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  • Yves
  • 11 months ago:

The perfect young woman, a fairy! Perfect face, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect smile. A dream...

A real waste the the wonderful Mia Sollis.

From beginning completely naked, in an indistinct environment with the usual, cold, boring pool.
Without imagination.
Set # 10,001 with a swimming pool.

A good example of a set unpleasant.

I think you have limited ideas of what is good. You are wrong!

I do not believe I have ever seen a bad set with Mia. She has a radiant beauty that just seems to get better each time I see her. The fact that she has a large scene from the Kama Sutra on her back speaks volumes about her sensuality. What an amazing and beautiful young woman!
Thank you Mia, for sharing yourself with us.

I always brake for redheads, and one with such a gorgeous body and oozing sexuality leaves me sweaty and stammering.

Mia Solis has to be tied with Indiana for hottest red head on Met. I do wish she would show more of her back (a woman's back can be really sexy) but she is not satisfied with the body make-up available in Eastern Europe. She did try it, and considered the result a disaster, per K. So we have to be content with what she will let us see.

I love red haired women and am a huge Indiana & Mia Sollis fan, but want to inject another name into the mix for wonderful redheads...Natalia A., check her out!

A talented artist photographer can show most of her back, or even just the form of her back. And the flare from waist to hip. A challenge is an opportunity to transcend the ordinary.

Image #39 -- I'm going to crop it, have it printed on high quality stock, put in a real nice frame I've got and hang it on the wall. Then I can contemplate her face day in & day out for....

She's a work of art from head to toe! So unless it't from just above the Met-Art logo...why are cropping it????

Inexcusable. Any photographic artist has a sacred duty to show close ups of this model's face which don't require cropping.

Eyes, good photographer, eyes.

There are a good number of photos in this set that will make awesome portraits when cropped. Especially in widescreen format. You want closeups? Just view in med. or high res and you can get as close as you want. Portrait shots are great and I love the artists that do them but what is wrong with allowing you to create your own. I do that a lot and find it fun and interesting. Just wish we could post them so others could see.

These two post do raise an interesting question. With a normal set now being 120 photos, what "harm" would it cause if with models that justify it, such as Mia, if we had at least a couple of photos that we could "safely" use as wallpaper? Ry and Delta seem to do that regularly so other Artist, take note....


This set made my day, my week even. I'm just so happy looking at her beautiful body. Thank you Mia for sharing your beauty with us! And thanks to Dave Lee for allowing us to appreciate all her little details.

Here in Mexico it´s early in the morning, the traffic sounds as hell, it´s time to go to work..Then I take a look at this pictures and I know it´s goint to be a great day, and a great week too!! Mia is one of my all-time favorites, and never dissapoints me. She´s so cute, very beautiful.

Not fond of tattoos but Mia certainly deserves a 10. What a beautiful face.

...another founding member of the PP club!
Having said this, I'm giving the set a 10 because it also highlights Mia's exceptionally pretty face and gorgeous hair so well. She's at ease and confident, and it shows.

fer_realz, I don't think I have seen a more woman with more petite labia. The rest of her is pretty amazing too. Downloaded this set immediately.

Sorry gang I must have been flustered when I wrote my post. I added an extra more in there. Should have read I don't think I have seen a woman with a more petite labia.

Ha! I didn't even notice 'til you pointed out.
Reminds me of the graphic they use in psych class to illustrate how our eyes just skip over details we aren't expecting to see or read... it's an upside down triangle with the words
"Paris in the
the spring."
in it. Most people have to have the fact that there's an extra word in the triangle pointed out to them. ( :

I think this is her best set yet! So many lovely facial shots with such a variety of looks and that body is flawless in this light. There are a lot of these sots that can be cropped to make killer wide screen portrait shots. Her skin looks rich and lovely and her vulva doesn't have that red irritated look that it has in other sets. This is truly the best of Mia. She is such a sexy woman especially when the photographer knows how to put her in the right light.

Dave did a fantastic job of using the natural light in a way that kept her in shade but with a delightful halo effect that was absolutely perfect for bringing out her freckles, her gorgeous red hair, an that light creamy skin. This guy knows how to work with a redhead outdoors! So many of her other outdoor sets highlighted her pale skin in an unattractive way making her look pale and ghostly. Doing delicate redheads out doors in bright sun is so wrong. Having been married for a lot of years to a redhead I know that the sun is not kind to them.

This red is maturing beautifully and always benefits from being laid down, preferably without pants.

Mia is just stunning, so very beautiful and with an absolutely perfect body, whilst I do prefer her shaved the little strip tells us she is definitely a natural redhead.

Great to see you jump in today, old friend....

She has to be a contender for 'prettiest pussy of the year'...

She has my vote! That little bit of red hair down there just put an already amazing pussy over the top...

She is a charter member of the PP club!

Mia is a beautiful woman.

I appreciate that Dave was not anal about removing little dings and nicks. Who among us does not have them?

Ah to see the little strip of red, Mia you are the most perfect readhead in our family. Please stay with us here, even if you are no longer comfortable doing Sex Art. Any day you appear it makes it noteworthy.

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