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a gorgeous girl, fantastic body and a good photographer. thanks to both

One of my favorite photographers have now shot one of my favorite models I ever laid my eyes on.

Hi MAP! It's so nice to be in such consideration, I will have to bring more sets with Michaela soon ;)

Beautiul photo session. With minimal arrangement, you feel seating privately in front of Michaela

Hi DrFaustus, I am very glad to hear you had this feeling looking at this set

Deltagamma! You must have tremendous energy to shoot and edit so many images, and to respond thoughtfully to everyone's comments. I really enjoyed this set, and I don't think I would have guessed it was yours without the photographer's credit. It looks different than your other work (to me). The overall look was fantastic: the fleshy color of the wall, the light, the chair, and the silver framed mirror combined with that spectacular model was very pleasing to the senses. Wonderful body, and what a face! I love her nose. The blue undergarments were striking in this set, but my favorite images are the later ones where the clothes and shoes were removed. I particularly like image 81. Beautiful flesh! I was a little concerned when you weren't reflected in the mirror, as I have just been watching an old Dracula film with Christopher Lee. But then, I remembered that you work a lot with sunlight, so you probably aren't a vampire. But, we don't get a good look at Michaela's neck, do we? Seriously though, image 81 is a gem that ought to last for generations. Great job.

Hey Ouchstopit, in effect it takes quite an energy to do that.. but when you are driven by passion it's no surprise. I am glad that this set appeared different from my other ones, I am trying to widen the range of my styles in the shootings. Michaela helped with her scenic presence and her physical characteristics. She also suggested the blue underwear which was actually hers and she liked it, it made an interesting combination with the flesh tone of the walls and her tanned skin as well. Picture 81 could be pinned on the wall, it came out quite well, with a soft lighting embracing Michaela who has a very seductive look. My hair is not as white as Christopher Lee.. I am only 40 and I just started having some silver in my beard and hair but it's still dark brown over all.. ;) and of course I think we have different consideration for the sunlight.. ;) And never mind for Michaela's neck, on the contrary, she could be the sexiest Vamp..;)

Well, DG, you've done it again! Take another of our favorite ladies and turn out an excellent set with her! I appreciate Michaela very much, and she did a great job also, showing varied expressions and a range of posing. The setting is just right, along with the lighting.

Others have said it already, but I must reiterate how nice it is to have the B/W "backstage" shots at the end, and your narrative on the shoot. As I have said before, this is the "DG Difference" and is certainly a top reason why your following appears to be growing here. Admittedly, I am biased, but nobody can deny that there is a lot of praise in these member posts today.

I would love to see your work on SA, and Rylsky is always feeding us tasty tidbits to plug RA, but there is only so much time left for my recreational activities. So I will just have to get by with what you send to MA for now, anyway.

Thanks for another work of art. Take care.

Hi kilroy-the-last-but-not-the-least.. ;) Here you are as usual, "dulcis in fundo". I am packing to leave tomorrow morning but I will take a few moments to reply to you.
I shouldn't be suprised anylonger by your flattering comments but I am always so glad to hear what you have to say which always makes me feel satisfied about my work (but it doesn't mean that I won't try hard to get better).
The appreciation of the B/W backstage shots is something that really makes me happy this time: I took note of the comments of many of you some months ago showing interest for some BTS pics and starting from the first available opportunities I began to include more and more pics of this kind in order to open a window for you all on the real development of my sets and the real nature of models, and hearing that the window is showing something that you seem to like makes me really feel satisfied, I can say I reached that goal.
Thank you again for all the nice words, take care too.

Artist and subject at their best....or very nearly. Great looking set.
I still think this girl looks like Yarina's sister...

Thanks rachsback, glad you liked the combination DG & MI in this set :)

Hi DG,

A wonderful series, and I particularly liked the black and white section at the end. Putting it in black and white was a natural way of setting off the backstage shots, but, more important, it suits these particular photographs very well. #112 is gorgeous, for example, and I can't imagine it working nearly as well in color.

Actually, the series as a whole seems to have a black and white aesthetic. It's the right model, lighting, and set for it, and I'll bet it would look great.

