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Astonishing eye-catcher, this Freckled Beauty!

Mia Sollis, please explain what made you desecrate your beautiful body with the abomination of a tattoo on your back.

Adorable freclkles and lovely firm tits. A full bush would be perfect.

I like Mia a lot, but very few outdoor shoots appeal to me. Quite probably because very few artists know how to do them properly!!

MAMA MIA!!! Two on the same day!! Nice, K...;o)

Observations on today's set. Regulars will be aware I have posted extensive comments about Mia and have tracked her across the Met family of sites since she first appeared. IMO she is one of our truly "class" acts. Lst month her set had a trimmed ginger vee. Now we see a landing strip. Her belly button jewelry is back in. The idea of putting her on a pedestal is kinda cute. Luca found a nice way to give us some ass shots either by position or photoshop he hides the tat in all but one pic. When he got to the portrait type the freckles were perfect. Luca work today was exceptional so why she is currently below a 9 is a mystery to me. For now that's all I got.

sw, Mia is definitely a class act. I have enjoyed her here plenty over the years. I counted three shots with her tat showing (you saw one), not that I care either way as long as she is NOT photoshopped. Being that this is an outdoor set, it's not going to be one of my favorites. Too many pictures that are partially washed out, that could have been very nice otherwise, like 105. My opinion, if it was anyone but Mia, this set would probably be scored even lower. Sorry, can't get my arms around this one.

I was unaware. Now I know why I'm irregular.

Lovely Mia. I always appreciate your visits!

Kudos to Mia and Luca.

I like Luca Helios's outdoor shoots not the least because he's patient about the light. Since he waits until it doesn't fall in the model's eyes, she doesn't squint like Frankenstien's monster with a headache This is a vast improvement over some Met photographers.I also love the wrap its perfect in color as well as what it does NOT wrap. Luca Helios used to have Iveta A wear one before she moved to Erro at EA.I am most definitely a Lucas Helios and Mie Solis fan I had to give this a 10+infinity

OOPS I meant Iveta B. A she only posts on EA, but she has two new ones this year which are great.

I suddenly have the urge to go to Wendy's for a cheeseburger.

@ William:

I love the current "Wendy"!

I hope she has a long, long career as the image /spokesperson of Wendy's.

I wonder what she looks like naked? She would have to be special to compete with Mia.

Baggy, I have often wondered that myself. I would give a bunch to see the current Wendy photographed in the style of Met. Two bunches to see her in the style of SA!

lmao! Don't we ALL wonder what they ALL look like naked!?? ;o)

Many of them, Rock... not all.... ( ;

Mia as beautiful & sexy as ever..oh those freckles..

Agree Viking - about time we had a set of Mia sporting the full flaming bush!

Mia has possibly the most perfect body on MET. She's absolutely delightful.

One of, if not, the most beautiful woman on MetArt. When she's gone what will we do??

If she let i grow out, she could show us ginger pussy hair...! That would be something..!


@ metlover

I believe your comment is not complete?

I believe it IS! ;o) Maybe add an exclamation mark!

@ Rock:

Viking said "That would be something..!" Surely you don't disagree that that WOULD be something?

Maybe not something that metlover and his ilk would like to see; so if he and his ilk would not like to see "something" the single word is not enough.

Not something I would like to see IS, however, complete.

Maybe fred2 will chip in with his take on if "Not" is complete.

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