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Just.... beyond words. So, so pretty. Breath. is. gone....

Lovely. More pubic hair please. And unshaven armpits too

Stutter much?? ;o)

Lovely. More pubic hair please. And unshaven armpits too

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

That's worth a thumb times 2 :-)

'k, I'll drop him one too. ( :

Thanks for the hair.

Lets get this back to Mia herself. Mia is approaching being in the family for 3 years unless I am mistaken this is her 30th appearance on Met alone. I the comment section she always appears to be a favorite and one of our most stunning redheads. She has been shot by I think 6 different artists. Whe it was rumored she had quit everyone commenting was aghast. She has been consistent but never a Top Tenner. Again today we have ~120 images yet we only see evidence of the famous tattoo only in two pics. And those don't actually show anything. Having to shoot around the tat has always limited all artist. Today her other signature feature was obvious in many pics, her freckles. Was there photoshopping? Probably was there any use of it which actually distracted from the set? IMO a very big NO. Was it a great set, probably not, but did it desrve its high 8 rating, Yes. While her sets seldom are rated at or above 9, personally this is the facts. Mia Sollis's Rating: 9.15 out of 10 (3,659 Votes) Ranked 30th on May 10th, 2014. So again we have a model rated personally higher than her set average would dictate. Are 3,659 members wrong?

While I acknowledge that everyone who pays their "dues" has a "right" to comment the fact that certain members "always", must share with us their personal biases is somewhat disturbing. I have written about "sand", "tans", "hair" (or the lack there of) and psudo "psyco anaylasis" recently. Will every set be everyone's "cup of tee", God I hope not. Do most of our models try and give their best on every shoot they do, I believe they try. I truth we do not know how much "editing" is done and if the only person with this answer is K. Before the sets are published they must have he approval. Quite simply she is "GOD" here. While I believe she does pay attention to our comments the bottom line is it is her call. Tat's are an example. The level/amount of touching, another. For those of us with multiple memberships we see the same model shot with different rules, many time even by the same artist. Obviously Met has been and hopefully will remain one of the most successful sites of this type. So she must be doing something right.

My problem is when the personally biased comments attack either the model or the artist. If it really bothers you then drop your membership! The models and artist are human also and some recent comment have IMO been hurtful. Ry will speak up an politely tell you to go fuck yourself. Catherine will "apologies" for everything. Other artist just will not comment because "Why should they subject themselves to it." It was a gamble for Jon to start the comment section as a minimal moderated activity, for the most part it has been a success. Most feel more good has come from it that expected. My only wish is that more commentators would acknowledge their rants as their personal views and not absolutes.

I can't agree more emphatically how annoying the absolutist statements have become.
That being said, I agree with you that the comments section has turned out far better than I was anticipating when they announced it... I assumed it was going to be a more long-winded version of the "tags" box, with all kinds of crude and rude allusions to the models. My fellow members have pleasantly surprised me, and I'm glad of that. ( :

Well said, fer_ and SW. I have my own preferences, as do we all, and no comment is going to change them, nor do I feel anyone should be demonized for theirs, so long as they are civil in expressing it. It is easiest to hurt the feelings of the models, and that is the one group that should not be harmed. We want them to come back and feel good about their modeling experience.

As for the tags, I assume that they were intended to be some sort of search aid. Since they are so loaded with junk (now) that their usefulness in that regard is dubious, I suggest that they be done away with entirely and/or replaced with administratively set tags that are applicable to the set and model. With a site this big, you need some way to filter through the thousands of sets if you are looking for a certain feature(s).

@ fer_realz:

I completely agree with you on absolutist statements. I once tried (very poorly) to suggest the same to RylskyArt models favorite member. What a shit storm I started!

Since then he and I have patched the hurt feelings I unintentionally generated. So much so that he invited me to communicate on Facebook and I have.

I am a rookie there and have lots to learn. I better learn because my children seldom do emails, phone calls or face to face visits.

Baggy, I'm proud of you for trying FB out. I very much enjoy it myself and I'm disappointed with my mother because she constantly complains that I never phone or email, but if she'd only use the FB account she has, she'd get input from me ~ even personal input ~ every single day!!! The woman is as stubborn as I am, I swear... ( ;
As for the absolutist statements, one of our fellow members, I forget who and I'm too lazy to go search through the comments now, recently suggested that a wise practice is to frequently acknowledge that one's statements are statements of personal opinion.
While constantly doing that can seem burdensome in the heat of the moment, it reduces the sting of certain statements admirably and "greases the gears" of communication here remarkably well.

I think Mia Solis is a supurb, incredeble, utterlu wonderfull lady,and I never get enough. she grooms to her personal satisfaction,which does not leave stubble and so is fine with me.I do think she does a very little bit better outdoors, but its not eough to kick about'I gave both a 10++++

mama MIA! The eyes, the freckles, all of her. Always a members favorite (at least this member) and this set is an example of why.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

90: lay off the armpit-airbrushing and you might really have something :-)

"Art" does not necessarily mean "painting" :-)

Ever heard of "photographic quality" :-?

