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Pretty face, Pretty pussy. They just seem to go together. Don't know why... genes? hormones?... whatever it is, Mia is Exhibit A! Sensational set! Definitely one of Mia's Best, and as they're all good, that says a lot!

Great set! Mia's pussy looks so nice and her feet looks so sexy.

Mia is, of course, beautiful. A trim red bush would be lovely.

Mia is absolutely stunning - the hair, the freckles, the eyes & of course, the body...

Red fox!!!

absolute perfection, from her hair to her toes and everything in between... I love her eyes, and the lack of makeup in this shoot lets her true beauty shine through... always a 10 in my book...

There's smoking fucking hot, and then there's Mia. Even fully clothed.

Mia has the puffy outer labia which often accompany a camel toe; yummy! I really like her areolae, especially when wrinkly. This is an appropriate gallery to borrow the term "freckle factory" for (I think Rauchsbach under a previous nom de guerre coined it).

Koenart delivers the goods with more than Baltic ladies too.

I like her freckles. Proof by her complexion that she is a genuine redhead, and a very cute one at that. As for the camel toe, just another thing in a long list of favorite features she exhibits.

One of the hottest gingers ever. What a babe!

Great set from Mia and Koenart. I like picture #5, Mia looks so cute.

Do agree, #5 is HoT! Merry Christmas Mia.

I hate to see Mia Solis restricting her poses because she was dumb as a Kid,but evidently the cover-up used in the American movies is not easily available in Eastern Europe. ( Angelina Jolie has 16 tattoos including one that covers most of her back. She has to cover a lot) K said that Mia Solis tried the locally available cover-up, but it didn't work. That means she will have to pay to have it removed, and laser removal of a tat as big as the one on her back, which goes from shoulder to shoulder, is going to cost tens of thousands, which National Health will NOT pay.As usual, Mia is totally lovely, and in the sweater and jeans shots,you can see how she has to cover her upper back. She gets a 10 for this shoot.

We all know she has it, and most of us have seen part or all of it so why the big deal? They should shot her as it is. We would still love her, at least I would. I know Mets, powers to be, don't object. This would be a great time for Mia to join us here, and tell us her side sand opinion. Delta has shot her recently I ask him to get her on here next time one of his set of her is posted. He has done that with other models.

As beautiful as Mia Sollis is in the nude, I don't think she's ever been prettier than in those shots in street clothes at the end of this lovely set. Merry Christmas, Popsicle Toes, you're an absolute delight.

"Popsicle Toes" - LOL!! I love that! :D

Nice Michael Franks reference. Love that song. Just recently saw him live @ BB Kings NYC.

Agreed Mia look great with and without clothing. I always appreciate those end shots. Gives a more realistic and natural feel to the set. Kinda getting to know the woman just a bit more.

I enjoyed the fully clothed shots at the end. She does look great in jeans. I think Mia would look good in just about anything.

Merry, Merry, Joyful, Christmas to you, my friend. Her jeans are killers, I would download a whole set of her even if she was dressed in all of them. What a perfect little doll. And currently the best redhead, IMO.

What you say is true!

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