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Pic #79 - Foot of a goddess.

Please show us many more videos of Michaela !!!!!

I love the standing bending over butt spreading pose. But then again I just love pretty girls spreading theur butts open period, especially her. Might be my new desktop for my computer. I also like the outdoor settings because it makes me want to go outside in hopes I see a naked beauty out there waiting for me, butt open and all lol

I don't usually comment, but for my taste, Kalena is as perfect as they get !

Excellent photography.

As Count Headlopper slowly walked thru the courtyard of castle Headlopper a beautiful young princess approached him. It was nearing high noon when the sun was at it's highest point in the sky. The beautiful young princess Kalena stood near Count Headlopper. Look dear princess, both you and I are as one. Are shadows have joined with their masters.. The young princesses eyes where ablaze, the brilliant blue of her eyes match the translucent blue of the mid-day sky. The good Count Headlopper then retired to his chambers within the walls of castle Headlopper and slept peacefully beside the beautiful bewitching princess Kalena in a peaceful, dream filled, and silent sleep. Later they rose from the bed within the chambers of castle Headlopper and dined quiltly in the kitchen warming themselves by the fires of the ovens. The gently wind blew and the haunting sounds of the chimes of the bones of the dead lingered in their ears. The fires of the watch towers burned bright around castle Headlopper. Count Headlopper beckoned the young princess to join him for a walk into the darkness of the village. The pincess asked if we needed the Knights to accompany them. Count Headlopper looked the princess deeply in her blue eyes with the brilliant green eyes of the Headlopper and assured her no one will dare approach us.
As they walked into the darkness only the light of the full moon lighted there path into the night. As they walked Count Headlopper explained the origin of the beautiful princess that graced the planet of the good Shepherd In the beginning there was only Count Headlopper walking alone in the garden, the Shepard saw the loneliness and removed part of Count Headlopper and created a beautiful princess to join him on his walk thru the ages. The Count Headlopper pointed to the full moon that graced the autumn sky. In the beginning dear princess the lonely blue planet was in turmoil and subject to mood swings and violent eruptions. The Shepard removed part of the spinning ball of fire and created the moon which help to calm the angry planet. Look dear princess Kalena, the moon is at it's highest point in the night sky. Their is no shadow on the moon upon us. Dear Princess Kalena we are one in the same. The moon passes thru the cycles but is calm in the night sky. But the beautiful princess of the planet are subject to the cycles of the moon and the mood swings that accompany the cycles of life for a beautiful princess. The thunder excites you dear princess, the driving rains make you dance with excitement and the flashes of lighting set you ablaze in the night of the storms of planet earth. When the moon is full and the storms of the night come my dear princess you and the planet are as one. Lets walk back to castle Headlopper and warm are self by fires of the truth.
Come dear princess Kalena, take my hand and hold on tight

I didn't think I would like this set at first because it was another outdoor beach location, but as I went through it, I came to like it. None of the washed out color, poor contrast, standing-only poses and lack of closer shots that tend to taint my enjoyment of these shoot locations. With her tan, Kalena looks great in and out of her bikini and right at home outdoors. I was won over by the end of the set.

How come you dont like outdoor sets? I prefer them, they feel a bit more natural somehow.

Snake, the comment was directed more at the recent run of beach sets than outdoors in general.

It isn't that I dislike them, but in my comment I listed four reasons why some outdoor shoots are less favorable to indoors, IMO. This set does not fall under any of them, that is why I ended up liking it. See my comments under Niki Mey's set shot by Flora 9/27, an outdoor set which I also liked because it was a creative location and not another sandy beach set.

Kalena definitely has one heck of a body.

I generally do like outdoor sets a little better because of the variety it offers, but it does affect coloring quite often.

Overall, I think this is a very nice set of a beautiful woman.

This is a perfect sea aide shoot of a perfect(well, almost) mode. She does need to smile more. I gave her a 10++ and Mr Helios the same.

nice torso

Pic 60 is a wicked invitation no one could refuse! Also, the use of high heels in the early shots is a nice touch in such a rugged locale.

Very nice, love the outdoor setting. Kalena looks great, she is a beautiful woman.

Love the camel toe! Would prefer no ring.

What does the ring have to do with anything?

Just a personal preference. Ring means she's taken. Kinda ruins the fantasy.

It's a weak ring to boot! Less than a 1 carat! She is definitely worth more than that!

What is her pornstar name

Kalena, your pretty little bottom is still staring at me, so it's hard to collect my thoughts. You are truly beautiful, and this excellent set overcomes my normal aversion to yet another beach location. One suggestion: you have a gorgeous smile. Please use it more often. xoxo

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