I know it's a tuff concept to wrap your mind around, but think of what a camera does --
-- and let it do its thing! :-)))

Believe me, we'll all be happier if you do :-)

Doug, can't you even give Mia a little credit for leaving some on top for you today? I know, it's not enough for you, but I like it.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I meant to say she, they, might really have something there! :-))

I don't know -- does she usually disappear it totally?

The airbrushing is not her fault, I assume.

If she remembers that her body hair is sexy, great!

There's hope! :-)))

But really, the habitual painting-over has got to stop.

It is done so poorly, so mindlessly that it makes you wonder what's below the tip of the iceberg :-)

It all comes back to a deep hatred of women's body hair...

And therefore of women... :-)

Sorry to be so heavy on a Sat. morn! :-)))

You're double-spacing again. Ugggh!

The transitive property of pubic hair has yet to be proven (hate=hair >> hair=women >> hate=women). It's not to be found in the textbook of personal grooming, just a hypothesis of Doug!

I don't like airbrushing any more than you, but I've spoken enough on it, no need to beat a dead horse. K knows how I feel about it.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Unfortunately that dead horse of airbrushing is alive and well here, despite what we have said about it.
Anyway, I love to track it down and point it out.
Actually, I hate to see it, but... :-)

Think about what I said tho.
There is a lot of body hair hatred expressed on this site.
I've just been talking with one such person -- see Eddison's main page.
Now why do you suppose shaven hair is painted over in photographs?
You don't think it has something to do with that hatred, or at least distaste?

And then consider that body hair (vellus, androgenic) is a constituent of all normal women. That in fact it pretty much covers most of their skin.
And you hate it? Dislike it? Want 'em to get rid of it? Won't love 'em till they do?

I would say you don't like them. Not to say hate them :-)
Until they've knuckled under to your demands.

With that kinda love, who needs hate :-?

Interesting --

Apparently, the "World According To Doug" is divided into two groups; people that hate hair and people that are obsessed with it.

Oh -- I forgot the ones that have a photoshop obsession.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

No, you're forgetting a whole lot of people who simply like it or accept it :-)

I would say the majority of people.

The photoshopping focus has to do with my work with digital images and Photoshop, plus wanting to see realistic detail in hi-rez images of nude young women.

Not too hard to understand?

I do bring what I consider an outsider's view to this site.
I'm not here for what I would guess is the "normal" reason: because of all these incredibly hot naked babes!

That is not why I'm here, as I've explained or alluded to a number of times.

An outsider can have a more objective view of things.

Just listen to a visiting foreigner observe the goings-on in your own country.
It'll likely blow your mind :-)

No, Doug, it's not too hard to understand. A bit pedantic, but simple enough.

I also understand the obsessive need to be right -- the need to be vindicated -- and the need to have the last word. You must be taking some really serious blood pressure medication.

An "outsider" -- certainly. By choice -- certainly.

AND -- you get a much better picture of the world community when you actually spend ten years in five different countries, none of which are in this hemisphere.

Living abroad also helps you develop a high degree of tolerance. You are, after all, a guest in their country. You don't run the place, and you don't vote in it. You just try to rnjoy what they have to offer. In the end, if they don't understand you -- it does no good to speak LOUDER.

You might try learning something from that concept.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Well, Dread, about all I can say is apply that to yourself as well. Everything you say to me.

Later :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I'll let you in on a little secret, tho, Dread -- I'm not here to tolerate, or merely enjoy, but to change, "the world" :-)))

"Secret"??? You're too funny doug! LOL

"Change the world"??? You're too funny doug! LOL

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I'll settle for MA for now :-)))

Enjoy yourself, mate.

When you grow-up, come back and tell me all about it.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

You can follow some of my adventures here :-)

Oh MAN this girl is gorgeous!! Another great set Mia!! If Helios didn't shoot ANY other model, Mia would make him worth his salt! I love everything about this beautiful girl! I got stuck on 58 for several minutes, staring into those gorgeous eyes... That's my favorite shot here...it's just a fantastic pose by a true "professional"! What a face!!

Absolutely perfect, thanks Miss MIA.

+1 on the trim job.

Mmm Mia has mmm many freckles, lovely eyebrows, pretty eyes, a touch of ribs today, great downy hair, a great camel toe as presented in # 39, nice puffy outer labia as seen in # 72, an innie, shapely legs. . .did I miss anything?

10s for 2.

It's always nice to see the lovely Mia again!

Now that's the kind of trim job I like! Clean and neat and not trimmed into some unnatural design. I must be a spring or summer set since her freckles are in full bloom. :0) I love her freckles! not to mention the rest of her.

A perfect trim job indeed, fit for her PP. Who could argue with that? Wait, don't answer that, we all know who.

Oh no kilroy, there ya go wakin' up the Doug Dog... LOLZ

Who was it said not to kick a sleeping Doug?

...a very wise man? LOL

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

You bet. Don't wake him up or rile him! :-)))

Yeah, just give 'im a nice furry toy to play with if he does wake up! :D

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