#51 really works in an interesting way. It looks carefully arranged, so I imagine it was planned, but was it, or was it a happy accident?

Thanks as always for providing the background information.

Hi Fred,
so glad you liked this set and perfectly caught the taste I wanted to give to the BTS shots turning them to b&w, in my mind it would be kind of a reportage, some stolen moments from a memorable afternoon with a top MA model. But as you also say the whole set could also work well in b&w, at least for the less glamour/erotic shots, because of the softness of the light, the warm tones of the wall and the model's skin, the style of the mirror and the overall armosphere. Lately I am working on black/white and desaturated photography, so I may experiment on some more images in the next set if it suits.
#51 must be a problem in the uploads on the site because I checked everything before sending the files and checked back again now to make sure.
Thank you for the overall appreciation!

Seriously, one of the hottest women on this site.

Very nice set and I think the black and whites are fantastic!

Hey Dutchman, it's nice to hear that you liked the b&w pics, I was not sure they would be appreciated but I see that they worked :)

Michaela is one of my favorite models for many reasons (incredible beauty, lean body, great bottom, etc), but what I really like about her is her facial expressions, especially her "vulnerable" look (#42 in the zip/#43 on the web, although there are many examples in this set). It just kills me.

She's also got a great, "It's on!" look (#68 in zip).

Great work, DG. Great work, Michaela.

Hi Zakk! it's true, not only Michaela has a perfect body (and we all can see it) but one of her added values is her face and how she can use those big eyes and her facial expressions. I also wrote about her skill in flexible/acrobatic poses and how she controls her body.
Pic #68 is one of my favorite ones too (and it's horizontal so uuusssee must be happy about it ;)).
Thank you for appreciating my work!

STUNNING photography, Deltagamma captures perfectly the beauty, innocence and sensuality of Michaela, brilliant and dazzling. A perfect 10 of a face and body.

Hi trickydick1, thank you for such great appreciation of my photography! When you have such a perfect model the main concern is to try not to ruin this perfection with a bad photography, so I am very glad that you liked my work. I agree with the perfect 10 for Michaela ;)

Stunning portrait in #13.

Michaela Isizzu is simply a beautiful woman. That is what makes this set. Although the B/W shots are different, I do not care for them as they do not show any specific lines or edges and eliminate the beauty of her eyes.
And the Mirror is not used nearly enough.
I would love the opportunity to shoot pics like this, but afraid my wood would get in my way

Hi Special Ed, as I wrote below the B/W shots are different simply because they are behind-the-scene shots and I wanted to differentiate them, I didn't want to make any easy "artistic" effect, I know that without colors a significant part of Michaela's and the set's peculiarities would be lost, some photos are even blurred or motion blurred, but I wanted to include these shots to give a different point of view of the set, I hope you appreciate it anyway. I could use the mirror, I often do in other sets of mine, but in this case it was too high to be exploited properly, I could reflect only the face but on the lit side I had some ugly things reflecting in it that would distract. If the mirror was positioned a bit lower I could have some nice reflections of a greater part of Michaela's body, but this wasn't the case.

One of my favorite models, in the hands (so to speak) of one of my favorite photographers... wonderful!
You did a magnificent job of capturing Michaela's gorgeous eyes, DG. ...and the rest of her, of course. ( :

fer_realz, did I tell you that you are one of my favorite fans...? ;) Thank you for your usual dose of reward :)

That's great news to hear, DG! Prior to the comment forum here on MA I would never have guessed that an erotic photographer and his fans could share energy the same way a musician and his fans do... ( :
I'm glad to hear that our comments are a reward for you. It IS such grueling work after all... LOL
Speaking of which, you mentioned that this particular day you'd already done two sets with Michaela, and this was your third, and then you had another set to shoot with Caprice.
I'm curious... how long a day was that, and when you are shooting is that representative of your days, or was this an extraordinarily busy day?

