

Even Slastyonoff agreed that the yellow color bias was wrong by removing it for the cover photo! Had he done this for the rest of the set it would have been a huge improvement.

The white balance is off, but I'm more distressed over the small size of the set (only 88 photos) than anything else.

Agreed, Kilroy. In particular I'd have enjoyed more of the shots with panties... but then I'm biased. ( :

The smaller and the thiner, the better. A pair of white panties is an eternal dream of boys ( former boys,as well).

My God, she's beautiful. Tattoo or no tattoo.

Putting a tattoo on this model's skin is just like putting a scar on a her skin. Both are ugly and both ruin what otherwise would be perfect skin. If you're going to show a model's beauty, do it right and don't mess it up with tattoos, body piercings or anything like that.

The yellow tint these pictures have is due to poor photography. Again, if you're going to do a job do it right. Photographs should be high quality with good color and sharp images. That's why we have high megapixel photography.
Enough said.

I agree to the view of "Yellow tint".

I am in total agreement. Only nature can improve on the beauty of a woman's skin. For man to try to embellish such beauty with his clumsy attempts at art is pure folly and to do it in a permanent form like tattoo's is a crime against nature and allowing it is a sign on the models part of disrespect for the gifts she was given.

Would be something like the large unbecoming belly tat on Mila I. Never the same. Changes her dramatically. Tat on her shoulder was much better done.

Also, trying to shoot around such things seems to look awkward.

I don't mind tattoos, but what was she thinking of when she got a Kama Sutra tat on her back? A magic totem or a celtic knot, or a flower chain or something is plenty. Even a small clit piercing is ok, This is just too big,detracts from her fabulous beauty.

What a hideous tattoo!

Definitely one of Mia's best sets yet... and only partly because of the white cotton panties she rocks!
For some reason, Slastyonoff captured a softer, gentler aspect of Mia than we usually see, lately... lovely, absolutely lovely.
Now, if we are really, really lucky, S. caught this on video as well....

At least today we got a glimpse of the tattoo. No photoshop. I thought I read somewhere she had "retired", I hope not she is an asset here and on Sex. If she is still working give her an assignment with DeltaGamma and let him highlight her back. If some bitch so what. There are many many shots with avoid, hide, or photoshop it. Dammit, let us see what it really is. It is part of her. We will show gynecological shots of her pussy and ass but not her back? Does that make any sense...

swplf2, you can see more of her back tat in her movie with Edwige, "Lilies."

swplf2, it happens today that my wife and I were working at one of the last sets with Mia Sollis submitted for publishing. After reading yours and other "curious" members' wishes - if "K" agrees - I could leave the shots of her back unedited, so that you can finally see the big and "unusual" tattoo, or at least a part of it. Waiting for feedback.

My wife loves the fact your wife works with you. But asked if your wife is also an "independent" photographer.

My wife also likes the fact that you and your wife admire the beauty of Met and Sex together, that's really nice when a couple has such an understanding of a subject as complex and controversial as erotic art. She is not an independent photographer, actually she started loving photography after meeting me, and in the last 3/4 years she has approached photography herself, but at amateur level but quickly improving. She is also my stylist and sometimes make-up artist. What she really helps me with is the editing and the analysis/selection of the pictures, organizing and uploading files, but she is of great help when it's about choosing models, choosing outfits, finding locations. It's always good to discuss with another person, especially when she is very critique and when she sees things with the eyes of a woman. So I take advantage of this opportunity to thank my wife for all her support and help.

Thanks for the feedback see my last comment today.

DG, Please do! I'm not a big fan of gawdy tattoos, but I would rather see the real Mia.

Good! I would like to see her back unobstructed. Lots of people complain about it, but I can't recall ever seeing the tattoo completely. She must have had a good personal reason for having it done, so what's the point of complaining about it? To make her feel bad? What's done is done. It takes courage to wear an image of an explicit sex act on your body (if that's even what it is, I've never seen the whole thing).

Mia Popsicle Toes is back, and I still love her, in spite of that 4-acre tattoo on her upper back. Slastyonov has show great imagination in working around it and still producing a first rate set—one of the best the beautiful Mia has ever done. Every shot is luscious. She still owns me, tattoo or no. I'm a tad concerned about that scratch on her upper left thigh, just below her tush. If she likes, I'll be happy to kiss it and make it better.

Sailor you can bitch when they finally show me the full tattoo, I want to see it. One low rated set wont hurt her standing. Hell it might even be of a sailor?

Greetings, old bean. Howgozit? I reserve the right to bitch about anything that even threatens to turn Mia into "Lydia the Tattooed Lady." Still, I understand your curiosity about seeing the full tattoo; it's always best to know the whole truth, however hideous.

Sailors, by the way, are usually wearers of tattoos, not subjects. I remember one shipmate back in the day who had the worst tat I ever saw, scrawled across his lower abdomen. It read: "Stand clear, wild hose." I wonder if he ever got married.

Sorry guys but redheads do not have yellow skin! If you can't get the white balance right don't post it. What a shame, Mia's lovely pale natural redhead complexion ruined by shoddy photography. :((((

hipshot, I'll take a "yellow" or hell "green" or "red" Mia over a lot of "balanced" models here. I don't feel this set is so far off to keep it from being posted. As sailor point out with the scar visible and part of the tattoo at least they didn't over photoshop it. This type of thing was a much larger problem in the days of real film. Ask me about the time I got caught in a demonstration as news photographer with infrared film in the camera. Besides as sailor also points out, you were looking at her "skin". I think sailor and I were looking at the "good" parts.

By the way morning sailor...

I missed the skin tone (concentrating on other things). You're absolutely right—but she's still beautiful.

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