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Our model is beautiful and sexy, but I have to agree with the comment about her backside being absent from this shoot. Horrible tat?

very lovely. I would have wished for more bottom shots.

Quite Frankly, this is Mia Solis's WORST set, Period. I don't know what the problem was, but she is trying way too hard. Only on page seven does she relax and look like the Mia Solis we have always loved,(At least I did,) I don't know what possessed Koenart ,I would not have posted this, Everyone has a bad day we're all humanI gave this a big fat 0. I wish I could tell her this is not her fault

I really wish that whoever penned "freckle factory" would raise their arm so to speak. Then I could give credit where credit is due when I borrow it.

Mia is a honey, starting with her hair, her face, those freckles, and her eyes. Scrolling down, I note her shapely breasts, and nice areolae and nipples.

Next to catch my eye is her translucent skin, puffy outer labia, hint of tan lines, and muscular calves. As for the missing derriere viewed from behind shots, that is truly a shame. I feel quite confident that most members would be happy to view Mia's bum and deal with the inclusion of views of a tat. Koenart, please consider this when shooting your next gallery of Mia. That trade off would eventually come to the top of K's potential Mia sets to publish.

Thanks to Mia and Koenart for another pleasing visit.

The challenge of showing it all without the tattoo should be accepted as an opportunity for creativity. One of the best series I have seen had a shirt in every picture. When people complained (it wasn't as if much had been hidden), the photographer's reason was a tattoo. In my opinion, the extra effort required by the solution led to a result that was far better for it. Alas, I can't remember the site, model, or artist.

I do love a gorgeous with freckles, but I do find the term freckle factory obnoxiously twee, for whom is said model produci freckles?.

@ bobblehat:

Fat chance of finding out who first penned it after this.

How about freckled favorite? That's Mia in two words.

Sure, that's cool too, but I still love "freckle factory."
Don't know if that makes me "twee" or not, but I've always been a nerd/geek so that won't bother me if so. ( :

Mia is a lovely luscious redhead who I always love seeing here. Perfect body- tits worthy of a sculpture and a mouthwatering pussy that is hard to beat. Thanks again Met Art. You are the best.

Mis sure looks like a "Ginger" to me. Maybe she'll consider adopting it...especially if her B.F. is named Fred...;o)
I prefer my "oysters" with the appearance of escaping from the "hungry clam", otherwise "Ginger" would be VERY appealing to me...;o)
I really like the closing shots in the park with that beautiful dress!!
Very nice set of a beautiful girl! named Mia... so far....;o)

You've just got to love that ginger, Mia today, Violla tomorrow and Sally the day after that; "The future's bright, the future's orange".

Love that Mia, and I'm countin' down the hours till Violla appears! Sally must be on one of the other sites, haven't seen her.


Oh, this is great news... ( :

Oh, this is great news... ( :

Ferhevinsake, the gremlins got me. Great!

Our good photographer did not take up the challenge of showing the backside of one this most beautiful of women. Since we had a fair beginning to a great panty presentation, this was a sadness.

See DeltaGamma's 3/10/2014 Mia Sollis set for Errotica-Archives for a bunch of booty at the beach shots (and some pieces of her tatt). Silly restriction: intimidates the photographers, keeps them from from photographing HALF their subject. Notice that they let Alyssa A's tatt slide in yesterdays' set.


Thus, "challenge".

And I hadn't even noticed until you mentiuoned it....not one single shot of her backside...

I guess this is what we're going to have for all the whining about tattoos. The photogs just won't shoot the areas that are inked because the wailing about photoshopping is just as loud!... Good job guys!!!

This is assuming that any of them pay ANY attention to what is said in here... And that's a risky assumption. It's just as likely to be all "coincidence"....LOL

Mia, you have a beautiful, succulent pussy. What a pleasure it would be to sink balls deep into you.

There we go. A nice new addition to add to the tags: balls deep.

Feeding the trolls today, are we?
Well, I guess we can't let the poor little monsters starve, can we... ( ;

I always preferred conkers deep.

Ok, 2 new tags.

The spoonerist in me also likes donkers keep, although that sounds like a Nintendo game, primarily concerning accommodating vaginas.

Heck, I'd play it, and I don't play video games... LOL

Thanks for that suggestion....:o|

What an absolute treasure Mia is, it's always nice to see a warm smile on her beautiful face, especially when it accompanies her beautiful naked body with her lovely legs spread wide showing her most exquisite, gorgeous vagina at the same time.

There's just the right amount of close up shots in this gallery for me, nicely interspersed between the gorgeous portraits and amazing full body shots, you can always find solace in the glorious Mia Sollis, fantastically beautiful and very sexy young lady.

A "Quantum of Solace" evenn! ;o)

Nice little rhyme there hat...lol

Not really spread quite that wide, I think.

Wide enough for me, although I do enjoy some of the girls more gymnastic like spread legs, especially the ballet themed upskirts.

Mia has such an adorably expressive face once she lets go and stops posing. The look on her face when she started playing with the beads was precious, and the outdoors/candid shots at the end were downright sweet.

Think I found a way to check on Sailor, working on it anyway. Do you think the "dressed" shots add or distract from the sets. For me she is just as beautiful and charming that way and those freckles... By the way DG had two sets posted today in the family one on TLE of Tess and one of Paula Shy on Sex, you probably saw that one. What do you think?

Good to hear the news about Sailor! I miss the old guy... In fact there's an SUV in my neighborhood with a bumper sticker that says, simply, "Sailor." I can't help but think of our Sailor every time I see it. ( :
The dressed shots definitely add to the sets. The artists on MA have an average of 120 shots to play with. Surely taking 10 or 20 shots with clothing (both fully clothed and in various stages of undress) does not detract from the 100 - 110 remaining naked shots. IMO, of course. ( :
I did see Tess's shoot, I was pleased by how DG used the pink lingerie and the lighting to bring out her softer side, because she has such a strong personality. I didn't see the Paula Shy set yet, I have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!
Do check back in when you get news of Sailor... ( :

I really liked seeing Mia outside, in a public place and in a dress. #122, 123 and 127 were my favorites of this part of the photo set. As for the rest of the set, I love redheads and Mia is so pretty so that should say it all. I would have liked to have seen some photos taken from the back showing her beautiful creamy white ass and beautiful back, tattoo included!

This set does not do Mia justice .apart from a delicious pussy parade not a lot happening here. Mia is gorgeous and deserves better .

Ok, so tell us why. We value you opinion.

Unless I have missed something this is Mia's 48th appearance across the Met-Art family she has appeared on 5 different sites. This is Koenarts 20th time to post shots of Mia. Most of them here on Met but several on Sex. This includes the only videos of her on Met. Once again today not even a hint of her tat. Koenart has teased us with it. But ironically only in his signature "dressed" shots of her. In almost every set he has posted of her there is normally about 10 casual shots in an outfit unrelated to the shot, as there is at the end here. Part of the irony is he also has included some of the most almost gyno shots of her on the site. It is in these causal shots that Mia's absolutely beautiful freckles have been best displayed. This may be an archive set but he has used this set on many of his shots and even if it is archive we still all benefit by there still being new to us sets of one of our most stunning redheads. IMO the more Mia the better.....

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