fer_realz, I really like the comparison with the musician and his fans, the energy we are sharing has actually become part of the show like you noticed, that's a great point ;)
That day was actually very busy, probably too much: I had a couple of new models to test in the morning then Michaela for a few sets and the Caprice for 2 sets, and then the dinner with APF.. It has been a LONG and hard day indeed, I would say it definitely was an extraordinarily busy day: shooting is not my main job so I normally concentrate my shootings in certain periods, about 4-5 days where I schedule an average of two "normal" models (morning/afternoon), or a "top" model half day and then some tests with new models, but that day I could not split Michaela and Caprice because it was their only available day during my stay, so I had to accept the fact that everything would be concentrated on the same day, with the risk that if something went wrong (equipment, location, lighting..) it could affect the whole work, and in any case it would have needed a lot of effort in terms of cocentration and imagination. Hopefully both Michaela and Caprice were very easy to work with so I didn't have to get crazy directing them (it sometimes happens with new models), but I had to plan a change of apartment the same day in order to differentiate the sets enough in two different apartments. Of course the help of the assistants is very important, so my wife, my friend Peter Guzman, the make up artist helped me a lot and everything was easier.
I remember when I started to shoot nudes, about 7 years ago, I arranged everything by myself, from A to Z, and that was really hard to do but very gratifying at the end. Now everything is more professionally done but I still enjoy sometimes to be able to carry out almost everything by myself.
I hope I fulfilled your curiosity ;)

Oh, absolutely, thanks for giving me an idea of your work life. That sounds like it was an epic day indeed!
Until you mentioned it, I did not realize that you are not a fulltime photographer. Are you gradually transitioning into photographing fulltime, or are you going to maintain the current status?
And it is good to hear you have good assistants to take some of the logistical burden off your shoulders. ( : Especially on a day like this shoot!
The good news is that this set does not look hurried or strained in the least. The magic definitely worked, between you and Michaela and your assistants.

I am glad that the set looks good despite all.. surely the assistants helped!
I don't know if I will take the decision to become a full time photographer, I like to be able to do photography when I feel like and to take photos of who and what I like, without too many compromises, but I don't know if I will change my mind in the future. Surely if I could dedicate all my time to photography I could do a lot more here on Metart, with many more models and many more sets being published with even less effort, so it wouldn't be bad at all.

Your reasoning is impeccable ~ no sense sinking all your eggs into one basket if you can't do it on your own terms and enjoy it.
( :
With what I've seen of your work so far, you seem to have struck the right balance. It seems to be a labor of love, which is exactly what it ought to be.

DG, I'm not going to suggest that you go to Kiev (unless you want to, of course). If you keep turning out work like this, by all means, stay in Prague—with my blessing. Michaela is gorgeous in this set, just gorgeous, and you have captured her beauty perfectly.

Sailor, do you think I would refuse the opportunity to go to Kiev...? I already was in Odessa (sailing across the Black Sea) and L'viv (crossing half Europe by my motorbike), so I have to go to the capital city sooner or later.. ;)
But I consider Prague my second or third home by now, I know many models and have several friends, and it's a magical town so I will probably keep going there to shoot for a few years, but Europe is full of wonderful towns with wonderfully beautiful ladies, so it's just a matter of taste and choice.
I am always glad when you and the other regulars appreciate my work, thank you!

Hi Deltagamma,
I have liked many of your sets, including this one, but never commented on them before. I find your background info and commentaries very useful and interesting, and you are one of only few photographers here who care to communicate with members. Since you have mentioned that you have visited L'viv, which happens to be the place where I was born and spent 25 years of my life, I was curious if you had done any shooting there, since the city itself is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and Europe has quite a few beautiful cities. Looking forward to your next set!

Hi lember92,
I am very glad that you started commenting and to find out you liked many of my sets, and it's always nice to have one more member who appreciates my background info and insight, this is really important to me as well as communicating and exchanging comments and opinions about my photography and the models I work with.
So you were born in L'viv, that's interesting: I was there back in the summer of 2007, during my longest motorbike ride across Europe: nearly 40 days and 9.000 km leaving from Italy and riding across Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. It was a great trip and I spent one weekn between Kamenec Podolskiy and L'viv. I did a few shootings there with girls I met in town, it was just portraits and glamour/topless at the time (unfortunately), since I started with erotic photography only in december that year.. (I should have started a few months before..). I also did some reportage shoots around and I really liked the town, it had a beautiful architecture and several old buildings which gave a very artistic touch to my photos and made the overall atmosphere of this town really special to me. The funny thing is that a girl that I met and was supposed to shoot with me while I was there had to cancel and we finally could not shoot before I left, but few days ago I discovered that she is in Italy to study and work and we said that we just have to make that shooting.. (not erotic though).
Of course I couldn't agree more about the beauty of many European towns, and that of their girls.. I hope to show many more models in the next month, at least a couple are coming up soon ;) Privut!

