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Looks like everyone else loves shots 15-20 as much as I did! Always enjoy watching a pretty girl bending over and spreading her legs to show me her pretty PP & asshole!

This set is about as sexy as it gets. Of course, Michaela is incredibly beautiful and sexy. Love how the light cube highlights details of her glorious pussy. And the well-lit close-ups of her exquisite pussy are so exciting, wow!

I never thought I would see perfection in a woman since I first set eyes on Emma A on Met Art but Kalena is perfection in a brunette just as Emma A is for a blonde. Kalena is flawless from head to toe. A true flesh and blood goddess and what flesh! I never thought I would see a more perfect pussy than Emma A's but Kalena holds her own. Her labia are absolutely flawless and so inviting. Bravo Kalena - you are simply stunning!

I for one liked this set. I thought that this was one of the most sensuous sets I have seen on Metart. Granted the colors were a bit harsh at times but I kind of like the other worldly look. I don't think anyone here would disagree that Kalena has a fantastic butt and for me that pussy is as hot as it gets. I love oiled beauties because of the way it enhances her curves and figure. Yes he did go overboard somewhat on the rear shots but if you gotta do it he couldn't have picked a finer butt to obsess on and that is the best angle for close in shots of those oh so enticing lower lips! Granted the green light is very different but seeing her bent over all oiled and ready was super hot to me.

Not a bad set, but not great, either. The lighting, in particular the green tint didn't look right, and not a lot of variety in poses. Not my favorite Kalena set, I'm afraid.

And what's with photo #28 cutting off at a most inappropriate place on the bottom edge? That's just wrong! Could have been a great shot if just a couple of inches lower was included.

A great model. However, this is the type of set (in the ways of artificial lighting & location) that is ubiquitous on the Internet. Fortunately, pictorials like this are infrequent here. And sets like this appear to have been shot in a minute and a half.

Great set. Great girl. Nude at the start from head to toe and glistening with oil. Love it.

Kalina is a real beauty,and she is tan enough that oil works foe her. However blue is her best color, the green lights are off. Mr.Helios likes this posing with the box, he's done it with Danae( now exclusively on EA as that is where her friend Antea(a.k.a. here on Met as Altea, is)

Less butt pictures and more pictures in landscape format (without cutting the legs off) would have made this set even better.

10/10 for Kalena.

The way I look at it, if a model has a beautiful ass (as does Kalena) it should be displayed often in as many different angles as possible. All too often this feature is ignored by the photographer in these galleries. Most sets have over 100 photos and it would be nice of them to devote 15 or 20 shots to the cheeks.

I agree, however, that the amount of butt shots here is a bit overkill. I almost choked saying that, because I am a big fan of a magnificent ass!

Yeah.....looks like someone went crazy with the cropper.

Kalena is a beautiful blue eyed brunette, with a toned body. For me, it's unfortunate that the gloop on her body reduces the chance to appreciate her downy hair.

There is no denying that she is beautiful though.

Morning Sancho and bobblehat, glad your here. I seem to remember this type of set up from a long while ago. The heavily oiled, contrasting color light popping in, light box as seat. Was it Luca who used it in the past. As far as today's set I agree with you both.

Morning. I can't answer your question. I'm too young. I didn't join until last spring.

We're treated to tantalizing views of Kalena's beautiful bottom early and often in this wonderful set. But I found that if I tore my gaze away from her gorgeous rose, she had other beauties—small, perfect labia, delectable feet and breasts, and a face that I would love to memorize up close. Kudos to Luca Helios and kisses to Kalena.

Kalena is absolutely gorgeous, so very pretty and what a body, she's going to be a big star without a doubt, I've enjoyed the start of her journey immensely.

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