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G O R G E O U S !

I remember when Slatyonoff was a consummate artist. Now he's just a porno hack. What has happened to his mind? What a sadness!

Such a hott girl, with a perfect body in every way. She has a perfect and exciting anus, perfect for anal.

Got my "10" -- !

The very best on this site!!!

Can we please have a video of this pretty girl ? In the dress of course:)

I like this set . Pretty girl , pretty dress , high heels and no panties. Very sexy.

Absolutely love this set. Love the dress and the fact that she is not wearing underwear. How is this set not rated above a 9? Somebody tanking the ratings again?

If ever there was a model that didn't need props like an elastic belt in her mouth or red-soled high heels this is the one. I'd give anything to see JUST HER.

I'm quite happy about the shoes it's just the dress I was glad to see the back of, she looks so darned mischievous without it!

Well done (as usual!) Slastyonoff..... Michaela, you're gorgeous.... ;-)

One could almost get jaded, seeing hot girl after hot girl on this site. But having said that, her pussy lips are among the most inviting and arousing I've seen. Hard to imagine any better! And her playful "licking" of her pussy was fun, haven't seen that before.

Thankfully, we have a photographer here who is not only good with lighting and posing, but knows how and where to focus! Hopefully the bar is raised.

nice set, downloaded. Wished she would have not wore shoes.

The comments on the other hand are shameful. Maybe metart should turn off that feature.

v-man, if the comments offend you, you always have the option to turn them off yourself.

Just click on "hide comments."
Problem solved. ( :
Happy 2014!

v-man, what comments were shameful? Seemed like nothing but praise to me.

OMG! also Boze Moi ! Slastyonoff is back! He could do an erotic shoot with a fence post,but instead, as all older members (Ahem) remember, he was the one who made Koika the face of Met-Art.(Try " Koika-Diva ", esp the part where she masturbates with a feather boa) She left us in 2008 after she announced she was lesbian, and homosexuality is a crime in Russia,currently good for 20 years in a hard labor camp. The beautiful Michaela couldn't have a better photog, and you will notice he finds ways to spice up a standard strip into a masterpiece. Michaela gets a 10+ and Slastyonoff a 10++

Couldn't agree more. Could you fill in more detail about Koika? Was she arrested, then? Hope not ...

As far as I know she left and went to Czech Republic as several other lesbian Met Models like Selene A and her Lover Alexa B have done.


Alexa B's bio: "I currently work as the manager in a beauty salon. I'm a very playful and cheerful person. During the photoshoots I always make everyone laugh and have a good time. I love being photographed. :)" As you can see, they've eliminated a real menace to Russian society.

I hope that they're all doing well in the Czech Republic. Emigration is never an easy decision, and even in extreme situations, like the Irish Potato Famine, the majority of people won't make that choice, even if it's available.

It is sad that someone has to leave there home because of something as simple as that. You don't have to like it but to imprison someone for there choice of sexual companions?? That's barbaric!

I forgot to say he is the photog who made Iveta B. Try"Splendias "or "A Day With Iveta " Iveta is still with us she is now on EA and still killing them softly(or not so softly, she says on EA that she hates it when men get bent out of shape cause she out-competes them.)

And Slastyonoff also gave us the immortal Aneli a few years back. I'm still hyperventilating over her.

(I say this everytime the heavenly earth goddess Aneli is mentioned, so...) aaaaahhhhhh Aneli....

Michaela Isizzu & Irina J are ex aequo my number 1 at MetArt.

So I hope to see much more galleries of both models in the future.

I like the shoes! Not enough girls ware shoes in these sets. Her shoes are a turn on for me.

I totally agree.
Nothing sexier than a beautiful woman wearing nothing but high heels and a smile. ( :

Wow she is pure erotic perfection, cover girl face, beautiful bode, some great close up pictures of her flawless bottom, so yummy

Michaela A will always be beautiful to me she is just simply gorgeous within her series and movie and this set is truly beautiful :) I simply love Michaela within this gorgeous setting both her white dress and lounge highlighting her well toned tanned body her flawless facial features :) I adored images #8 and #15 both with a sensual looks upon her face to those gorgeous serene close ups of her body in tantalizing images to those amazing flexible explicit inviting poses #107-#108 Frankly speaking i am totally speechless about her beauty both within a sensual provocative set Michaela A simply exemplifies all that's right Met-Art and all that's beautiful about the female body and both Michaela Isizzu and Slastyonoff truly showed us all what a magnificent beautiful model/woman Michaela is always well groomed within her series never leaving a sensual look within both her gorgeous face sexy blue eyes a nice 10/10 for both of you :)

Happy 2014 to you and yours, rags! ( :

What an elegant shape of pussy lips! - And I love some dark hairs on the lovely triangle - it looks more feminine and arousing than the monotonous shaved pussies!

I love that Michaela is at the same time the consummate "girly-girl" ~ always impeccable, stylish clothes and makeup ~ and also totally uninhibited, while looking like she is totally at home posing, and indeed even having a blast.
One gets the feeling that she would be a wonderful date, whatever one had planned, and would thoroughly enjoy anything you did together... she seems wholly unaffected by her beauty.

Lovely Michaela, fun, and a great body that she shares with us enthusiastically. Beautiful skin tones, awesome vulva, and great poses. Wish she had lost the shoes but at least they were nice looking shoes.

The photos were great. Lots of variety, sharp, well focused, nice natural colors. I'll go with Sailor on this one 10/10

Dear hipshot131 I have to concure with both of yours and Sailor's comments Michaela is simply a stunning beauty both within this set and the others she has done not to forget that gorgeous movie of hers :) Always well groomed and presents herself both sensually within her series and this set is by no means a dud one she is simply stunningly beautiful wearing her white dress in both sensual poses in crisp clear photo's 10/10 out of me as well you can't get better than this one Cheers hipshop131 :)

Michaela makes this man glad to be alive. She exemplifies all that's right about MetArt and all that's beautiful about the female body. She and Slastyonoff have done wonders in this delightful, varied and damn near perfect set. In image 22 Michaela achieves immortality, IMO, for her flawless beauty in a perfect photograph. and in image 108, if that delightful expression is an invitation, I here's my enthusiastic Yes. A wonderful outing—10s for all concerned and a raft of kisses for Michaela.

...don't miss her expression in # 15... heartstopping!

15 is what I call a total come on!

Good call, hipshot! ( ;

I'm kinda partial to her 'expression' in no.99...;o)
It damn near stopped MY heart!!

Don't know about expression but damn sure ain't hard to look at, and look and look and look!


personally I loved #107 and #108.... great shots!

Those two shots art mind boggling! To bad it's not physically possible but it sure is a turn on!


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