You're welcome. I envy you your footloose freedom; those days are long past for me. BTW, if I were in Prague today, you couldn't pry me loose with a crowbar. Best

1. This is neither the best set of Michaela nor the best one of DG
2. More shots in landscape format would be fine for wallpapers
3. The b/w photos are unnecessary because nowadays we can change each and every color photo to a b/w one by ourselves
4. Because of the fact that IMO Michaela became the absolute #1 of MetArt's models and DG is one of the best photographer in general I have to render this rather severe judgement

Waiting impatiently for the future sets of Michasela & DG!

Hi uuusssee, I hope that even though it's not one of the top sets by me or with Michaela you liked it a little.
I agree that landscape format could be good for wallpapers but unless the model is lying down horizontally (situation that could fit a set shot in bed or on the floor, not those where she is standing most of the time like this one) the result is that she would look much smaller in the picture (since she would cover roughly 25% of the image, loosing a lot of image quality, so if you zoomed in you would not have sharp details). It's not for nothing that calendars with women are 99% in vertical format. But some shots could be taken in horizontal, sure (it is actually better for my wrist holding the camera ;))-
The last photos are in black and white for a reason, to differentiate them from the actual set since they are backstage shots and I wanted them to be not confused with the others because they were shot in a totally different style. Let's say that it was the "history" of this photoset. I am sure that you could turn the photos to b/w by yourself but it was the photographer's choice in this case.
I appreciate the fact that you wrote about negative points, they are always helpful to improve or to explain choices, like in this case. I will try to take everything in due consideration in my next sets ;)


But please don't forget that almost all of us use the display screen of the PC horizontally.

So each and every photo shot in portrait format causes that not less than 60% of the display screen are unused respectively in black!

I know uuusssee, I also have horizontal screen ;) that's why I think that your consideration makes sense, but it implies that all the development of the set is driven by that, therefore the model is either lying in many shots or lost standing in the middle of a horizontal shot (with the location filling the black spaces). But I will consider this and try to create s good compromise in the next sets ;)

I'm in love...

I literally found myself mumbling things like " Oh my god" and "wow" every time i clicked on a new picture. Her eyes are breathtaking, like looking at rare jewels. Her body looks sculpted by god himself, the perfect design. Her pussy is downright beautiful. The trimmed bush is the icing on her cake. and my goodness that ass is a Czech national treasure. There may not be a more perfect girl on Met. I dont think i would ever get sick of making love to this beauty... Or atleast looking at her pictures, but hey a guy can dream.... :)

Hey Spies19, you really seem to have been knocked down by Michaela... ;) I totally understand anyway, she can use her eyes like weapons and her body is a sculpted work of art (btw, you will see in one of our latest sets how she uses it in acrobatic poses..). I think that "perfect" is a word that suits her quite well. Keep on dreaming ! ;)

Haha yes Delta, i was / am completely mesmerized by Michaela. She is a perfect example of feminine beauty and sexuality. Literally a dream girl. And you captured that essence of her wonderfully. I CANT wait to see more collaborations between the two of you! Keep up the good work my friend. I'm jealous of your job... :)

I will keep up this hard dirty job Spies, and I will try to remember how lucky I am..;)
I am also looking forward to doing some new work with Michaela, we shot few weeks ago and we will probably do it again soon. I will keep you updated.. ;)

Hello DG, It is great to see your work again. You have really captured Michaela's wonderful beauty. I like the way your photos show the quintessence of the beautiful models. I am not an expert but it seems many photographers can get a picture of the model, while you always get the model. I hope that makes sense to you. Michaela is absolutely beautiful and you have made her into a goddess. Magic of light, color and shadow. Please convey my best wishes to the beautiful Michaela Isizzu.

