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This is a lovely set!

Mia is one of my favorite models...got this thing for redheads! I've seen other pics of her with a beautiful red bush. So why shave it all off? Other than that, I can't find anything on her less than perfect.

This is probably my favorite set of Mia. The lighting and setting are magnificent. This reminds me of so many mythological paintings, and I suspect she is a nymph about to be seduced by a god or a goddess. Her skin is wonderful and her radiant hair to me has never looked so red and full of life. Perfect set all the way around.

Ouchstopit, very flattering comment, thank you! the mythological interpretation you give is very interesting and makes Mia look even more seducing and radiant. I am really glad you appreciated this work, looking forward for more to show you and get some interesting feedback like this one.

Very nice!
One of my favorite models, and one of my favorite photographers!
Great job, DG. :)

Matt, thank you! it's nice to be among your favorite photographers!

I love her freckle face, and thanks for not trying to wash or blur them out!

Gary, I think that her freckles are one of the things making her special, I would never wash them out, don't worry ;)

Mia Solis is a hottie from her lovely face to her perfect body, to her beautiful butt to her cute toesis. I see DG is using Voronin's old trick of photographing the model against a dark background using a spotlight. Check Voronins Darkness or his Jixel. You have 3 guesses as to who the model was, and two don't count. I wish more photogs would Try this,DG got a lovely set with it.

5seadog, actually I hadn't in mind Voronin's trick when I shot this set but I guess that the contrast between dark background and a pale naked body really works. Btw, I checked out the sets you mention (of course with Jenya) and I found them very interesting and original, especially Darkness with the sky slowly darkening. In my set I actually exploited natural light since conditions permitted that that day, but in the case it was too weak I would have needed some spotlight. I just got a Lupolux LED spotlight, daylight balanced, which would make a great job on Mia's pale skin.

Let's see - Mia, Susana, Yani, Sapphira, Halena and Viola (!). That's one hell of a week. And it's only Tuesday.

Always love seeing more of Mia, one of the great faces on the planet. Yeah, amazing body, too.

Beautiful sentiments, all of them. I've handed out eight 10s in the past two days. I am seething with lust!

great tits

Hello deltagamma I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed this set, Mia is an astonishing young girl and she looks phenomenal here. I love redheads and her hair is wonderful, just like everything else on her. I don't know anything about professional photography, but I have to tell you I really like the rich colors on these pictures, they are exceptionally nice and vibrant, like the green bushes and Mia's amazing red hair. And OMG the freckles on her face are so cute!!! :)
I know very few people like redheads, but I'm the exception, so please bring Mia back as frequently as possible, because she's one of my biggest favourite on this site and I'd like to enjoy her photos for as long as possible. I like you too, you're one talented and skilled photographer. ;)

Hello robert11, it's very nice to read that you enjoyed this set, both the model and the colors. It's true that redheads are already a very special category of girls but Mia Sollis probably stands out as a category of her own, and if you had the chance to know her you would love her way of being sweet and shy. As I wrote somewhere else here Mia is one of my very favorite models so I will always be happy to bring more of her to share with you all, especially when I get such flattering compliments and nice words like yours :) Thank you!

Beutiful model, fine photographs, and what I see is worth a high mark for the model and the photographer. Unfortunately there is a lack of variety in the poses.

I can't be the only one who enjoys rear view shots, but Mia seems reluctant to show off her tattoo, and sadly for me there are only three photos of her beautiful bum.

nihil, I am very glad you appreciate the photography and the model in this set. I agree that the poses don't have a lot of variations, but that happens often with outdoors when there are not many comfortable places where to lay down. With regard to the rear views, Mia is not actually reluctant to show her back (and her bum, or vice versa, as you prefer), but unfortunately such a big tattoo goes against the philosophy of this site, so it's a coherent choice to avoid showing that big tattoo. The bad thing is that when she is completely naked and her hair is not long enough rear views are an issue, since there would be too much photoediting to do. But I have another set with Mia where she shows more of her ass, I hope it will come out soon.

Rhetorical question here... in what possible universe could there exist a creature as sultry as our lovely Mia Sollis?
Having asked that, I think DG and Catherine are teaching me not to automatically dislike outdoors shoots. Solid work, Deltagamma!

fer_realz, that's a great achievement! I feel honored to have contributed (together with Catherine) to make you appreciate a bit more outdoor shootings. You will see that they'r not too bad after all.. ;)

Background information:
Another outdoor set, this time with Mia (4 in a row.. I hope it's not too much!).
This set was shot a couple of years ago in my one of my favourite locations, very quiet and with multiple opportunities. I chose these ancient cave because I liked the idea of the contrast between a dark background and the pale sking of Mia, along with her fire-red hair. The setting was very natural, so I opted for a very simple element to add to the naked body of Mia, just a plain white cloth and nothing else. The light was perfect, with a slightly cloudy sky filtering the sunbeams in a very delicate way.
Mia was in her very first steps in erotic nudes, we had already two shootings before and I noticed that along with an increased confidence also her posing skills had improved a lot. All poses were good, I almost didn't need to direct her and the shooting went very smoothly.
The focus of this set, just like my other outdoor sets, is mainly on the astethic value of poses, with the predominance of an innocent eroticism rather than an alluring one.

Mia Sollis is a remarkably beautiful woman and a wonderfully talented model. DG have made a science out of capturing her incredible beauty. A great model and a great photographer equals perfection.

Thank you Neil, it's no surprise that Mia is one of my favorite models and every time we shoot together it's an unforgettable and pleasant experience that all of you can enjoy.

Someone actually rated Mia Solis a 6. No accounting for blindness, I guess. Let me be perfectly clear about this: Miss Popsicle Toes rates a 10 if she shows up in one of those ridiculous black tents women are forced to wear in Iran (burkas?). She is ridiculously beautiful, and Deltagamma has done her full justice in this excellent set. In fact, his photography is so good that it's clear I've got a lot of work ahead of me if I'm going to lick off all her freckles. Get on with it, Sailor!

Sailor, it was not me...but out of curiosity, how do you know someone rated Mia a 6?

There was only one rating—a 6—when I started writing my comment.

Thanks Sailor:)....that's what I assumed, but I was hoping you had a secret you could share:)

I am starting to think it was a rate for the photography/photographer

Maybe so. But a 6?!!! My grandmother could have photographed Mia with the family Brownie Hawkeye and the set would have rated at least that.

As of this writing the rating is only 8.06—still absurdly low for this woman and this beautifully photographed set,

I'm beginning to think that ratings mean squat....I believe too many members "down grade" any model they think might compete with their favorite.
As Rylsky said....if she's a 10 to you, who cares what someone else thinks anyway?

Nice work deltagamma74:).......Mia looks fantastic!
BTW, I like out door sets (maybe even prefer them).

You're right, Browning. Ratings are meaningless—except that they have some bearing on whether models are invited back to MatArt. Mia Sollis is far too beautiful and popular to be excluded, but other equally beautiful ladies don't have that stature.

Smart comment Browning.
I am happy to have portrayed a fantastic Mia to your eyes and very happy to hear you like outdoor sets, since lately I'm having several of them published.

Ah, there's always haters, DG. Particularly, the more success one earns...

p.s. Looks like the ratings are going UP... not that I am in any way surprised. ( :

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