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HEELS are your friend --

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Fabulously gorgeous woman; she's a redhead and I adore redheads; stunning body; wonderful skin tones; images leave me feeling as if I'm there in the room (which is a good thing for me); terrific lighting and exposures; really pushed my buttons.

THINGS I MIGHT PREFER: This is working for me just fine! :) Thanks to all involved!

A disappointing display of a beautiful model.

Pretty girl, dreadful photography. Sad.

"Rode hard and put away wet".... I like!!

One of Slastyonoff's best. Loved the heels, incredibly classy with a lot of style; Mia has always been one of the most unique and photographic models of Met Art; but this is a masterpiece!

Fantastic legs, so sexy!! Mia you got to take better care of those sexy legs of yours, you got them a little scratched up. You better let me take care of them. Would love to see your tattoo on your back also.

Yes Mia, show us your tat. Luv ya to bits, great work both of you.

To paraphrase Monty Python --

"NO --! NOT THE TAT !!!!"

Photo 31 nice

not 31 Photo 32 just so nice

Mia Solis is a very beautiful Czech model, and I think the set is beautiful. I would like to see Mia Solis do more shoots with Edwidge, they are totally hot together. I agree the she is limited in her poses by the large tattoo on her back, which is too bad, she has a lovely back.(I asked, she doesn't like the body make up available in eastern Europe and the body make-up invented by the girl who did Elvira, Cassandra Peterson(She was burned) and used by Angelina Jolie to cover her tattoos (She has big one on her back) is not available)I gave Mia Solis and Slastyonoff each a 10++++

P.S. Don't forget her updates on SA ,TLE, and EA Several are by DeltaGamma and are very hot

seadog, I wish I could see the ones by DeltaGamma, just can't fit in any additional sites right now, so stop teasing me ;-)

Obviously someone in the crew had the job of spraying water on lovely Mia. How do I apply for this job? I bet I'd be good at it.

I'm not sure why you'd want to oil up (water down?) Mia, but it's still Mia - so: yum. #53 is worth today's cost of membership.

This has to be Mia's sultriest set to date... and she leaves the sexy heels on the whole set. ( : I'm a very happy man...

Hi fer-realz you haven't seen Mia Solis on TLE or SA demonstrating her three finger grip and in general being sultry. She has also done another shoot with Edwidge,and DG has put up several great sets of Mia Solis

This set is as hot like the color of her hair.

The amazing Miss Mia Sollis. The beautiful reigning red haired queen of the Czech Republic. I totally enjoyed this set. Excellent.

Fantastic, Mia looks absolutely stunning in another beautiful set by Slastyonoff, I really enjoyed this one.

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