Hello Neil! wow, you really know how to make me proud of my work! It's so rewarding to hear that I have caught the real essence of a model, that's what I aim at most of the times and whenever I get to do it in someone's opinion it's really a great result, thank you! Especially after such a hard working day like that one.. I can guarantee that even though I consider myself experienced in shooting beautiful and sexy models those two girls on the same day was really demanding.. I am also proud of the fact that you appreciate the lighting and colors of the set, it was a flattering combination I actually tried to catch. Later today I will write to Michaela to check if she has read all your beautiful comments, otherwise I will relay everything to her ;)

Nice work DG, I have been waiting to see some of your new stuff but this woman is awesome anytime. I saw her name and jumped in and before I finished the first page I knew it was your work. She is an amazing woman and it was a wise move to simply allow her to do her thing. She has a presence on screen that exudes confidence and seductive power.

Wow michaela-isizzu and Caprice in the same day? That's a power couple if I ever heard of one. What is Caprice like? She seems to me to be an intelligent done to earth girl with a wonderful sense of what men are looking for. Caprice and Michaela together on SA? Now that should be really hot!

hipshot - #70 is for the PP directory!

Hi hipshot, it's great that someone like you could recognize me already from my style! You are totally right about letting her do what she felt like, it's what I knew from the beginning.
I must say that the couple Michaela-Caprice was something to remember, even if I only shot them separately. Caprice is exactly how you describe her: clever and down-to-earth, and also very smart and sensitive. I don't know who is going to shoot them together for SA but I wish you was the one.. who knows? ;)

hipshot, That trip by Davi to Prague must have been a high point for him and Phi last year. He shoot some get sets and they had a night out for dinner and I assume drinks with APF and Andrej. Smart move, to go to there home country if you want to shoot Czech girls. Sailor would tell him to make a trip to Kiev. Now if we can just get Davi to start shooting videos. The more I see his work the better I like it. He and Catherine are really bringing a fresh look here and on SexArt. Kudo's to both.

yes "F", that trip was one of the most memorable among my 20-and-more trips there, the night with APF and Andrej (and their lovely dog) at the Italian restaurant was really pleasant. Prague is really strategic for shooting beautiful sensual and erotic girls.
About the videos, I am seriously considering to start shooting them, I am actually doing it already but before starting submitting I want to be sure it's a good work in technical terms and also feel I have my own style. It won't be long probably ;)

Well, that is great news! I can't wait to see what you come up with, DG!

WOW...just wow

My first set with Michaela, it was last spring in Prague and it was a special day because on the same day I had also Caprice (as I wrote in my set with her on SA). Michaela had just started appearing on metart and since then she already built up a significant career. I didn't know what to expect from her because I only got in touch indirectly before the shooting, and I discovered a very demanding model, who knows what to do on stage and has a great flexibility and acrobatic skills in assuming poses. We shot the set in this room with pink walls in the late afternoon, the sky had clouds but would let golden sunbeams lighten the room. I actually meant to use the chair to let Michaela be comfortable and show her intimate beauty easily, but as you can see she interpreted the setting in an acrobatic way and I let her do it. I actually didn't have to direct her a lot, on the contrary she has quite an imagination in changing poses and the set developed smoothly.
After the shoot we took some time to chat and speak about a next shooting (which took place a few months later). Before she left my friend MA photographer Peter Guzman joined us and we waited all together for Caprice. I was curious to see this encounter between a rising star like Michaela and a shining star like Caprice, therefore I was glad to see they both liked each other and had a nice chat (in Czech, so I don't really know what they spoke about, but it sounded nice), after all they come from the same town but they had never met before, so I was the lucky witness.
I hope you enjoy these pictures and I look forward to show you the next sets soon.

a 10 just is not enough for michaela, perfect girl !

