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Beautiful red, love the matching drape and rug. Nice ass and breasts.

Mia is always a treat, but this "artist"(male OR fenale!)is the most guilty of focusing on the background instead of the foreground for far too many frames. Nice set though....

I would be perfectly content with a gallery of Mia portraits only.

However, I would never turn down a chance to admire her ribs, hourglass figure, navel, puffy outer labia, winsome smile and dimples, slender legs and proof that she really IS a redhead.

Thanks to both Mia and Luca.

Love to see her tight pussy and pretty feet, please create more.

Another shaver gone shaggy. Too bad.

True redheads should never be completely shaved, IMHO. A little fluff adds to the "special" nature of true redheads.


I wouldn't say shaggy, She's trimmed up nicely, but now we know she is a real readhead (as if there were any doubt before).

Exquisite! Mia is a hot model with sexy freckles and luscious skin tone.

Lovely red fox!!!

Mia is one of my all time, all time favorite models, and any chance to see her in the buff is one I will appreciate and enjoy very much, and this set is no exception. I always feel very fortunate to see this kind of beauty shared so openly.

But I feel this is another example today of a shoot not showing the model to her best advantage. Mia's best shoots leave me completely blown away, and this one did not, and that has everything to do with posing, which I put on the photographer and/or crew if there is one. Part of that can be personal preferences, which is all part of the deal here, what is 10 posing to one is 7 or 8 to another. But I was initially surprised to see the below 9 score for a shoot featuring Mia, and now that I've seen it, I get it. For my tastes, this is a good shoot, not an amazing shoot.

Beautiful and sexy young woman without doubt. I felt the chair limited the poses. particularly rear and side shots.

Lots of opportunities to admire one of the most wonderful faces in porn = a very good day.

Funny... in all her sets, Mia always looked relatively tall to me. But in her clothes at the beginning of this set, she looks kinda short (not that that's a problem, all the women I've fell for in real life are shorties). ( :
Speaking of her clothes... it would have been really nice to see her in just those skin-tight leggings. Her butt would look fantastic in them! However, what we did get to see was very nice indeed.
I hear Mia Sollis has "retired" from erotic modeling... I hope that's not the case, but if so, I hope K has plenty more sets in the vault to dole out for the next few years.

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