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Hello. I would like to thank all of you who wrote positive comments about this set and my photography. It means a lot to me. Some you mentioned I do not have a large number of sets on the site. That's true. But I am feeling inspired again...and starting to plan my next shoots. So hopefully there will be something which K would like to publish...

I have one small request. For those who wish, kindly give a 'photographer rating' by clicking the photographer tab on the top. It would help me as a photographer on this site.

And Delta Gamma, I look forward to seeing you in Prague on the 25th ; )

It was nice seeing you again Ken, and thank you for letting me choose the restaurant. Our chat was very interesting and I do hope you will follow your inspiration and bring more of your excellent work here. Until the next time ;)

A great set by my friend Ken. Well done!
I am glad to see you back again with your photography, few sets but highly rated, I am glad for you and I wish to see you here more often after the break.
What about meeting for a beer next week in Prague..? ;)

Amazing set, Michaela is absolutely magnificent here, when is she not though?.

Michaela is completely rampant in this set, resplendent in her full naked glory. With so many perfect open leg shots, in such great variety, I feel like this amazingly beautiful girl has just visually assaulted me with her flawless genitalia, a glorious sight.

More kudos to Ken Tavos once again, I'm really hoping we get to see a lot more of his work a lot more frequently here on MetArt.

This is a solid set!!! Michaela's beauty and figure are tops among the Met ladies, and to be captured so well for us completes the package. Well photographed, a super-duper variety and creative posing, technically excellent, what more could you ask for?

I agree with hipshot, This set is the winner today.

As a lot of you know I have been a member here for a very long time, I agree with all the comments about Ken. I have an even greater appreciation of his work. Historically he has shoot some of my all time favs, best sets. Monica/Tubbea, i.e Carmen Gemini, Dido/Lola, Suzi Carina, and more recently Grace C , Connie Carter, and now Michaela. When ever Ken shoots them, the set he presented was, for each one, one of their highest rated. No he is anything but prolific, our loss, but when K delivers him to us it is always a treat. Ms Isuzzi is no exception, brilliant set today.

F, I looked it up, and most all of Ken's sets rated high with me. These last two with Michaela/Kalena were both 10's from me, and I am stingy with giving out the highest rating. I counted only 18 photo sets from Mr. Tavos since he first appeared in June 2011.

Hopefully we can see more from him in the future.

yes kilroy, Ken should shoot more often. I know that he has been on a break lately but he seems to have started again bringing very high quality photosets.

I'd very much like to see a more sporty set with Michaela here.
Not criticizing the current sets at all; Michaela just looks like the kind of girl you'd meet doing active stuff, casually dressed at the gym, at the track, or at a ball game. Her first set on Met touched on this a bit; I'd very much like to see more along those lines, but with better lighting like this set.

Four lovely cheeks!

Please excuse my drool... ( ;


THINGS I LOVED ABOUT THIS SET: Gorgeous model well displayed, excellent light quality, good range of poses with my own preferences well covered.

THINGS I MIGHT ENJOY EVEN MORE: A touch more playful energy.

Not really required but it wouldn't hurt either.

This supermodel deserves a better photographer!

A "better photographer" does not exist here... This is the best work I've seen here in quite a while!!

Michaela Isizzu is so Damn SEXY!!!!

Another set with Michaela's awsesome body and beautiful face.Thank You.

Thank you Michaela for saving the night! This is the only set tonight that is going on my hard drive. And the only one that rates a rave review. Michaela is awesome head to toe. She is a full on woman, No little girl here! That sparkling clean silky smooth pubic area is supremely lovely and totally flawless. Her radiant blue/green eyes are bewitching and she is justifiably confident and proud of that magnificent body.

My thank you to Ken for an outstanding set. Congratulations on being able to get the whole model in focus while shooting close enough for a detailed view of that awesome butt and irresistible pubic area. Something we seldom ever see here. 10+++ around on this one

I agree with your assessment of this set 100%
I liked Ennu quite a bit too though.

I agree... I think it's perfectly possible to be very appreciative of one particular set without digging at the others.
Just my 2 cent's worth.

Ya beat me to it hipshot.... Definitely the ONLY set worth keeping...or even viewing today!! And your assessment of it is "spot on"...as they say ;o)

I don't know much about Ken Tavos since most of the models he has done before are not in my range of interest but in reviewing this set tonight I gained a great deal of respect for his work. His depth of field is fantastic, His control of the light in a white room is solid without any flair or washed out colors and he managed to get Michaela from every angle, near and far with great closeup portraits and intimate shots in good solid color and sharp and clear.

Looking forward to seeing more of your.

And I couldn't agree more with this also! Ken shows how it CAN be done with the proper equipment and "know how"...;o)

Michaela you are lovely. A more perfect looking pussy is hard to find. All I can say is MORE MORE!

A solid member of the PP club

You know it!

We finally agree on THAT point!! "PP" it is!!

I appreciate Michaela's eyebrows, eyes, glass cutters, wrinkled areolae, and superb bum.

So what!

Rock, you are full of vinegar today.

lol Nothin' but balsamic...;o)

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