Delta-thank you for always writing these comments about the models and your experiences with them. I really appreciate your talent and always enjoy the way that you employ light and shadow in your shots. Great set. Michaela is quite beautiful. Her eyes are very captivating and of course he body is amazing. Thanks for including the black and whites at the end of the set. The final picture with Caprice was a great thing to see. It amazes me that there are so many incredible Czech models. Makes me want to go to Prague just to walk down the street and look at the young women :)! I have written to you in the past about Luce/Lauren another amazing Czech...there are just so many beautiful Czech models. Thanks again for you excellent work. Look forward to your next set on MA or SA! What is your Twitter handle? Would like to follow you!

Hi JakeinNJ! thank you for giving me one more reason to keep expanding on my shootings and of course for appreciating my photographic style. I am also very glad that you enjoyed the backstage shoots at the end, I totally agree that the picture with Michaela and Caprice together is something memorable. Now you know why I go so often to Prague.. such a concentration of beautiful girls! but it's also a beautiful town with lots of things to see and great beers!
On twitter I am deltagamma_74, I haven't been very active lately there but I will start again soon, it will be a pleasure to be following each other!

Hey DG, just want to say I love your commentary. It's fun to read about the shoots, the models, technical considerations, etc. It's a glimpse behind the curtain into a world so far removed from my own. Good work.

Hey Zakk, I love when someone underlines this, sometimes it's an effort for me to find the time to write and remember details about my shootings and the models, but I do it with pleasure because I am always rewarded by words like the ones you just wrote, so I will gladly keep on doing it!

Amazing work here Delta. You captured this incredible beauty's sensuality in stunning fashion. This was an intense set. I very much enjoyed this collaboration between you and Michaela. keep them coming!!

Thank you Spies19, I like the fact that you considered this set "intense", I guess it's because of the 50%-50% balance of efforts between the model and the photographer, I am glad you enjoyed it!

it was intense! in a good way. actually in a great way! :)
Yes, both model and photographer's efforts came together in perfect unison to create an incredibly beautiful and erotic set of photos. Bravo to you! Please pass on my appreciation of Micheala's work to her as well.

Hi Delta, jumping in quick tonight. You already answered a couple of my questions before I could ask. Like I thought that was Caprice but wasn't sure until you posted. It looked like a fun set to shot. I assume that your make-up person working on her she did a good job. I love the b/w casual shots at the end. Did you keep shooting or were those by Phi? The third from the last pic is simply great. Stunning expression caught! For a 1st time you did great with her, but since you shot this she has probably got frustrated. By her third set she was in the top ten then last month she dropped out and is now 17th. But we both know the ratings are fickle. It was nice to see you got a top ten model while she was at her peak. By the way found your website, fallowing you on facebook, and will get in touch soon. Candi asked "Who takes care of HI5 when they are on these trips to shoot?" Has your second set with Michaela been submitted, yet. Have we seen the shoot later in the day with Caprice yet? Give my love to Phi and keep up the good work.

Hi "F", I was sure you would be curious about this set so I am glad twice I already answered ;) It actually was a fun set, it was the 3rd of the day with her so we already fine-tuned and you can see it. The make up is a complex issue, Michaela can do it herself and knows what is best for her, so she gave directions to the make up artist and contributed herself to the final result. It's nice that you like the backtage shoots, I turned them to b/w to give a different atmosphere and differentiate them from the actual set photos; the photos were taken in "collaboration": my wife Phi (I "gave her your love" and she was happy about that ;)), myself and my friend Peter Guzman. I don't know how Michaela took the fact that her rating have gone down but she is very active and positive so I guess she is working harder to go back to the top. But numbers don't count that much. Also, Michaela is very critical about herself and very professional in terms of feedback analysis, since she monitors all her published sets (so she is probably reading our comments ;)) and she is aware of what people like about her.
I have submitted a second set with Michaela but for now it was not taken, I am preparing the latest submissions with her and I will probably give that set another try. About the sets with Caprice one was published on SA and the second one was submitted a few months ago and should be published somewhen.
So you and Candi are following me..;) I am glad about it, I also have hipshot131 there and we chat sometimes going deeper into some issues, so it will be more fun to do it with you. I am planning to dedicate more time to my website and accounts but I have so many things going on in different fields that it's not easy to keep everything updated with the latest works/activities. I am also on Pinterest/Twitter/Instagram if you use any of them too.

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