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Simply the best... Even the covers are a piece of art!

a gorgeous model i have all her sets. i am sad she has only one movie. i love her sweet face, her blue eyes, her medium boobs. i love the yay she shaves her sweet pussy. i loved the way Michela poses and the way she stripped. Michaela did a perfect job in showing us all the treasures on her body. i love this sweet lady and wish to see her back very soon. i wish to see more videos.

A real favorite of mine returns! Nicely photographed with Michaela's warm brown-toned skin color contrasted against the green background. And I always love it when a woman manages to turn up with a nicely appointed bra & panty set - not saying that plain black/white or colors are bad - and that the photographer takes the time to show that to us. Nicely done!

Lovely lady, pleasing series, happy me.


I have avoided women that looked like Michaela in my life, because I think I am genetically programmed to lay down my life for her defence.

Gorgeous babe! Nice set...

What a total hottie, she could have a sack over head and still be beautiful...

Ho-Hum,just another fabulously beautiful Czech girl.(I think they must have a factory hidden somewhere.)As we all know Mr. Helios is into Czech girls.Can't blame him a bit. My only problem is what kind of enclosure is she working? I don't know if that's a window or an enclosed walkway like he has used before. At 5'4"she's small enough it could be either. I have to give a 10++++, since Mr. helios knows his Czechs, and Michaela is a total hottie.

Michaela is gorgeous and babe-a-licious! A nice set though the rear view poses were a bit neglected.

Always gorgeous and I just can't get enough, Michaela is fantastic, more, more, more!.

Michaela is incredibly beautiful as always. The lingerie are spectacularly pretty... nice and lacy and with cute little bows. ( :
Personally the all over tan look just doesn't push any buttons for me, I'd rather see naturally pale skin. But I know a lot of people like the tan look. Too bad it's such an accelerator of aging of the skin.

Pleasantly piquing posterior panty peeks.

Please punt preposterous panty pulling and present appropriate progression picturing panty display.

Yeah... yanking the thongs (or panties, when used) into the buttcrack and into the vagina really isn't an attractive look, to me. It should either be covering the assets, or be pulled down and then off.
Just my two cents' worth... ( :

Not a particular favourite of mine, but some enjoy it, so long as it's a small part of the overall set I'm game for a little of everything.

Good point, bobblehat, maybe I should say, "it doesn't do anything for me." That having been said, it does do something for others so it's all good. ( :

There's plenty of room for creativity with panty positioning. Too often both fabric and skin get pulled to the point of distortion without providing any visual enhancement. If it must be done, the it should be done well. My attitude is like that of Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. "The French don't care what they do actually, as long as they pronounce it properly."

Leave it to Magwich to cite Henry Higgins.
Well played, sir!

One word....AWESOME!

Great set Kayla :) This is like the twin shoot for Sapphira's 'Maggior' at SexArt. So I would say all the same things. Great location, great lighting, and great lingerie (I did like Sapphira's bodysuit a little more but, haha). Luca captured your smile and personality beautifully! And I love all the full body shots. So nice to see all your beauty at once.

You should be really proud of this set, and really proud of your work Kayla. You are super gorgeous!

I just looked again. Your hair looks so luscious here Kayla. And I love pics 97 and 98. You're cheeky!
Thanks again.

"And I love all the full body shots. So nice to see all your beauty at once."

I couldn't agree more, what a beauty!.

Their abundance was a bonus, but with a figure like Michaela's, not having full body shots in a set would be a crime.

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